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Author has written 11 stories for Spyro the Dragon, Final Fantasy VII, and Crash Bandicoot.

Name: Nush =P

Age: Times nine by two and take away two andplus one! (That's my age!)

Lives: Dragon's Head!

(Formerly known as Leader Of The Damned, Gallows Tree, Ark, Leblanc and Ellone Leonhart, Pocket of Rainbows)

Aye my little friends. I like to make humor fanfics since I suck at serious stories and I'm random it's in my nature and in my blood. Yes I love to make stupid stupid stories. Hooray. I have no idea what I'm on when I write humor stories! Sugar..coke...caffine whatever!

I apologize if I scare people with my nefarious eccentric ways!

Biography: I am Nush, hippy chick of all things crazy. I like bows. Because I'm a try hard hippy yeah! YEAH! I guess I can say I love Tomb Raider, Gex, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon and more. I guess you can call me a rabid dingo! God I'm...demented and lovely! I love all cuddly thingys! YIP! I AM CRAZY! YAY! JUST MAYBE I AM CRAZY! GO, GO, GO! Wild dancers! Well...shrug I guess so! Roll out a welcome mat per favore! I'm back, better than better...and all that mumbo jumbo! I'm twisted lemon.

Why I WAS called Leader Of The Damned:
Because the name is kick ass, and there's a guy in Tomb Raider III called the Leader Of The Damned he's so cool. The 'Damned' which were a group of faceless dudes who want to seek revenge on Sophia Leigh...well Lara does that for them doesn't she?

Loves: (to be updated)

Hates: (likewise )

Favourite Characters in games/comics etc:

From TR:

Lara, Sophia, Natla ,Leader Of The Damned (Bob), Marco Bartoli, Tony,Larson, Pierre, Dr. Willard, Tony, Rory, Randy, Aussie Guy with one leg, Bell Tower guy (Guy at the cut scene at the end of Thames Wharf London level),Brother Chan Barkhang, Father Bram Patrick Dunstan (HE ROCKS MY SOCKS!), The Imps, Verdilet (horseman demon), Zip (YAY! MARRY ME!), Winston, Serge, Fabio, The Cowboy (TR 1), Skateboard Kid (apparently called Derek...maybe a rumour?), Shotgun Sam (YRAYYAY!) Cannibal Man (from South Pacific Island after Crash Site level), Kristina Boaz, Karel


From RE:

Kenneth! He rules them all! Bwhahahahahaha!

From Tekken:

Eddy, Jin, Yoshimitsu, Kunimitsu, Unknown, Jun, Angel, Julia, Raven, Lei, Bryan, Nina, Anna, Christie, Kuma, Roger, Alex, Roger Jr., Ogre, Marshall Law, Paul, SO MANY MORE! (I can't stand Xiaoyu...eyuk. Is it me or is that new male in Dark I mean the pale types...beckon me. ;D)

From Fear Effect:
Rain, Deke (Yesh! Me love this man!) , Glas, Jin, Hana (to SOME extent, she kinda pisses me off) Big Tom, The Immortals, Mist (uhmmm?),Yim Lau Wong!

From FFX-2:
Yuna, Paine, Rikku (annoying but likeable), Leblanc (YEAH), Logos, Ormi, Treeman- I mean Nooj, Baralai, Gippal, Brother, Buddy, Shinra, Barkeep, Shuyin, Lenne, Tobli, Benzo, Cactuar Gatekeepers

From JTHM/Jhonen Vasquez related comics:

Johnny, Squee, Wobbley Headed Bob, Happy Noodle Boy, Tess (!), Krik, The Doughboys, Shmee, Tenna, Spooky

From FFX:

Auron, Kimhari, Jecht, Sin (XD)


Cloud, Yuffie, Cid, Aeris, Barret, Cait Sith, Red XIII, Elena, Reno, Rude, Rufus, Heidegger, Scarlet, Don Corneo, Sephiroth...


Squall, Rinoa, Seifer, Fujin, Raijin, Ulitmecia, Quistis, Selphie, Irvine, Zell, Edea, Adel, Ellone, Laguna, Raine, Kiros, Ward

From FFIX:

Zidane, Garnet (just about), Vivi, Quina, Amarant, Eiko, Steiner, Beatrix, Queen Brahne , Kuja, Zorn, Thorn, Necron, Garland XP

From Spyro The Dragon:
Sypro, Sparx, Elora, Bianca, Hunter, Gnasty Gnorc, The Gnorcs, The Dragon Eggs, Ripto, GULP, Crush, Professor, Bentley, Sheila, Sgt. Byrd (YAY)The Sorceress and Moneybags. I love almost everyone in this game man!

From Crash Bandicoot:
Coco, The Evil Twins (Victor and Moritz),Koala Kong, Komodo Joe, Komodo Moe, Nitros Oxide, N.Trance, Velo, Norm, Nash, Krunk, GEARY, Dingodile, Ripper Roo, Tiny Tiger, Bearminator, Lo-Lo, Rok-Ko, Py-Ro, Wa-Wa, