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Author has written 2 stories for Detective Conan/Case Closed, and Code Lyoko.

hello, as you could probaly tell from above and the way I write. I am English/British and am very proud of it. I'll tell you basic things about me. though i'm not gonna tell you my name 'cause i like the name i picked for myself as a character but everything else is true. Later on i'm gonna write stories of various shows with me in them.

Gender: Female


Hobbies: reading and watching manga and Anime

Impossible right now dreams (at least in this world):I want to travel among the stars and explore them, each and every single one of them, travel to the different anime universes that i want to and make friends with all of the characters and become stardust and travel the stars forever.(i know pretty sad and silly of me but thats what i truly want, and nothing on this god green earth can replace what i truly want).

Realistic dreams: i have thought about it and Shinichi/Conan is my inspiration so... i was going to become a detective but now i'm not sure... So what i am doing is trying to be more like him (i know he's fictional. But he's still a role model!) :D

I actually am gonna have a go at writing my own orginal fantasy story but that will take years and i am unsure whether it'll be good enough for publishing (probably not, if not i'll just save it so i can tell the story to my future children if i have any (so win, win!)) i want to move to Australia. Oh and i want to visit Japan someday since i am interested in the culture, i'll probably do that in my gap year before i go to uni.

Anime i watch/manga i read: Detective Conan, One Piece, Pokemon, Yugioh, Yugioh GX, Yugioh 5ds, Yugioh Zexal, Yugioh ARC-V, Cardfight!! Vanguard, Symphogear, Code lyoko, Lucky Star, Acchi Kocchi and Naruto (formerly thanks to the ending)

Favourite couples:

Detective conan:

ShinichixRan (ShinRan)

ConanxAi (CoAi)

KaitoxConan/Shinichi (KIDCon/KaiShin) (i'm warming up slightly to this one, i think that its quite amusing if anything and Conan is always portrayed so cutely in these fanfics)

(ShinichixMasumi/Sera) as time goes on i am loving this pairing more and more! Honestly i think they would be the best couple as they are both detectives and i think Masumi can handle Shinichi's flaws better than Ran who pretty much fusses over them (not that she's a terrible character, just that Ran has become a bit boring)


Advanceshipping (AshxMay)

Amourshipping (AshxSerena) (XY hasn't disappointed me!)

Yugioh series:

YugixTea (Peachshipping)

JadenxAlexis (Fianceshipping)

YuseixAkiza (Faithshipping)

YumaxTori (Skyshipping)

Code Lyoko:



(Odd is my favourite character on Code lyoko as you can tell :P)


NaruSaku (Naruto has always been there for Sakura I hate that she still states that she loves Sasuke when he doesn't love her and he hasn't shown her any affection whatsoever she's still stuck on that stupid childish infatuation that she dares calls love! I don't mean to offend people by saying this just stating my opinion)

(I'm not a huge fan of gay couples like NaruSasu, also I'm not too fond of NaruHina or SasuSaku)

update: I was SOOOO angry when Sakura and Sasuke got together that i've stopped watching Naruto altogether! I just don't care anymore!!

Acchi Kocchi:

TsumikixIo (Stop being dense Io!)


Kaichi (make it happen Bushiroad! :3)

Storys I'm writing/or am planning to write:

DC fanfic - Amnesia- status: Complete :D

DC fanfic - Sick in school - status: idea

Code Lyoko fanfic - The key is Odd - status: in progress

Yugioh 5ds fanfic - New Duel Academy - status: idea

DC fanfic - (Disney Trilogy adaption) - status: in progress

One Piece fanfic - The First Pirate Queen - status: in progress

Ok, everyone is ignoring the poll i put online... doesn't matter because i've started writing the One Piece fem Luffy fic. I know that those who are looking forward to the next chapter of 'The Key is Odd' are going to be a little upset *ducks rapid gunfire* but rest assured i have got halfway on the next chapter. I will finish when i am next able to; i am sorry to say that after that the updates won't be as frequent, the reason is because i want to do a fem Luffy fanfic starting from the beginning like many people have done but i want to make it past skypeia without skipping arcs. I am going to do everything, and by everything i mean EVERYTHING in the one piece anime: the filler arcs, the movies, TV specials, ovas etc. Basically anything that could logically be placed on the timeline if you wiggle it a bit! Now, before any of you say that this is a humongous task.

Allow me to say two things: 1) i am aware that this will probably take me a few years to complete but i am determined to do it. 2) i will not include flashback episodes that don't involve Luffy because they don't change so it would be pointless to write them out when you could just watch the anime. Also some scenes will be excluded due to their irrelevence and practically having nothing changed in them from Luffy being Genderswapped (example: Kaya's conversation with Kuro before he betrays her). Some scenes will pretty much stay solely for the purpose that they're needed to pace the story. Because i absolutely hate stories that have no pace.

I will tell you all now, it will be a while until i finish the East Blue saga since i am including specials and movies 1 and 2. So, one step at a time... *runs away from raging mob*

Quotes i like saying:

'the impossible is only called the impossible because it cannot be proven' - I have never heard anything similar to this so i believe this is mine, but i could be wrong this is mainly my view of the word 'impossible'.

'the truth is neither good nor bad, it is but fact'- dunno who said anything similar to this so unless someone owns up or tells me who, i am forced to believe that it's a quote with unknown origins so it might be mine if no one has said it before. But in all likeliness they probably have.

'There's only one truth' - Shinichi Kudo from Detective Conan

'Life is only unfair if you make it to be so' - me, not sure if anyone has said this already so mine for now.

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