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Waves awkwardly* 'Ello, people of the world of internet! My name's FriendlyLittleDemon, but you're free to call me Demon to make all our lives easier. I am currently a Junior in High School (the year in high school that every teacher seems to think to be the right year to pile on the work -_-) and I have a lot of advanced classes (mostly Senior level classes), so I may not be able to get my chapters out as fast as I do during the summer. I absolutely LOVE writing and drawing in my spair time, but I regretfully don't have much time for it anymore. I hate when other people put people down and I like the art of the mind!... Psychology.

Most liked quotes:

"Passion. It lies in all of us, sleeping, waiting. And though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir, open its jaws, and howl. It speaks to us, guides us. Passion rules us all… and we obey. What other choice do we have? Passion is the source of our finest moments; the joy of love, the clarity of hatred, and the ecstasy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion, maybe we’d know some kind of peace, but we would be hollow: empty rooms, shuttered and dank. Without passion, we’d be truly dead." --Angelus, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

"Life sucks and then you die." --Jacob Black, Breaking Dawn (the only one of them I actually kinda like...)

"I am my own hero." --Me when I was a kid

"Free hugs to those I love, but it costs a pretty penny to anyone else." --Me

"I'm smiling because you've all driven me insane." --someone I don't know...

"This is life, so just live it and be happy you're alive." --Me

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain." --Me during bad times...

"Cute, fluffy, and kinda evil." --Me

"All species, no matter what planet they are from, are compelled to do what they are forbidden." --Me

"I'm sarcastic, what's you're super power?" --someone I don't know

"I'm not very good at advice... Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?" --Me

"Be who you wanna be, not what others want to see." --Someone I don't know

"I can behave, I just choose not to." --Me

"Every single idea I have gets me into so much trouble..." --Me and Midnightstormfoxx

"Promises mean everything, but once they're broken, sorry means nothing to me." --Me

"Even when you look different or newer by any chance, it doesn't change who you are." --Me

"If you have no motivation or passion in anything, you have no anguish, jealousy, happiness, sorrow, or any other emotion that makes you human." --Me

"Play the damn music already!" --Me

"Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind...or forgotten." --A lot of characters in Lilo and Stitch.

"Me? A princess? No, honey, I'm the bloody queen!" --Me

"I'm gonna smile like nothing's wrong, talk like everything's okay, act like everything's a dream, and pretend it's not killing me inside." --Me

"My best friend, Midnightstormfoxx the Magnificent!... Okay, not so magnificent..." --Me

"I may be cute and fluffy, but I'm also kinda psychotic..." --Me

"Let me be who I am." --Me

"All people are entitled to their own opinions. Yours are just stupid." --Me

"To love is to never be lost to those you love in return." --Me

"This is life, so we should all just sit back, stop complaining, knock back a drink, and watch it all play out instead of trying to change it, damn it!" --Me

"If we had no passion at all, we'd truly be dead as humans. It rules us and we obey it without a second thought." --Me

Stories on Hiatus (Not exactly sure when they'll come out of Hiatus)

Heels Over Head

Change the World

Bleeding Heart

Frozen Butterflies

The Stoner and the Artist

Protecting Water

Warmth to Your Cold

I wish I could go to Wonderland...
Where nothing makes sense and yet the answer is as plain as the nose on your face.
Where to Survive, one must be as mad as the Hatter.
Where things are up rather then down and you look left to right for directions when there are none.
Where the mind can explore but on their own accord.
... Nothing makes sense, but will it ever?
I wish I could go to Wonderland...
Meet the Hatter and stay for tea. Perhaps I have gone mad?...

FAKE ASS FRIENDS: Never ask for food.
REAL FRIENDS: Are the reason you have no food.

FAKE ASS FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. /Mrs.
REAL FRIENDS: Call your parents DAD/MOM.

FAKE ASS FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong.
REAL FRIENDS: Will sit next to you saying “Damn … we fucked up … but that shit was fun!”

FAKE ASS FRIENDS: Never seen you cry.
REAL FRIENDS: Cry with you.

FAKE ASS FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.
REAL FRIENDS: Keep your shit so long they forget it’s yours.

FAKE ASS FRIENDS: Know a few things about you.
REAL FRIENDS: Can write a book about you, with direct quotes from you.

FAKE ASS FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing.
REAL FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowd’s ass that left you.

FAKE ASS FRIENDS: Will knock on your front door.
REAL FRIENDS: Walk right in and say “HONEY, I’M HOME!”

FAKE ASS FRIENDS: Will take your drink away when they think you’ve had enough.
REAL FRIENDS: Will look at you stumbling all over the place and say “Bitch, drink the rest of that, you know we don’t waste.”

FAKE ASS FRIENDS: Will talk shit to the person who talks shit about you.
REAL FRIENDS: Will knock them the fuck out!

FAKE ASS FRIENDS: Say they are too busy to listen to your problems, but when it comes to them they expect you to have all the time in the world.
REAL FRIENDS: Not only kick everything out of their schedule to listen to what’s wrong, but help come up with vindictive plans to make you feel a whole lot better!

FAKE ASS FRIENDS: Say sorry when you want to talk to them at odd hours of the night, or even just hang out at odd hours.
REAL FRIENDS: Come right over and hang out with you, until you either fall asleep, or kick them out.

FAKE ASS FRIENDS: Are for awhile.
REAL FRIENDS: Are for life.

FAKE ASS FRIENDS: Will ignore this
REAL FRIENDS: Will repost it

37 Things to do in an Elevator

1. Crack open your briefcase or handbag, peer inside and ask "Got enough air in there?"
2. Stand silent and motionless in the corner facing the wall without getting off.
3. When arriving at your floor, grunt and strain to yank the doors open, then act as if you're embarrassed when they open themselves.
4. Greet everyone with a warm handshake and ask him or her to call you Admiral.
5. Meow occasionally.
6. Stare at another passenger for a while. Then announce in horror: "You're one of THEM!" - and back away slowly.
7. Say "DING!" at each floor.
8. Say "I wonder what all these do?" and push all the red buttons.
9. Make explosion noises when anyone presses a button.
10. Stare grinning at another passenger for a while, then announce: "I have new socks on."
11. When the elevator is silent, look around and ask: "Is that your beeper?"
12. Try to make personal calls on the emergency phone.
13. Draw a little square on the floor with chalk and announce to the other passengers: "This is my personal space."
14. When there's only one other person in the elevator, tap them on the shoulder, then pretend it wasn't you.
15. As you are coming to the end of the journey, get emotional and have a group hug. Tell them that you will never forget them.
16. Ask if you can push the button for other people but push the wrong ones.
17. Hold the doors open and say you're waiting for your friend. After a while, let the doors close and say "Hi Greg, How's your day been?"
18. Drop a pen and wait until someone reaches to help pick it up, then scream: "That's mine!"
19. Bring a camera and take pictures of everyone in the lift.
20. Pretend you're a flight attendant and review emergency procedures and exits with the passengers.
21. Swat at flies that don't exist.
22. Call out "Group hug!" then enforce it.
23. Make car race noises when someone gets on or off.
24. Congratulate all for being in the same lift with you.
25. Grimace painfully while smacking your forehead and muttering: "Shut up, all of you just shut UP!"
26. Walk on with a cooler that says "human head" on the side.
27. While the doors are opening, hurriedly whisper, "Hide it...quick!" then whistle innocently.
28. Let your cell phone ring - don't answer it.
29. Walk into the lift and say "This reminds me of being buried alive. Ah, those were the days..."
30. Take shoes off before entering. Then look shocked and disgusted when the others don't.
31. Ask people which floor they want, say in 'Who want to be a millionaire' style is that your final answer.
32. Also in your bellboy act, ask what floor they want. Whatever they say, give them a glare and say "you should be ashamed of yourself!", and leave the lift tutting.
33. Ask, "Did you feel that?"
34. Tell people that you can see their aura.
35. When the doors close, announce to the others, "It's okay. Don't panic, they open up again."
36. Announce in a demonic voice: "I must find a more suitable host body."
37. Dress up in a long, black cloak with a hood, stare and in a deep voice announce "It is time” When someone walks in.


1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE.
"If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning."

2. My mother taught me RELIGION.
"You better pray that will come out of the carpet."

3. My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL.
"If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!"

4. My mother taught me LOGIC.
"Because I said so, that's why."

5. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC.
"If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the store with me."

6. My mother taught me FORESIGHT.
"Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident."

7. My mother taught me IRONY.
"Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about."

8. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS.
"Shut your mouth and eat your supper."

9. My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM.
"Will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck!"

10. My mother taught me about STAMINA
"You'll sit there until all that spinach is gone."

11. My mother taught me about WEATHER.
"This room of yours looks as if a tornado went through it."

12. My mother taught me about HYPOCRISY.
"If I told you once, I've told you a million times. Don't exaggerate!"

13. My mother taught me the CIRCLE OF LIFE.
"I brought you into this world, and I can take you out."

14. My mother taught me about BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION.
"Stop acting like your father!"

15. My mother taught me about ENVY.
"There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don't have wonderful parents like you do."

16. My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION.
"Just wait until we get home."

17. My mother taught me about RECEIVING.
"You are going to get it when you get home!"

18. My mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE.
"If you don't stop crossing your eyes, they are going to get stuck that way."

19. My mother taught me ESP.
"Put your sweater on; don't you think I know when you are cold?"

20. My mother taught me HUMOR.
"When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don't come running to me. "

21. My mother taught me IRONY...again.
"You son of a bitch!"

22. My mother taught me HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT.
"If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll never grow up."

