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Author has written 5 stories for Lost Boys, Friday the 13th, Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal, BioShock, and Game of Thrones.

UPDATE FROM AN OLDER WISER ROSE: I'm 19 now it has been a long time since I've updated any of these fics. My writing style has changed a bit as I've gotten older, and I would like it very much if everyone who reads these stories realizes that they were written by a younger Rose. I'm attempting some other fics at the moment. I may update or re-write some of the ones posted when I was younger(more like an au than a sequel). However that depends on my inspiration, motivation, and the demand. Das Madchen may indeed be updated since it was closer to my heart than others. Two masks one love may be rewritten but the current story is not going to be updated. My GOT fic may end up unfortunately discontinued. I had 5 chapters written but they were lost last year when my usb was damaged. The bioshock fic may be scrapped. I am also going to try posting some work on archive of our own. Nothing is up yet, but over there I am known as Mockingbird1313.

Happy writing everyone and thank you for you saintly patience.

MAJOR BLOODY BUGGERY BOLLOCKING UPDATE: Some dickhead cracked the chip in my junk drink in half...I just lost 5 years of original writing, art, pictures and music. 5 BLOODY YEARS WORTH. This also includes my fanfiction so most if not all of my current fics have lost major progress, some i may never update again because of this. So I may be starting new fics. Don't expect my update time to be any better than it ever has cause i start college this month. Sorrry to my readers.-RR


I love writing and i'm pretty good, i guess

I also love writing and reading about otherworldly things.

I think hannibal lecter is a brilliant person and I am currently on a Hannibal Rising kick

I'm a big fan of A Clockwork Orange and think Alex is a pretty cool malchick.

ATTENTION UPDATE 8-1-11: I have put both of my current fics on hiatus, I'm just not getting any inspiration. I am however starting a new fic for hannibal rising, and im trying a somewhat new style so please read, reveiw and wish me luck. thanks, blessed be- RR

UPDATE 12-1-11:hi guys i'm working on Das Madchen and My bioshock fic right now-please bear with me-i've had a lot on lately.

Two masks One Love: Megan's Mask: and imagine it like half purple/half light green but keep the black stripes

If you think that Erik's face wasn't that bad in the 2004 movie once Christine removed his mask, then copy and paste this onto your profile and sign your pen name. Pearlmaidenredskyla, Queen Madisyn of Narnia, Neverland Child, Phantom of the Heart,Ruptured Rose (who's next)?

If you've ever burst out into a song from Phantom of the Opera, copy and paste this onto your profile, then add your penname and the song(s): xXCourtney HaleXx (Masqurade, Stranger than you Dreamt it, Point of no Return, and Angel of Music) IamthePhantomoftheOpera (pretty much every one...) othatpinnkpuff (Angel of Music, Phantom of the Opera mostly, but pretty much all of them), Erikroolsall (Most of the songs except Prima Donna), xXxMusexXx (All of them, DUH!)Oprghst(all of them I think idk im told I sing when asleep sometimes) Queen Madisyn of Narnia (Phantom of the Opera, it was in the middle of orchestra at school, and my friend was playing it on the keyboard. I couldn't resist. But I've been known to sing basically the whole soundtrack in public. One person actually clapped for me at the mall while I was singing... creeper...) Neverland Child (Phatom of the Opera, Angel of Music, Masqurade and Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again), Phantom of the Heart (pretty much all the songs),Ruptured Rose (phantom of the opera, think of me,past the point of no return,masquerade)

I think that Christine Daae completely over reacted, and honestly as far as phantom of the opera goes , Erik should have ended up with and fallen in love with Meg. if you think so too copy and paste this to your profile.

If you suffer from OCPOTOD (Obsessive-Compulsive Phantom of the Opera Disorder), copy and past this into your profile.

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