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(Anime Crossover Challenge section for fellow authors and authoress' who seek a challenge or two)

The one's that are in Italics are the one's I REALLLLY want to read!

Challenge #1- Junjo Romantica/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome paired with one of the group pairings. So threesomes everyone XD.

Challenge #2 - La Corda D'Oro/Inuyasha crossover. Kagome Paired up with Len, Kazuki, Ryotaro, or Azuma.

Challenge #3 - Full Moon/Inuyasha crossover. Kagome paired up with Takuto, Wakaoiji, or Izumi. If paired up with Takuto make it when he was alive and still in the band with Wakaoji and Mitski's parents.

Challenge #4 - Red River/Inuyasha crossover. Kagome paired up with anyone.

Challenge #5 - Gundam Seed/Inuyasha crossover. Kagome paired up with Athrun, Kira or Yzack.

Challenge #6 - Prétear/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome/Hayate, Sasame/Kagome, or Goh/Kagome pairing. Can be a one-shot or continuous fic. What to do with Himeko and the Awayuki family (Kaoru, Mawata, and others) is up to you.

Challenge # 7- Gokusen/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome can be with Shin. Can be drama or anime verse.

Challenge #8 - Magical Miiracle/Inuyasha crossover. Kagome paired up with Glenn, Fern,Vaith,Yue,or Slythfarn.

Challenge #9 - Hikaru no Go/Inuyasha crossover. kagome paired up with Akira. Kagome must play go. Make tack test like Hikaru did.

Challenge #10 - YuGiOh/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome paired up with Atemu or technically Yami. Has to tack place in Egypt when the Pharaoh was alive and not a spirit.

Challenge #11 - Scryed/Inuyasha crossover. Kagome paired up with Ryuho.

Challenge #12- YuGiOhGX/Inuyasha crossover. Kagome paired up with Zane or Bastion.

Challenge #13 Eyeshield 21/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome/Hiruma or Kagome paired with any good looking guy from the Deimon Devil Bats or any other High School Football team. After Naraku's defeat and thanks to her countless absences, Kagome has to change schools but is soon accepted into Deimon High School. Would find it interesting if Kagome was mistaken for a boy and forced to join the Football club (almost similar to Host Club, I know XD). Prefer this to be Canon to Eyeshield 21 but take place after Naraku's defeat and also to be Continuous. Rating can also be you choice.

Challenge 14 Revalutionary Girl Utena/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome/Touga or Kagome with any other Good-looking character from the Utena series. The only yuri pairing I wouldn't mind seeing is Juri/Kagome. Kagome is somehow accepted into Ohtori High and somehow dragged into the Rose Duels. Whether to add Anthy Himemiya and/or Utena Tenjo is up to you. Prefer it to take place after Kagome's trips to the past. Can be Canon or AU, but prefer it to be Canon on the Utena series. Can be one-shot ot Continuous and Rating is up to you.

Challenge #15 Saiunkoku Monogatari/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome can be paired with any single Hottie(s) in the series from "the woman disliking" Kouyuu to Seiran to Emperor Shi Ryuuki- Kagome could even have a harem. Kagome finds herself in the Saiunkoku's timeline and is brought into Shurei's home, much like how Seiran was. The Ko household soon find out thatKagome's a very independant woman and can do things most men can do from swordfighting to other things. Prefer this takes place after Kagome's trips to the past and Naraku's Defeat. Kagome can take Shurei's place as Emperess or be company for Shurei in the Palace. Can be a One-shot or Continuous of any rating, prefer it to be continuous.

Challenge #16 - Kaleido Star/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome/Leon, Kagome/Yuri, Kagome/Ken (I don't know much about the other males, but any you have in mind are welcome too). Kagome/small Male Harem is welcome too. After Naraku and the Sengoku, Kagome goes to Mary Cape, USA and tries taking a job at Kaleido Stage and is able to see the Fool, the Spirit of the Stage. But whether it's because she's a miko or chosen by the stage is uncertain. Prefer this to be continuous and Rating is up to you.

American cartoon/U.S. TV Series/Movie-Inuyasha Crossover Section

Challenge #1 - Lost/Inuyasha crossover. Kagome paired up Jack, Ben, Sawyer, Siyid, Boone, Ethan, or Richard. I would really love to see Ben or Richard though. No Inuyasha gange from past aloud though.

Challenge #2 - Phantom of the Opera/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome paired up with Eric. No inu group please.

Challenge #3 - NCIS/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome/Gibbs, Kagome/DiNozzo, or any other funny and/or good-looking male you can think of. NO YURI. Kagome becomes a U.S. citizen, had been born one, or is transferred from Japan as a Forensics Specialist, Medical Examiner, or Special Agent. Kagome could also be a penpal of Abby's through the internet or a friend or godchild of Ducky's. Prefer it to be Canon- taking place after Kagome's trips to the past and prefer it to be continuous. And Rating of the story it up to you.

Challenge #4 - The Covenant/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome can be paired with one or all (can someone say HAREM XD) of the four friends (The 4 Sons of Ipswich). Kagome can be a part of a covenant of Wiccans, herself but still have her priestess powers. Kagome somehow is accepted into Spenser Academy in the U.S. through a Student Exchange program or Sesshoumaru taking her with him to the US and comes into contact with three other girls who are like her and soon comes into contact with the Sons of Ipswich. Prefer it to take place after Kagome's trips to the Feudal Era. Can be Canon or Alternate from the movie "The Covenant". Also prefer it to be Continuous and can be of any rating.

Challenge #5- Lord of the Rings/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome can be paired up with anyone. I would love to see Elrohir/Elladan with Kagome or a threesome. Haldir/Kagome. Orphian/Kagome. Eomer/Kagome. Aragorn/Kagome. Glorfindel/Kagome. Sauron/Kagome. Boromir/Kagome.

Challenge #6- Twilight/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome paired up with anyone that isn't Edward or Jacob. Edward can't be paired with Bella if either. Inuyasha gang not aloud in it either, besides Shippo, Kirara, Sesshomaru, Shiori ect.

Challenge #7- Harry Potter/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome paired up with twins, Salazar, Godric, Lucius, or any other pairing that isn't common.

Challenge #8- Greek Mythology/Iuyasha Crossover. Kagome paired with one of the greek gods/goddesses. I would love to see Hades/Kagome the most though. And no Persaphone with Hades is to be mentioned at all, the relationship never happened. Kagome can be human, demigod, ect.

Challenge #9- Hell Boy/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome paired up with Prince Nuada.

Challenge #10- Labyrith/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome paired with Jareth.

Challenge #11- Bones/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome pairied with anyone. Male or female XD

The one's that are in Italics are the one's I REALLLLY want to read!

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