23. My mother taught me GENETICS.
"You're just like you're father."

24. My mother taught me about my ROOTS.
"Shut that door behind you. Do you think you were born in a barn?"

25. My mother taught me WISDOM.
"When you get to be my age, you'll understand."

26. My mother taught me about JUSTICE.
"One day you'll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like you!"

Check the boxes next to the facts that happened to you.
- You don't have to add explanations.
- At the end of each series, write down your total.
- When you finish all the series, count your final total and multiply it by 4.
- Name your entry like this: I am ANSWER% mentally ill.
- Tag as many people as you want.

[x] You have screamed at an inanimate object for "hurting you".
[x] You have ran into a glass/screen door.
[ ] You have jumped out of a moving vehicle. (not yet -)
[x] You have thought of something funny and laughed, then people gave you weird looks.
[x] You have run into a tree/bush.
[ ] You have been called a blonde.
Total: 4

[ ] You know that it IS possible to lick your elbow.
[ ] You just tried to lick your elbow.
[ ] You never knew that the "Alphabet Song" and "Twinkle LittleStar" had the same melody.
[ ] You just sang them to make sure.
[x] You have tripped on your own feet and fallen.
[ ] You have choked on your own spit. (it happens so much that i've gotten used to it.)
Total: 1

[ ] You have seen the matrix and still don't get it.
[ ] You type with 3 fingers or less.
[x] You have accidentally caught something on fire.
[ ] You tried to drink out of a straw, but it went into your nose.
[x] You have caught yourself drooling.
Total: 2

[x] You have fallen asleep in class.
[x] Sometimes you just stop thinking.
[x] Sometimes when you are telling a story you forget what you are talking about.
[ ] People often shake their heads and walk away from you.
[ ] You are often told to use your "inside voice"
Total: 3

[ ] You use your fingers to do simple math.
[x] You have eaten a bug accidentally.
[ ] You're taking this test when you should be doing something more important.
[ ] You have put your clothes on backwards or inside out, and didn't realize it.
[x] You’ve looked all over for something that was in your hand/pocket the whole time.
Total: 2

[ ] You posted bulletins because you were scared what they say'll happen if you don't.
[x] You break a lot of things.
[x] You tilt your head when you're confused.
[x] You have fallen out of your chair before.
[x] When you're lying in bed, you try to find pictures in the texture on the ceiling.
[x] The word "Um" is used frequently.
[ ] You don't know what "Um" means.

I am 68% mentally ill.

1. Toshiro
2. Gin
3. Grimmjow
4. Ulquiorra
6. Byakuya
7. Rangikou
8. Ukitake
9. Kenpachi
10. Urahara
11. Renji
12. Uryuu

1.Have you ever read a 6/11 Fanfic?
Nope, but sure they exist.
2. Do you think 4 is hot? how hot?
Most definitely! He's like hot, but in an emoey sorta way that I like :3
3. What would happen if 12 got 8 pregnant
I don't really think that's possible...or really even thinkable...
4. Do you recall any fanfics about 9?
Of course! I'm helping my friend write one, actually.
5. Would 2 & 6 make a good couple
Um probably not since they're never really interracting, but I'm most definitely sure there's at least one story on it.
6. 5/9 or 5/10?
NEITHER HONESTLY! Although, 5/10's more thinkable than 5/9...
7. What would happen if 7 walked in on 2 & 12 having sex?
OMJ! She'd probably throw a fit! Her best friend since childhood having sex with another man? Oh, most definitely... O.O
8. Make up a summary of a 3/10 fic
UMMMMM... Let's see... Grimmjow needs help in the Human World, so who does he go to for help? Mr. Hat and Clogs, of course! I dunno *shrugs*
9. Is there any such thing as 1/8 fluff?
I think there is somewhere XD
10. Suggest a title for a 7/12 Hurt/Comfort fic
He's Gone, I guess. Idk
11. What kind of plot would you use if you wanted 4 to de-flower 1
O.O... Um... Okay, uh... I got nothing. *shrugs*
12. Does anyone on your friends list think 3 is hot
Hell yeah
13. Does anyone on your friends list write or draw 11?
14. Would anyone on your friends list write 2/4/5?
Um...probably not...
15. What might 10 scream at a moment of passion?
Um... Probably whoever he's with's name, I would think. Oh! Or the wrong name XD
16. If you wrote a song-fic about 8, what song would you use
Probably Whispers in the Dark by Skillet
17. If you wrote a 1/6/12 fic, what would the warning be?
WARNING: Angry short white haired genius, deadly cherry blossoms, and monotone Quincy
18. What might be a good pick-up line for 10 to use on 2?
"So how long does that seath actually reach?" Omj, it hurt me so much to write that 'cause I was laughing so hard! XD
19. How might 11 describe a relationship between 2 & 8?
They're both old hair colored; silver and white. Nothing much I can think of.
20. How emo is 7?
Not that emo unless she's thinkin' about Gin, I've noticed...

That Snorlax you just called fat? Yeah, it’s eating rare candies by the DOZEN for you to accept it. That Gastly you just called ugly? It’s been trying to learn a new move to replace its Mean Look. That Slowpoke you just tripped? He has a learning disability that makes him Legally Retarded. See that Hitmonchan with the scars? He fought in Vietnam for your freedoms today. Put This As Your Status If You’re Against PokeBullying.


You talk to yourself a lot. (e.g. What if someone actually insane fell into a story... Oh, story idea!! Must get computer!)

You talk to yourself about talking to yourself. (e.g. 'did you seriously just say that? Ok...maybe I did but it has some logical sense behind it...maybe...')

When you talk to yourself you often talk to yourself like you're talking to someone else. (e.g. 'Have you ever noticed that your right hand will never touch your right elbow? Wonder if you could lick your elbow?')

After uttering a profound peice of wisdom like that above, you stare at the cookie in your hand with awe and say, "Wow,this stuff is great for sugar highs...'

You live off of sugar and caffine (the two greatest things ever discovered!)

You'll check your e-mail every day of the week and then dissappear off the face of the earth.

You're e-mails tend to be pages long and incredibly random.

When replying to an e-mail, you'll never actually address the point of it.

You tend to collect Bic Stics off the ground like picking pennies off the ground.

No matter where you are in a room you never have to get up to find a pen/pencil and paper.

The letters on your keyboard are wearing off. (once a key actually fell off!)

Your friends and family think that you have carpal tunnel syndrome.

People think you have A.D.D. (E.G they're talking about something, then and idea for a story pops into your head and you just tell them about it. No reason, just stop them in the middle of the sentence and say something that has nothing to do with what they're talking about.)

You think it'd be cool to have A.D.D.

You constantly start talking in third person, present or past tense.

You start thinking about making lists like this and start giggling for no "apparent" reason

Your friends stopped looking at you funny for no apparent reason a loooooong time ago. They just learned to nod their head and go along with it. There's really no point in arguing.

(copy that into you're profile if you fit one or more of the descriptions)

] - Dust scares you.
[x] - Your mother had more than 2 children.
] - You are a smoker.
] - You drink a lot.
[x] - You like to write.
] - You are religious.
[x] - You like to burn candles.
[x] - You prefer juice or water over soda.
] - You have ridden a horse.


] - You have done drugs.
] - You are currently a drug addict.
[x] - You are very artistic.
[x] - You like stuffed animals.
[x] - You are attracted to shiny things.
[x] - You have eaten a bug before.
[x] - You love cars.
] - Cats are your favorite animal.
] - You hate animals.
[x] - You are spontaneous and random.


[x] - You like fruit a lot.
] - You drive. [x] - You make / made good grades in school.
[x] - You are going / are in / have been to college.
] - You like for things to be very clean.
[x] - You are very messy.
[x] - You love to eat.
] - Christmas is your favorite holiday.
] - You like the beach.
[x] - You hate the color pink.


[x] - You wear glasses or contacts.
] - You chat online a lot.
[x] - You always use correct grammar.
] - You like to take quizzes.
] - You eat out at restaurants more than you eat at home.
[x] - You enjoy swimming.
[x] - You have more than 5 pets.
] - You have more than 10 pets.
[x] - You believe in ghosts.
[x] - You have seen a ghost.


[x] - You prefer comedy movies over romance movies.
] - You like dancing, either doing it yourself or watching.
] - You have been to a strip club.
[x] - You drink coffee in the morning.
[x] - You like to be awake at night.
] - You don't go outside often.
[x] - You love to read
[x] - You believe in an afterlife of some kind.
[x] - You have had short hair.
[x] - You know how to cook well.



0 - 1 = Mosquito.
2 - 3 = A weed.
4 - 5 = Daisy.
6 - 7 = Janitor.
8 - 9 = Goose.
10 - 11 = Rock.
12 - 13 = Fireman.
14 - 15 = Rose.
16 - 17 = Mouse.
18 - 19 = Cow.
20 - 21 = Rabbit.
22 - 23 = Mental Patient.
24 - 25 = Grass.
26 - 27 = Water.
28 - 29 = Bat.
30 - 31 = Hippo.
32 - 33 = Crocodile.
34 - 35 = Vampire.
36 - 37 = Horse.
38 - 39 = Hawk.
40 - 41 = Spider
42 - 43 = Flea.
44 - 45 = Princess or Prince.
46 - 47 = President

BAT! I'm a bat! And I dance, dance, dance, and I dance, dance, dance!

Things I am Not Allowed to Do at Hogwarts

1) I will not poke Hufflepuffs with spoons, nor will I insist that their House colors indicate that they are "covered in bees".

2) No matter how good a fake Australian accent I can do, I will not imitate Steve Irwin during Care of Magical Creatures class.

3) Growing marijuana or hallucinogenic mushrooms is not "an extra credit project for Herbology".

4) "I've heard every possible joke about Oliver Wood's name" is not a challenge.

5) The Giant Squid is not an appropriate date to the Yule Ball.

6) I will not use Umbridge's quill to write "I told you I was hardcore".

7) If a classmate falls asleep, I will not take advantage of that fact and draw a Dark Mark on their arm.

8) House elves are not acceptable replacements for Bludgers.

9) Starting a betting pool on the fate of this year's Defense Against Dark Arts teacher is tasteless and tacky, not a clever money-making concept.

10) Seamus Finnegan is not "after me Lucky Charms".

11) I will not refer to the Weasley twins as "bookends".

12) I will not refer to the Patil twins as "bookends".

13) I will not call the Defense Against Dark Arts teacher Kenny, even if he is wearing an orange anorak.

14) I will not bring a Magic Eight Ball to Divination class.

15) I am not a sloth Animagus.

16) I am not a tribble Animagus.

17) I am allowed to have a toad, rat, cat, or owl. I am not allowed to have a reticulated python, snow leopard, Tasmanian devil, or pirahna.

18) I do not weight the same as a duck.

19) Remus Lupin does not want a flea collar.

20) I will not lick Trevor.

21) I will stop asking the Arithmancy teacher what the square root of -1 is.

22) Any resemblance between Dementors and Nazgul is coincidental.

23) Asking "How do you keep a Gryffindor in suspense?" and walking away is only funny the first time.

24) It is a bad idea to tell Professor Snape he takes himself too seriously.

25) It is a bad idea to tell Professor McGonagall she takes herself too seriously.

26) I am not to Owl copies of the Evil Overlord List to suspected Death Eaters.

27) I will not take out a life insurance policy on Harry Potter.

28) I cannot Hadoken anything into oblivion.

29) Nor can I cast Ice 9 or Ultima.

30) I will not sweep the Gryffindor common room with Harry Potter's prized Firebolt.

31) It is wrong to refer to Aragog as "Charlotte".

32) Professor Flitwick's first name in not Yoda.

33) I will not refer to the hippogryph as "Horseybird".

34) I am not the Defense Against the Boring Classes Professor.

35) I will not replace Professor Snape's pumpkin juice with Skele-Gro.

36) It was not an honest mistake.

37) I will not swap Draco's broom with one out of Filch's broom cupboard.

38) It is generally accepted that Cats and Dragons cannot interbreed and I should not attempt to disprove this theory, no matter how wicked the result would be.

39) Crucifixes do not ward off Slytherins, and I should not test that.

40) Professor Snape does not enjoy being called "Snookums".

41) Dumbledore is not Santa, he does not wish for me to sit on his knee and demand presents, especially not in June.

42) I will stop referring to Hufflepuffs as "cannon fodder."

43) I will not impersonate the Swedish Chef in Potions class.

44) I will not greet Professor McGonagall with "What's new, pussycat?"

45) My headmaster's name is Albus Dumbledore, not "Gandalf."

46) Neville is not my valet.

47) When given a directive by my house prefect, I should not insist that "we don't need no stinking badges."

48) First-years should not be encouraged to befriend the Whomping Willow.

49) House ghosts do not regularly "slime" anyone.

50) Novelty or holiday-themed ties are not to be worn with my school uniform.

51) I will not suggest that Professor Trelawney is "talking out of her arse."

52) I will not tell the Muggleborn first-years that the Forbidden Forest's real name is Mirkwood.

53) When applying for a post at the Ministry of Magic after graduation, I should not cite "Fred and George Weasley" as my greatest influence at Hogwarts.

54) -Putting down "Lord Voldemort" is probably not best either.

55) I am not allowed to ink my owl's feet, have it walk across a parchment, and sell the result as cheat sheets for Ancient Runes, even though Crabbe and Goyle keep falling for it.

56) I will not refer to the Accio charm as "The Force".

57) I will no longer wear a hood, walk up to Harry, and claim to be his real father.

58) Albus Dumbledore's proper title is "Headmaster", not "My Liege".

59) A Muggle "vacuum cleaner" is not acceptable Quidditch equipment, even if it has been enchanted to fly.

60) Hogsmeade village is not "a wretched hive of scum and villainy."

61) Sending rings to the nine senior faculty at Yuletide, with the return address "Voldemort", is not funny.

62) I will not send Professor Snape toothpaste and Shampoo for Christmas.

63) I will not tell Professor Trelawney that I prophesied her death.

64) I will also not tell Professor Trelawney that I had a vision of her killing the Dark Lord.

65) I will not refer to Professor McGonagall as Catwoman, no matter how funny she would look in tight leather.

66) -Nor will I ask her if she is Catwoman in disguise.

67) I am to stop asking Professor Snape to Yule Ball.

68) I will not use Slytherin and Gryffindor first years as Christmas decorations.

69) Calling Professor Flitwick "Willow" and asking him about Madmartigan is not an appropriate question for classtime.

70) Humming/singing/referring in any way to Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf" around Professor Lupin is inappropriate. It's best not to bring up "Thriller", either.

71) Portable Swamps are not funny.

72) Mad-Eye Moody knows his eye is creepy, he does not need to be told... again.

73) Despite popular belief, Hufflepuffs are not soft and squishy. Do not treat them as such.

74) A time turner is not a flux capacitor, and I should therefore not install one in any Muggle cars.

75) "To conquer the earth with an army of flying monkeys" is not an appropriate career choice.

76) -No, not even though you are a witch.

77) No part of the school uniform is edible.

78) -Not allowed to make any part of the school uniform edible.

79) Not allowed to prophesy the end of the world more than once.

80) If the thought of a spell makes me giggle for longer than 15 seconds, I am to assume that I am not allowed to do it.

81) The Giant Squid is not to be referred to as 'my lord Cthulhu', nor am I allowed to sacrifice first years to it on the new moon.

82) I will not attempt to set up a mobile phone mast on the Astronomy Tower.

83) - Likewise the satellite dish.

84) I will stop sending Professor Snape forged love notes that appear to be from Professor Lupin.

85) Luna Lovegood does not have pointed ears, nor is she to be addressed as 'Galadriel'.

86) Lucius Malfoy also does not have pointed ears, nor is he to be addressed as 'Haldir'.

87) Professor Snape definitely does not have pointed ears, and under no circumstances is he to be addressed as 'Spock'.

88) I will stop substituting Professor Lupin's Wolfsbane with Polyjuice Potion containing hairs from Mrs. Norris.

89) I am not to sing 'We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!' when sent to the Headmaster's office'.

90) - I am definitely not to sing it accompanied by the house elves acting as a backing group.

91) -Especially not with kazoos.

92) I will not follow potion instructions in reverse order 'to see what happens'.

93) Robes are appropriate school wear. Bathrobes are not.

94) The fact that there are only three unforgivable curses does not mean that every other curse is "pretty much forgivable".

95) I am not allowed to scare the first-years by screaming "I'm melting! I'm meeeeeeeeeeeltiiing!" while they are in the showers.

96) I am not allowed to say "Bless you" every time someone mentions Quidditch.

97) Enchanting the Sorting Hat to sort new students into the House of Martok, or any other Klingon house is forbidden.

98) The Whomping Willow is not an Entwife.

99) When called upon in class, I shall not insist that the correct answer to everything is '42'.

100) Asking Professor Snape if a house ever fell on his sister is wrong.

101) -So is asking him where he keeps his flying monkeys and if I could touch them.

102) I cannot be a Heffalump animagus.

103) I cannot insist that a dead parrot is my familiar - even if he is nailed to his perch and pinin' for the fjords.

104) Professor Snape's proper given name is not Princess Silvermoon Fairywing GlimmerMcSparkles.

105) Robes are not optional.

106) There is no such thing as the "Hufflepuff Marshmallow Man".

107) -Even if I do conjure him up.

108) Do not... I repeat do not sing "Baby Got Back" when Firenze walks by.

109) Regardless of the beautiful irony, I will not hang a tempting piñata from the Whomping Willow.

110) The song "Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead" is never, ever appropriate.

111) -Especially in reference to Professor Umbridge.

112) I will not write "Wizzard" on my hat in sequins.

113) I am not allowed to ask Pureblood students things like, "If your parents got divorced, would they still be brother and sister?"

114) I will not attempt to graft a transplant from the Whomping Willow onto the Hogwarts Christmas Tree in Herbology class.

115) Bringing fortune cookies to Diviniation class does not count for extra credit.

116) I will stop pasting happy face stickers on Lupin's office door.

117) I cannot get credit in Ancient Runes for knowing BASIC, no matter how long it's been in use.

118) I will not attempt to magically animate my marshmallow Peeps.

119)I do not get any flying monkeys when I graduate.

120) Every time I see a dementor, I will not go, "Ssssssssshire...Bagginsssss".

121) - or "The Shire/Frodo is That Way!"

122) - Every time I see Dobby I will not say something about 'master' or 'Precioussssss'.

123) - Every time I see Dumbledore, I will not say, "You will not pass!"

124) The boggart's first name is not Humphrey.

125) I will not replace any ingredient in the potions classroom with new Folger's crystals.

126) "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo" is not a transfiguration spell.

127) I will not add 'according to the prophecy' at the end of my sentences to raise my Divination grade.

128) "Oo ee, oo ah ah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang" is not an actual spell.

129) Not allowed to dress exactly like Snape and ask him to call me "mini me."

130) There is no Interpretive Dance course offered at Hogwarts, and I should stop signing up for it every year.

131) Not allowed to introduce myself to the first years as "Tim the Enchanter."

132) I will not taunt Professor Flitwick by singing "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins".

133) Gryffindor's sword is not to be used to patrol the hallways.

134) Snape does not want bleach, laundry detergent, or new underwear for his birthday or Christmas.

135) -No combination of these is acceptable.

136) I will stop sending Professor Sprout love notes signed "N.L".

137) I will not try to make a new basilisk for the Chamber of Secrets.

138) Professor Lupin is not addicted to chocolate and I will stop implying that he is.

139) Murmuring "I see dead people… " every time I see one of the ghosts is stupid and was never funny.

140) Making a slinky go from the top of the astronomy tower to the ground level is not an appropriate pastime

141) - especially while singing "everyone loves a slinky".

142) - especially while singing "everyone loves a slinky" until the slinky hits the bottom.

143) - especially while singing "everyone loves a slinky" until the slinky hits the bottom and starting the whole process over again whenever the slinky gets stuck.

144) - apparently, not everyone loves a slinky.

145) Yelling "to infinity, and BEYOND!" was only funny the first time I took off on my broom.

146) I am no longer allowed to sing my "own personal spy music" when I wander around the hallways.

147) I should not remark that "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" when Snape gets angry. Ever.

148) If I become an animagus, I am not allowed to yell "MORPHIN' TIME!" every time I change.

149) - I cannot do this whenever anyone else changes either.

150) Yes, the Great Hall is extremely large, but Quidditch is an outside sport.

151) Adding "-us" to the end of a word does not make it a spell.

152) -Neither does adding "izzle".

153) Shout "beam me up Scotty" before disapparating.

154) I will not dress up in a Dementor suit and use a Dustbuster on Harry's lips to get him to do what I want.

155) I will not sing "How Much is that Puppy in the Window" whenever I see Fluffy in the Dark Forest.


Month one

I am only 8 inches long
but I have all my organs.
I love the sound of your voice.
Every time I hear it
I wave my arms and legs.
The sound of your heart beat
is my favorite lullaby.

Month Two

today I learned how to suck my thumb.
If you could see me
you could definitely tell that I am a baby.
I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though.
It is so nice and warm in here.

Month Three

You know what Mommy
I'm a boy!
I hope that makes you happy.
I always want you to be happy.
I don't like it when you cry.
You sound so sad.
It makes me sad too
and I cry with you even though
you can't hear me.

Month Four

my hair is starting to grow.
It is very short and fine
but I will have a lot of it.
I spend a lot of my time exercising.
I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes
and stretch my arms and legs.
I am becoming quite good at it too.

Month Five

You went to the doctor today.
Mommy, he lied to you.
He said that I'm not a baby.
I am a baby Mommy, your baby.
I think and feel.
Mommy, what's abortion?

Month Six

I can hear that doctor again.
I don't like him.
He seems cold and heartless.
Something is intruding my home.
The doctor called it a needle.
Mommy what is it? It burns!
Please make him stop!
I can't get away from it!
Mommy! HELP me!

Month Seven

I am okay.
I am in Jesus's arms.
He is holding me.
He told me about abortion.
Why didn't you want me Mommy?

Every Abortion Is Just . . .

One more heart that was stopped.
Two more eyes that will never see.
Two more hands that will never touch.
Two more legs that will never run.
One more mouth that will never speak.

If you're against abortion, re-post this and if you almost cryed post this in your profile

My name is chris,
I am three,
My eyes are swolen shut,
I cannot see.

I must be stupid,
I must be bad,
what else could have made,
My daddy so mad?

I wish i were better,
I wish i weren't ugly,
Then maybe my mommy,
Would still want to hug me.

I can't do a wrong,
I can't speak at all,
Or else i'm locked up,
All day long.

When im awake,
I'm all alone,
The house is so dark,
My folk's aren't home.

Whem my mommy does come home,
I'll try to be nice,
So maybe i'll just get,
One whipping tonight.

I just heard a car,
My daddy is back,
From charlie's bar.

I heard him curse,
My name is called,
I'm so afraid now,
I'm starting to cry.

He finds me weeping,
Calls me ugly words,
He says its my fault,
He suffers at work.

He slaps and hits me,
And yells at me more,
I finally get free,
And run to the door...

He's already locked it,
And i start to bawl,
He takes me and throws me,
Against the hard wall.

I fall to the floor,
With my bones nearly broken,
And my daddy continues,
With more bad words spoken.

"I'm sorry!" I scream,
But its too late,
His face had been twisted,
into an unimaginable shape.

The hurt and pain,
Again and again,
O please God, have mercy!
O please let it end!

And he finally stops,
And heads for the door,
Where i lie motionless,
Sprawled on the floor.

My name is Chris,
I am three,
Tonight my daddy,
Murdered me.

And you can help me,
sickens me to the soul,
If you read this and don't pass it on.

I pray for your forgivness,
You would have to be,
One heartless person,
Not to be affected,
By this poem.


You love hoodies.

You love jeans.

Dogs are better than cats.

It's hilarious when people get hurt.

You've played with/against boys on a team.(Does my dad & younger brother count)

Shopping is torture.

Sad movies suck.

You own/ed an X-Box.

Played with Hotwheel cars as a kid.

At some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter.

You own/ed a DS, PS2 or Sega.

You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers

You watch sports on TV.

Gory movies are cool.

You go to your dad for advice.

You own like a trillion baseball caps.

You like going to high school football games.

You used to/do collect football/baseball cards.

Baggy pants are cool to wear.

It's kinda weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people.

Green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors.

You love to go crazy and not care what people think.

Sports are fun

Talk with food in your mouth.

Sleep with your socks on at night



You wear lip gloss/chapstick.

You love to shop.

You wear eyeliner.

You wear the color pink

Go to your mom for advice.

You consider cheerleading a sport.

You hate wearing the color black.

You like hanging out at the mall.

You like getting manicures and/or pedicures.

You like wearing jewelry.

Skirts are a big part of your wardrobe.

Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies.

You don't like the movie Star Wars.

You were in gymnastics/dance?

It takes you around/ more one hour to shower, get dressed, and make-up.

You smile a lot more than you should.

You have more than 10 pairs of shoes.

You care about what you look like.

You like wearing dresses when you can.

You like wearing body spray/perfume/cologne.

You love the movies.

Used to play with dolls as little kid.

Like putting make-up on someone else for the joy/joke of it.

Like being the star of every thing



You own a cell phone.

You own something from abercrombie

You own something from pacsun

You own something from Hollister

You own something from American Eagle

You love/like going to the mall.

You own an iPod/MP3 player.

You love Starbucks.

You have been called a brat.

You hate buying things that are on sale

You have more than one house

Total: 6


Black is one of your favorite colors.

You have thought about death.

You wear chains

You like heavy metal.

You've shopped at Hot Topic.

You have worn black lipstick.

Your hair was/is dark.

You dislike preps.

You're an athiest/ satanist/agnostic.

Total: 8


You can skateboard.

You've worn plaid.

You like Converse.

You hate MTV.

You have/had blue, pink, red, purple, or green hair.

You dislike pink.

You hate/dislike preps.

You wear/wore skateboarding shoes.

Total: 7


You love the computer.

You like Harry Potter

You are supposed to wear glasses/contacts

You get straight A's.

You love/like reading.

You were/are in band

You don't care what you look like. (50/50)

You have a curfew.

You always do your homework.

You never miss school unless you're sick

Total : 7


You cut yourself over depression

You have been depressed.

You have black rimmed glasses

You like the band Evanescence

You cry easily.

You like emo music.

You keep/have kept a journal/diary.

You have written a sad poem

You think emo girls/guys are hot

Total: 6


You like rap.

You are/was in a gang.

You wear/wore rubberbands in your pants. (What does that mean?)

You swear once in a while or alot

You have freestyled.

You have worn high tops with the tongue flipped out.

You can break dance

Total: 1


You like loud music

You love/loved the Ninja Turtles

You never walk anywhere.

You wear slip-on shoes.

You wear/wore Vans.

You like the band panic! at the disco

You wear band t-shirts.

People have called you a freak and meant it.

You love to "hardcore" dance

hair has been died more than 1 color

Total: 9


You watch/watched the Superbowl.

You own track shoes or other sports related shoes.

You collect your jerseys.

you have a wall or shelf dedicated to your trophies / awards

You have posters or plaques of famous athletes.

your garage consists of sports equipment

You belong/belonged to a school team.

You are going/did go to a sports summer camp

You have a specific number

Total: 2

I'm SKINNY, so I MUST be anorexic.

I'm EMO, so I MUST cut my wrists.

I'm a NEGRO so I MUST carry a gun.

I'm BLONDE, so I MUST be a ditz

I'm JAMAICAN so I MUST smoke weed.

I'm HAITIAN so I MUST eat cat.

I'm ASIAN, so I MUST be sexy.

I'm JEWISH, so I MUST be greedy.

I'm GAY, so I MUST have AIDS.

I'm a LESBIAN, so I MUST have a sex-tape.

I'm ARAB, so I MUST be a terrorist.

I SPEAK MY MIND, so I MUST be a bitch.

I'm a GAY RIGHTS SUPPORTER, so I WILL go to hell.

I'm a CHRISTAN, so I MUST think gay people should go to hell.

I'm RELIGIOUS, so I MUST shove my beliefs down your throat.

I'm ATHEIST so I MUST hate the world.

I don't have a RELIGION, so I MUST be evil and have no morals.

I'm REPUBLICAN, so I MUST not care about poor people.

I'm DEMOCRAT, so I MUST not believe in being responsible.

I am LIBERAL, so I MUST be gay.

I'm SOUTHERN, so I MUST be white trash.

I TAKE (or used to take) ANTI-DEPRESSANTS, so I MUST be crazy.

I'm a GUY, so I MUST only want to get into your pants.

I'm IRISH, so I MUST have a bad drinking problem.

I'm INDIAN, so I MUST own a convenient store.

I'm NATIVE AMERICAN, so I MUST dance around a fire screaming like a savage.

I'm a CHEERLEADER, so I MUST be a whore.

I'm a DANCER, So I must be stupid, stuck up, and a whore.

I wear SKIRTS a lot, so I MUST be a slut.

I'm a PUNK, so I MUST do drugs.

I'm RICH, so I MUST be a conceited snob.

I WEAR BLACK, so I MUST be a goth or emo.

I'm a WHITE GIRL, so I MUST be a nagging, steal-your-money kind of girlfriend.

I'm CUBAN, so I MUST spend my spare time rolling cigars.

I'm NOT A VIRGIN, so I MUST be easy.

I FELL IN LOVE WITH A MARRIED MAN, so I MUST be a home-wrecking whore.

I'm a TEENAGE MOM, so I MUST be an irresponsible slut.

I'm POLISH, so I MUST wear my socks with my sandals.

I'm ITALIAN, so I must have a "big one".

I'm EGYPTIAN, so I must be a TERRORIST!

I'm PRETTY, so I MUST not be a virgin.

I HAVE STRAIGHT A'S, so I MUST have no social life.

I DYE MY HAIR CRAZY COLORS, so I MUST be looking for attention.

I DRESS IN UNUSUAL WAYS so I MUST be looking for attention.

I'm INTO THEATER & ART, so I MUST be a homosexual.

I'm a VEGETARIAN, so I MUST be a crazy political activist.

I HAVE A BUNCH OF GUY FRIENDS, so I MUST be fucking them all.


I have Big BOOBS, so I MUST be a hoe.

I'm COLOMBIAN, so I MUST be a drug dealer.

I WEAR WHAT I WANT, so I MUST be a poser.

I'm RUSSIAN, so I MUST be cool and thats how Russians roll.

I'm GERMAN, so I must be a Nazi.

I hang out with GAYS, so I must be GAY TOO.


I'm PUERTO RICAN, so I MUST look good and be conceited.

I'm SALVADORIAN, so I MUST be in MS 13.

I'm POLISH, so I MUST be greedy.

I'm HAWAIIAN so I MUST be lazy.

I'm PERUVIAN, so I MUST like llamas.

Im a STONER so I MUST be going in the wrong direction.

Im a VIRGIN so I MUST be prude.

Im STRAIGHT EDGE so I must be violent.

I'm a FEMALE GAMER, so I MUST be ugly.

I'm BLACK so I MUST love fried chicken and kool-aid.

I'm a GIRL who actually EATS LUNCH, so I MUST be fat.

I'm SINGLE so I MUST be ugly.

I'm a SKATER so I must do weed and steal stuff

I'm a PUNK so I must only wear black and date only other punks

I'm ASIAN so I must be a NERD that does HOMEWORK 24/7

I'm CHRISTIAN so I MUST hate homosexuals.

I'm MIXED so I must be screwed up.

I'm MUSLIM so I MUST be a terrorist.

I'm in BAND, so I MUST be a dork.


I'm MORMON so I MUST be perfect

I'm WHITE and have black friends so I MUST think I'm black

I'm GOTH so I MUST worship the devil.

I'm HISPANIC, so I MUST be dirty.


I'm OVERWEIGHT, so I MUST have a problem with self control.

I'm PREPPY, so I MUST shun those who don't wear Abercrombie & Hollister.

I'm on a DANCE team, so I must be stupid, stuck up, and a whore.

I'm YOUNG, so I MUST be naive.

I'm MEXICAN, so I MUST have hopped the border.

I GOT A CAR FOR MY BIRTHDAY, so I MUST be a spoiled brat.

I'm BLACK, so I MUST love watermelon

I'm BI, so I MUST think every person I see is hot.

I'm an ASIAN GUY, so I MUST have a small penis.

I'm a GUY CHEERLEADER, so I MUST be gay.

I'm a PREP, so I MUST be rich.

I don't like the SUN so I MUST be an albino.

I have a lot of FRIENDS, so I MUST love to drink and party.

I wear tight PANTS and I'm a guy, so I MUST be emo.

I couldn't hurt a FLY, So I MUST be a pussy.

I support GAY RIGHTS, so I MUST fit in with everyone.

I hang out with teenage drinkers and smokers, so I MUST smoke and drink too.

I have ARTISTIC TALENT, so I MUST think little of those who don't.

I don't like to be in a BIG GROUP, so I MUST be anti-social.

I have a DIFFERENT sense of HUMOR, so I MUST be crazy.

I tell people OFF, so I MUST be an over controlling bitch.

My hair gets GREASY a lot, so I MUST have no hygiene skills.

I'm DEFENSIVE, so I MUST be over controlling and a bitch.

I'm a NUDIST, so I MUST want everyone to see my boobs.

I read Comics, so I MUST be a loser.

I hang out with a FORMER PROSTITUTE so I MUST be a whore myself.

I'm TEXAN so I MUST ride a horse

I’m a CROSSDRESSER, so I must be homosexual.

I draw ANIME so I MUST be a freak.

I am a FANGIRL so I MUST be a crazy, obsessed stalker

I WATCH PORN so I MUST be perverted.

I'm an ONLY CHILD so I MUST be spoiled.


I am AMERICAN so I MUST be obese, loud-mouthed and arrogant.

I'm WELSH so I MUST love sheep

I'm SCOTTISH so I MUST have ginger hair and wear a skirts (It's actually called a kilt)

I’m a YOUNG WRITER, so I MUST be emo.

I’m CANADIAN, so I MUST talk with a funny accent.

I'm a GUY, so I MUST ditch my pregnant girlfriend.

I'm CANADIAN, so I MUST love hockey and beavers.

I'm DISABLED, so I MUST be on Welfare.

I'm a FEMINIST, so I MUST have a problem with sexuality and I want to castrate every man on the earth.


I WEAR A BIG SUNHAT when I go outside, so I MUST be stupid.

I like BLOOD, so I must be a VAMPIRE.

I'm an ALBINO, so I MUST be an evil person with mental abilities and is A MURDERER!

I'm ENGLISH, so I MUST speak with either a cockney or a posh accent, love tea and cricket, and have bad teeth.

I’m WHITE, so I MUST be responsible for everything going wrong on the planet: past, present, and future.

I don't like YAOI or YURI, so I must be a HOMOPHOBE

I’m not the most POPULAR person in school, so I MUST be a loser

I care about the ENVIRONMENT...I MUST be a tree hugging hippy

I have a FAN CHARACTER, so I MUST be an annoying Mary-sue.

I CHAT, I MUST be having cyber sex.

I'm PAGAN so I MUST sacrifice babies and drink the blood of virgins

I'm PAGAN so I MUST worship Satan

I'm CONSERVATIVE, so I MUST be against Abortion

I'm SWEDISH so I MUST be a tall blond blue-eyed lesbian.

I'm a LESBIAN so I MUST want to get with every single girl that I see.


I like READING, so I MUST be a LONER.

I have my OWN spiritual ideology; therefore I MUST be WRONG or MISGUIDED.


I DISAGREE with my government, so I MUST be a TERRORIST.

I am a WITCH, so I MUST be an OLD HAG and fly on a broomstick.

I love YAOI, so I MUST be GAY.


I DON'T CURSE, so I MUST be an outcast

I like GAMES, ANIME and COMICS, so I MUST be childish

I'm SWEDISH, therefore I MUST be WHITE.

I SPOT GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, so I MUST be a pedantic bastard.

I'm GOTHIC, so I MUST be mean.

I’m STRONG so I MUST be stupid.

I'm Australian so I MUST hunt crocodiles and talk to kangaroo’s

I go to RENFAIRES, so I MUST talk weird, be a loser, and not be up with the times

I’m GAY so I’m after EVERY straight guy around.

I don’t want a BOYFRIEND so I MUST be Lesbian.

I'm NOT CHRISTIAN so I MUST just need converting.

I love marching band, so I MUST be a friendless freak.

I DRINK and SMOKE, so I MUST have no life.

I am friends with a CUTTER, so I MUST be a CUTTER too.

I cry easily, so I MUST be a wimp.

I can't help pointing out mistakes so I MUST be an over-controlling perfectionist

I'm a PERFECTIONIST so I MUST check everything ten times, then burst into tears at one mistake

I DON’T LIKE to talk about my personal life so I MUST be having problems

I like FIRE so I must be an arsonist.






You say RAP

I say ROCK

You say I'm WEIRD

I say YES I AM

Kiss on the stomach = "I'm ready"

Kiss on the Forehead = "I hope we're together forever"

Kiss on the Ear = "You're my everything"

Kiss on the Cheek = "We're friends"

Kiss on the Hand = "I adore you"

Kiss on the Neck = "we belong together"

Kiss on the Shoulder = "I want you"

Kiss on the Lips = "I love you"

What the gesture means...

Holding Hands = "we definitely love each other"

Slap on the Butt = "That's mine"

Holding on tight = "I don't want to let go"

Looking into each other's Eyes = "I just plain love you"

Playing with Hair = "Tell me you love me"

Arms around the Waist = "I love you too much to let go"

Laughing while Kissing = "I am completely comfortable with you"

picking someone up off their feet = "that they love them fully and would do anything for them"


Don't ask for a kiss, take one

If you were thinking about someone while reading this,

you're definitely in Love.

This is the stupid test! 100 stupid things that people do! Bold the ones that apply to you!

1. Forgot to put the lid on the blender, turned it on, and had everything fly out

2. Gotten your head stuck between the stair rails

3. Broken a chair by leaning back in it (Does falling out count?)

4. Had gum fall out of your mouth while you were talking

5. Choked on your own spit while you were talking

6. Had people tell you that you are blonde when you're not/or had people tell you that your blonde highlights are going to your head

7. Been caught staring at your crush by your crush him/herself

8. Have looked for something for at least 10 min then realized it was in your hand

9. Tried to push open a door that said pull

10. Tried to pull open a door that said push

11. Have actually believed someone when they said that they knew how to make a love potion

12. Have hit yourself in the process of trying to hit something else

13. Have tripped and fallen UP the stairs

14. Have actually exploded marshmallows in the microwave

15. Have gotten gum stuck in your hair

16. Had gum fall out of your mouth while trying to blow a bubble

17. Have had the juice from a mini tomato squirt out and hit somebody else when you bit into it

18. Have had your drink come out your nose because you were laughing so hard

19. Have called one of your good friends by the wrong name

20. Have skinned your toe because you were playing soccer or kickball with flip flops on or you were barefoot

21. Have put a sticker on your forehead, forgot it was there, and went out in public with it on

22. Have fallen out of a moving vehicle.

23. Have run into a closed door

24. Have almost shot someone with a real gun while trying to shoot something else

25. Searched for your cell phone while you were talking on it

26. It has taken you longer than 5 min to get a joke

27. Have gotten your hair stuck in a blow dryer

28. Have gotten your hair stuck in a fan

29. Tripped on a crack in the sidewalk

30. Said o'clock after saying how many min after the hour, example: 5:30 o'clock, or 6:15 o'clock

31. After someone told you that there was gum on the ground, you stepped in it

32. Put on a white shirt even though you already knew it was raining outside

33. Have ever walked up to a stranger because you thought they were someone else

34. Ever been kicked out of a grocery store/off their property

35. Touched the stove, the curling iron, a hot pan, etc on purpose even though you knew it was hot

36. Picked out your change of clothes, took off the ones you had on and then accidentally put the old clothes back on

37. Wondered why something wasn't working then realized it wasn't plugged in

38. Put the cereal in the fridge, or put the milk in the cupboard

39. Walked into a pole

40. Wore two different earrings or shoes by accident

41. Put your shirt on backwards/inside-out without realizing it then left your house

42. Tried to take a picture of your/someone's eye with the flash on

43. Gotten a ring stuck on your finger because you put it on even though you knew it was too small

44. Walked out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to your shoe without realizing it

45. Went to go do something/go get something, then when you got there forgot what is was that you were going to do

46. Picked up someone else's drink and drank out of it by accident when your drink was right next to it

47. Fallen out of your chair while trying to pick something up

48. Have poked yourself in the eye

49. Have gotten in the shower with your socks/underwear still on

50. Melted your hairbrush while blow drying your hair

51. Have done enough stupid things to make a test

52. Have accidentally stabbed yourself with a pencil

53. Have sung the wrong verse to a song without realizing it

54. Have given an odd answer to a question because you didn't hear the question in the first place and didn't feel like asking what it was

55. Told someone you were the wrong age because you seriously forgot how old you were

56. Looked into an overhead light purposefully while it was on

57. Got up early and got ready for school/work/meeting, then realized that you didn't have school/work/meeting that day

58. Have tripped on a cord after someone told you to watch out for it

60. Have ever laughed at a joke that no one else thought was funny or a movie

61. Done the Macarena to the electric slide or vice versa

62. Said funner, then had someone make fun of you for it

63. Have repeated yourself at least twice in the same sentence

64. Brought up an inside joke with the wrong person

65. Didn't do the backside of an assignment because you thought that there wasn't one or because you had already looked and forgot that there was another side

66. Did more work than you had to on an assignment because you didn't read the directions

67. Corrected someone's grammar/pronunciation then figured out that you were the one that was wrong

68. Put something in a special place so that you would remember where it was, then forgot where you put it

69. Put ice in your drink after the glass was full of liquid and had it splash out.

70. Told a lie then forgot what it was that you had said and got caught

71. When wearing goggles, you pulled them away from your face and let go so that they would come back and snap you in the face

72. Forgot to make sure that the lamp was off before you replaced the light bulb

73. Ran into a door jam (Got a nasty bruise for that one...)

74. Told someone that you hardly ever do stupid things, then immediately did/said something stupid

75. Told someone to watch out for something, then you were the one that ran into it

76. Have purposely licked playground sand

77. Have purposely and repeatedly flicked yourself with a rubber band

78. Gotten so hyper that someone actually thought you were drunk when you weren't

79. Have been so hyper you actually scared people

80. Put duct tape on your body then pulled it off to see if it would pull your hairs out

81. Put duct tape on your hair/someone else's hair then pulled it off

82. Put a clothes pin/hair clip on your lip, figured out that it hurt, then did it again

83. Sat and wondered why men’s dress shirts have a loop on the back.

84. Made up a code name for someone so that you could talk about them to someone else and no one else would know who you were talking about

85. Have gotten a hairbrush stuck in your hair ( The handle snap off)

86. Used the straw to blow the straw wrapper at someone

87. Shaved your tongue because you thought your taste buds looked weird

88. When at a restaurant/cafeteria, you used your spoon to fling stuff at people

89. Have flung forks at people in a restaurant/cafeteria

90. Sucked on a cup and got a hickey from it.

91. As you were writing, you moved your head back and forth with your pen/pencil

92. Have drawn finger puppets on your fingers then named them

93. Have wrapped someone in a roll of toilet paper

94. Have used somebody else's toothbrush without even realizing it wasn't yours

95. Started telling a story and forget what you were talking about or what happened in the story

96. When you saw a ‘beware of dog’ sign, you told the owners to beware of the dogs not realizing they owned the dogs

97. You have spelled your own name wrong before

98. When lying in bed you look for pictures in the texture of the ceiling

99. Have used your calculator as a form of communication in class

100. Have popped a balloon in your mouth


1. Get 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in people's carts when they aren't looking.

2. Set all the alarm clocks in Electronics to go off at 5-minute intervals.

3. Make a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the rest rooms.

4. Walk up to an employee and tell him/her in an official tone, " 'Code 3' in housewares"... and see what happens.

5. Go the Service Desk and ask to put a bag of M&M's on lay away.

6. Move a 'CAUTION - WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area.

7. Set up a tent in the camping department and tell other shoppers you'll invite them in if they'll bring pillows from the bedding department.

8. When a clerk asks if they can help you, begin to cry and ask, "Why can't you people just leave me alone?"

9. Look right into the security camera & use it as a mirror, and pick your nose.

10. While handling guns in the hunting department, ask the clerk if he knows where the anti - depressants are.

11. Dart around the store suspiciously loudly humming the "Mission Impossible" theme song.

12. In the auto department, practice your "Madonna look" using different size funnels.

13. Hide in a clothing rack and when people browse through, say "PICK ME!" "PICK ME!"

14. When an announcement comes over the loud speaker, assume the fetal position and scream.. "NO! NO! It's those voices again!!"

15. Go into a fitting room and shut the door and wait a while and then yell, very loudly, "There is no toilet paper in here!

16. Get several bouncy balls and throw them down an aisle shouting "pikachu, I choose you!"

When a girl is quiet, a million things are running through her mind.

When a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply.

When a girl looks at you with her eyes full of question, she is wondering how long you will be around.

When a girl answers "I'm fine." after a few seconds, she is not fine at all.

When a girl stares at you, she is wondering why you are lying.

When a girl rests her head on your chest, she is wishing for you to be her's forever.

When a girl wants to see you everday, she wants to be pampered.

When a girl says "I love you." she means it.

When a girl says "I miss you." nobody could miss you more than that.

Life only comes around once, so make sure you spend it with the right person.

Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, and calls you back when you hang up on him.

The guy who will stay awake just to watch you sleep.

Wait for the guy who kisses your forehead,

Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats.

The one who holds your hand in front of his friends and is constantly reminding you of how much he cares about you and how lucky he is to have you there for him.

The one who turns to his friends and declares "That's her.".

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Something good will happen at approximately 1:42 pm tomorrow, and it could happen anywhere.

So get ready for the biggest shock of your life.

If you don't repost this, you will be cursed with relationship problems for all of eternity

Normal people VS. YuGiOh fans

Normal people: rely on their local weatherman for the weather forecast.

YuGiOh fans ; would rather rely on Ishizu for future predictions.

Normal people: say OMG!

YuGiOh fans ; Say oh my RA!

NORMAL PEOPLE: say shut up or i'll tell on you!

YuGiOh fans ; Say shut up or i'll steal seto's checkbook and blame it on you.

Normal people ; Think bad guys are very ugly

YuGiOh fans ; Know a lot better and absolutely love bakura and marik.

Normal people ;when being chased yell HELP ME SOMEBODY!

YuGiOh fans ; when being chased yell HELP ME MARIK.

NORMAL PEOPLE: get nervous/scared during thunderstorms.

YuGiOh fans ; know that their might be a duel between yami yugi and yami bakura , and that some of them might be shirtless.

NORMAL PEOPLE: would choose somewhere sunny to go for vacation.

YuGiOh fans ; would go directly to Domino city.

Normal people ; Would be scared when they see people in purple caots chasing them.

YuGiOh fans ; Just know that marik sends his rare hunters to be sure that you are fine.

Nomal people ; Get freaked out when they see scary people on motorcycle's

YuGiOh fans ; Know a lot better and know that it is marik or Valon the badass australian .

Normal people ; Think YugiOh is just a stupid childern's card game

YugiOh fans ; Know a lot better and know that it even was in the egyptian past.

Normal people ; Think little people are stupid.

Yugioh fans : Think that mokuba is way to cute to be stupid.

Normal people ; Would never go to an orphanage

Yugioh fans ; Know better and go a lot to orphanage to check out if there is someone like seto.

Normal people; Think Egypt is stupid

Yugioh fans ; Would go immediately to Egypt , because maybe marik is there!

normal people ; Would never buy to expensive thing because they might become out of money.

Yugioh fans ; Would just kidnap mokuba and force seto to shop with them.

If you like this put this on your profile


2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle):

3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (fav colour and fav animal):
Purple Wolf

4. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (Middle name and current nickname):
Paige Chocolate

5. YOUR STAR WARS NAME (The first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name, last 3 letters of your mom's maiden name):

6. YOUR SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd favourite color, favorite drink):
Black Dr. Pepper

7. YOUR ARAB NAME: (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, any letter of your middle name, 2nd letter of your moms maiden name, 3rd letter of your dads middle name, 1st letter of your siblings first name, last letter of your moms middle name):

8. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother's middle name):

9. YOUR GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one your pets) :
Black Remy

When you were 5, your mom gave you an ice-cream cone. You thanked her by yelling at her that it's the wrong kind.

When you were 9, your mom drove you from swimming to soccer to soccer and one birthday party to another. You thanked her by slamming the door and never looking back.

When you were 10, your mom paid for piano classes. You thanked her by never coming to class.

When you were 12, your mom was waiting for a very important call. You thanked her by talking on the phone all night.

When you were 14, your mom paid for a month away at summer camp. You thanked her by not bothering to write a single letter.

When you were 16, your mom taught you how to drive her car. You thanked her by taking it every chance you got.

When you were 18, your mom cried at your high school graduation. You thanked her by partying until dawn.

When you were 20, your mom drove you to college. You thanked her by saying goodbye outside the dorm so you wouldn't have to in front of your friends.

When you were 26, your mom paid for your wedding. You thanked her by moving halfway across the world.

When you were 30, your mom fell ill and needed you to take care of her. You thanked her by reading about the burden parents are to their children.

Then one night she died quietly and everything you did came crashing down on you.

If you love your mom, copy and paste this in your profile. If you don't, then you won't care if your mom dies, will you?

Female come backs pick up line comebacks

Man: Where have you been all my life?
Woman: Hiding from you.

Man: Haven't I seen you someplace before?
Woman: Yes, that's why I don't go there anymore.

Man: Is this seat empty?
Woman: Yes, and this one will be if you sit down.

Man: Your place or mine?
Woman: Both. You go to yours, and I'll go to mine.

Man: So, what do you do for a living?
Woman: I'm a female impersonator.

Man: How do you like your eggs in the morning?
Woman: Unfertilized.

Man: Your body is like a temple.
Woman: Sorry, there are no services today.

Man: I would go to the end of the world for you.
Woman: But would you stay there?

Man: If I could see you naked, I'd die happy.
Woman: If I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing.

Man: If I could rearrange the alphabet I'd put u and i together
Woman: Really, I'd put f and u together

Man: Your eyes they're amazing.
Woman: Seeing your back would be pretty amazing.

Man: "I know how to please a woman."
Woman: "Then please leave me alone."

Man: "I want to give myself to you."
Woman: "Sorry, I don't accept cheap gifts."

Man: "I'd go through anything for you."
Woman: "Good! Let's start with your bank account."

Man: "So, wanna go back to my place ?"
Woman: "Well, I don't know. Will two people fit under a rock?"

Man: "I'd like to call you. What's your number?"
Woman: "It's in the phone book."

Man: "But I don't know your name."
Woman: "That's in the phone book too."

Man: "Hey, baby, what's your sign?"
Woman: "Do not Enter"

Man: "Hey, come on, we're both here at this bar for the same reason"
Woman: "Yeah! Let's pick up some chicks!"

Man: "Haven't we met before?"
Woman: "Perhaps. I'm the receptionist at the VD Clinic."

Man: If I could see you naked, I'd die happy.
Woman: If I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing.

Man: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
Woman: Did it hurt when you were dropped on your head repeatedly as a baby?

Man: Your name must be Daisy, because I have the incredible urge to plant you right here!
Woman: Really? I have the incredible urge to plant my foot up your @.

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No guy is worth your tears & the ones who are won’t make you cry.

Put your iTunes (or iPod) on shuffle

For each question, press the next button to get your next answer


Weightless by All Time Low

You Are So Beutiful by Escape the Fate

The Final Episode Lets Change Channel by Asking Alexandria

4. WHAT IS 22?
Kristy Killings by Snow Whites Poison Bite (O.o...)

A Prophecy by Asking Alexandria

Gorgeous Nightmare by Escape the Fate (That's...actually kinda accurate...)

I Was Once Possibly Maybe Perhaps a King by Asking Alexandria

Harder Than You Know by Escape the Fate (O.o...)

Alice Underground by Avril Lavigne (Again, accurate)

Bite Your Lip and Fake It by Asking Alexandria (That's...nice -_-)

Issues by Escape the Fate

Damned if I Do Ya (Damned if I Don't) by All Time Low

Haunted by Taylor Swift

Last to Know by Three Days Grace

Break Your Little Heart

Move Along by The All-American Rejects

Wizard Love by Meekakitty ft. heyhihello ( die like Harry Potter??)

Heels Over Head by Boys Like Girls

I'm Not a Vampire by Falling in Reverse ( true X3)

Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

If I Die Young by The Band Perry (Does that say I'll die before I get married??)

Walls by All Time Low

One Week by Barenaked Ladies

She Talks to Angels by Black Veil Brides

Mean by Taylor Swift

The End of Prom Night by Snow Whites Poison Bite

Mine by Taylor Swift

Dear Maria Count Me In by All Time Low (Huh?)

Lost In Darkness by Escape the Fate

Therapy by All Time Low (I'm apparantly gonna be a psychiatrist...)

Opening Credits: Sick Little Games by All Time Low

Birth: Scared by Three Days Grace (That's lovely)

First Day Of School: Smooth by Escape the Fate

Falling In Love: The Drug in Me is You by Falling in Reverse

First Date: Final Episode by Asking Alexandria

First Kiss: The Animal I have Become by Three Days Grace

Valentine: It Ends Tonight by The All-American Rejects (-_- story of my life)

Fight Song: Don't Tell Me by Avril Lavigne

Breaking Up: Not The American Average by Asking Alexandria

Prom: Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects

Life: Everytime We Touch by Cascada (...what?)

Birthday Party: A Party Song (The Walk of Shame) by All Time Low (YESSSS!)

Mental Breakdown: Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne

Driving: According to You by Orianthi

Flashback: Hey There Mr. Brooks by Asking Alexandria

New Year: Stell by All Time Low

Engaged: Reverse This Curse by Escape the Fate (...XD)

Wedding: Hip to My Heart by The Band Perry

Birth Of Child: Lips Like Morphine by Kill Hannah

INTERMISSION: My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne

Final Battle: City of Sin by Escape the Fate

Death Scene: Ashley by Escape the Fate

Funeral: We Stitch These Wounds by Black Veil Brides

End Credits: Six Feet Under the Stars by All Time Low

Bloopers: Love The Way You Lie by Eminem ft. Rihanna

Deleted Scene: On To The Next One by Escape the Fate

What song describes me?
99 Times by Kate Voegele

How do I see myself?
Hello Brooklyn by All Time Low

What is it like when you frustrated?
Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift (...Imma stop questioning my answers now...)

How do I express myself?
Toxic Valentine by All Time Low

What do my friends really think of me?
Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal by All Time Low

How is my life going right now?
Swing Swing by The All-American Rejects

What will my life be like?
Nobody Don't Dance No More by Asking Alexandria

How can I make myself happy?
Listen Up by Falling in Reverse

What should I do with my life?
Let It Go by Escape the Fate

What is some good advice for me?
Situations by Escape the Fate

What is my favorite song?
Something by Escape the Fate

What is your thinking right now?
The Story of Us by Taylor Swift

What are you doing right now?
Rebel Love Song by Black Veil Brides

What type of men/women do I like?
Raised By Wolves by Falling in Reverse

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The Purebloods Lover by baby-kitsune9 reviews
Kaname Kuran is the king of his race by blood and birth. And as the ruler of his race, he is expected to keep the peace between the humans and vampires while navigating the world of politics. So how did he suddenly wind up the sole keeper of a young human girl? Kaname/OC rated M for future chaps
Vampire Knight - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 20 - Words: 26,614 - Reviews: 57 - Favs: 99 - Follows: 114 - Updated: 24m - Published: 9/16/2014 - Kaname K., OC
Little Toy Guns by girl-at-home13 reviews
Rowan's life will be forever changed from the moment Jax Teller crashes into her life, literally. Her mother is dying, and her father has never been in the picture, until now. The last thing she needs is the notorious badass biker boy Jax screwing around with her heart. The SAMCRO life threatens to bring Rowan and Jax together in more ways than one, and rip them apart just as fast.
Sons of Anarchy - Rated: T - English - Romance/Suspense - Chapters: 121 - Words: 371,789 - Reviews: 1482 - Favs: 688 - Follows: 906 - Updated: 12/14 - Published: 6/26/2015 - [Jax, OC] Clay, Gemma
Old West by DONOVAN94 reviews
In the old west, there's only one law: survive. The citizens of Mud are being attacked by mercenaries. But if Rango's going to save his town again he'll need to call in an old enemy: Rattlesnake Jake. But the rattler is not so willing to cooperate, especially when a glossy snake named Grace is involved. Whether they like it or not they'll need to work together to save the town.
Rango - Rated: M - English - Western/Romance - Chapters: 31 - Words: 137,884 - Reviews: 571 - Favs: 157 - Follows: 146 - Updated: 12/14 - Published: 9/6/2015 - [R. Jake, OC] [Rango, Beans]
loveisnotonfire by Queen Clutzilla reviews
Chrissa is a normal American girl. But behind her awkward and cheery personality, hides a dark past. She doesn't use the internet much so when she encounters two very attractive Youtubers in England, she has no clue who they are. Dan is pushed into many awkward situations with the new girl. It does not help that he starts to fancy her...[NOT PHAN. DanxOC](The story is good I swear)
Web Shows - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 13 - Words: 45,760 - Reviews: 29 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 18 - Updated: 12/12 - Published: 8/25/2015 - Danisnotonfire
The Demon's Bride by Princess Mew Mew reviews
When her parents were killed in an accident (murdered), Marianne was forced to run from her pursuers. She hid in London dressed as a boy to protect her virtue, when one night she stumbles upon Ciel in captivity. Now she works for him under Sebastian, and if that wasn't enough, apparently she's his mate? She is supposedly meant to resist him... But does she really want to?
Kuroshitsuji - Rated: T - English - Romance/Supernatural - Chapters: 48 - Words: 291,249 - Reviews: 856 - Favs: 857 - Follows: 911 - Updated: 12/10 - Published: 2/7/2016 - [Sebastian M., OC] Ciel P.
Rear Window by jesbakescookies reviews
Negan's life was in a downward spiral until Kayla moved into the apartment across the courtyard. What will he do when he can't look away from the reclusive beauty and the outside world begins to bleed into his walled off sanctuary?
Walking Dead - Rated: M - English - Romance/Mystery - Chapters: 16 - Words: 69,327 - Reviews: 157 - Favs: 107 - Follows: 165 - Updated: 12/10 - Published: 2/14 - [Negan, OC] Shane W.
To Hell and Back by Shadow12177 reviews
The year is 2015 and Santa Carla is still the murder capital of the world thanks to a new wave of dangerous gangs running the town. Elizabeth Ryder (o/c) is an adaptable street kid with an abusive mother, a troubled past and a unique ability to see what others cannot. Things get more interesting when she accidently resurrects The Lost Boy's. Rating may change.
Lost Boys - Rated: M - English - Horror/Romance - Chapters: 30 - Words: 127,334 - Reviews: 163 - Favs: 180 - Follows: 186 - Updated: 12/10 - Published: 4/21/2015 - [David, OC] - Complete
Free Heart by duaba reviews
Only Garp could show up on Mt. Colubo with another child for Dadan to watch over and only Luffy would accept point blank that she was his sister, despite sharing no resemblance. This is the story of Emmy and her journey of self-discovery but more importantly, her pursuit of freedom. Luffy x OC (Current Arc: Mock Town/Jaya/Sky Island)
One Piece - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 67 - Words: 256,216 - Reviews: 780 - Favs: 868 - Follows: 1,000 - Updated: 12/9 - Published: 9/11/2016 - [Luffy, OC] Garp, Straw Hats P.
A Breach in Protocol by baby-kitsune9 reviews
Sesshomaru had really screwed the f*cking pooch this time, Touga thought as he stared at the pupped young woman on his doorstep. Just what the hell had his son been thinking? Touga would find out, in the meantime, he would take care of the young lady. Mentions of rape, torture, stalking, kidnapping and other unpleasant things. Touga/Kagome pairing
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 46 - Words: 68,994 - Reviews: 383 - Favs: 256 - Follows: 350 - Updated: 12/6 - Published: 8/6 - Kagome H., Sesshōmaru, Inutaisho
For the Sake of Family by NerdyChicksHaveMoreFun reviews
Once upon a time, Zoso's apprentice met a spinner and his son. Once upon a time, Davina Jones struck a deal with the infamous Rumplestiltskin. Once upon a time, two magicians who would do anything for their families began to work together; once upon a time, a pair of beasts without hope or love found it in the most unlikely of places. (RumplestiltskinXOC, or Rumpellyn for short.)
Once Upon a Time - Rated: M - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 12 - Words: 78,563 - Reviews: 34 - Favs: 83 - Follows: 117 - Updated: 12/5 - Published: 10/26/2013 - [Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold, OC] Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman, Killian Jones/Captain Hook
Wasn't Born To Be A Skeleton by carnalcarnation reviews
Sarah has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and the doctor says she only has a few months to live. Her friend Monica introduces her to Wade Wilson, a bouncer at a strip club, so that Sarah can finally lose her virginity before kicking the bucket. Sarah eventually meets Deadpool who, according to Monica, has the cure to her his semen. Great.
Deadpool - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 29 - Words: 30,543 - Reviews: 86 - Favs: 177 - Follows: 256 - Updated: 12/4 - Published: 5/1/2016 - Deadpool/Wade W., OC
Helaena by All My Love. M reviews
Extremely AU: She was Queen now, and by the Gods Helaena was going to rule. Even if it means taking everything with Fire and Blood. She was, after all, the last Targaryen in Westeros. Jaime/OC (eventual)
Game of Thrones - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 8 - Words: 45,078 - Reviews: 29 - Favs: 89 - Follows: 101 - Updated: 12/4 - Published: 9/6 - Jaime L., OC
There Is No Light by jesbakescookies reviews
[SEQUEL to Without Darkness] After the events in Alexandria, Negan and Kayla are now on their own in the large dangerous world. With only each other, how will they survive and what will they find in their travels? Will the darkness they left behind, lead them to the light at the end of the tunnel? Negan x OC- Mature content.
Walking Dead - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 23,692 - Reviews: 56 - Favs: 76 - Follows: 113 - Updated: 12/2 - Published: 9/10 - [Negan, OC]
My Scars & Your Scars by GermanPikachu reviews
Before things went to a spiral, there was a couple who just started a family and was well off enough for the family of three till one day she gets kidnapped and left Jack Napier spiral into his lethal craziness. Mrs. Madeline Napier finally was freed and tried to start her new life in wonders where he went. Till well the Joker finds her. M for violence and language.
Batman Begins/Dark Knight - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 57 - Words: 104,592 - Reviews: 87 - Favs: 111 - Follows: 122 - Updated: 12/1 - Published: 12/22/2015 - [Joker, OC]
After The Fall by hello.berkeley reviews
The angels have fallen, Amriel along with them. How is the angel of May supposed to adapt to life on Earth after spending an eternity in Heaven? She struggles to get the hang of her new surroundings and follows a path that ultimately leads her to what she's needed to find all along; solace in another fallen angel. Begins in S09, Castiel/OC. M for language and adult situations.
Supernatural - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 33 - Words: 121,475 - Reviews: 138 - Favs: 191 - Follows: 279 - Updated: 11/28 - Published: 1/4/2015 - [Castiel, OC]
Revival of Nature by devotedmuse reviews
There is a good, full feeling that comes with taking a life. And if asked, James Patrick March would deny that it could be found someplace else saying, "I've had it all; fame, fortune... None of it satisfied." Until now. Enter a songstress named Rosaline, who stirs up feelings more satiating than murder.
American Horror Story - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 10 - Words: 54,037 - Reviews: 53 - Favs: 121 - Follows: 133 - Updated: 11/25 - Published: 11/8/2015 - OC, James M.
Completely Hypothetical by CherryBerri reviews
Rick's childhood friend stops by for a visit, after vanishing for decades; completely out of the blue. Suspicious of her sudden appearance, Rick soon discovers the true reason for her visit. He soon comes face-to-face with some of the mistakes from his past he had thought would NEVER come back to bother him.
Rick and Morty - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 17,413 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 33 - Follows: 36 - Updated: 11/23 - Published: 10/5 - Rick S., OC
New Life by thelittledarkrose reviews
Ally Gilbert's life changed the moment Stefan Salvatore came back to Mystic Falls to visit his nephew Zach and they happen to meet. Four months after the tragedy of her parent's deaths Ally, her fraternal twin sister Elena and younger brother Jeremy are still trying to figure out what to do with aftermath of it all. From now on, everything is going to change.
Vampire Diaries - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 10 - Words: 84,192 - Reviews: 56 - Favs: 116 - Follows: 145 - Updated: 11/18 - Published: 8/4/2015 - Stefan S., OC
The Lost Hope by Samantha4800 reviews
Naomi Grimes, daughter of Lori and Rick, older sister of Carl, is battling the new world and just trying to survive. While she is learning to fight and protect herself and the people she loves, she makes friendships she would never imagine possible and finds herself growing closer to a certain Korean. Glenn/OC
Walking Dead - Rated: T - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 14 - Words: 57,785 - Reviews: 163 - Favs: 268 - Follows: 342 - Updated: 11/10 - Published: 12/10/2015 - [OC, Glenn] Rick G., Carl G.
Anthelion by F12Scuderia reviews
She likes books. He hates school. She is thoughtful. He is selfish. While she is light and sunshine, he is nothing but clouds and darkness. Opposites, right? Wrong! Because for someone like Tate, it would always be easy to drag her into the darkness with him. Or would it?
American Horror Story - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 9 - Words: 32,667 - Reviews: 50 - Favs: 126 - Follows: 150 - Updated: 11/1 - Published: 10/31/2015 - [Tate L., OC]
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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 16 - Words: 41,384 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 30 - Follows: 67 - Updated: 3/15 - Published: 11/19/2012 - Spike, OC
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American Horror Story - Rated: M - English - Romance/Horror - Chapters: 19 - Words: 55,735 - Reviews: 76 - Favs: 111 - Follows: 126 - Updated: 11/1/2016 - Published: 3/27/2016 - [OC, Kit W.] - Complete
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Yu Yu Hakusho - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 47 - Words: 212,298 - Reviews: 212 - Favs: 231 - Follows: 184 - Updated: 9/13/2015 - Published: 7/26/2013 - [Hiei, OC] Mukuro, Shura - Complete
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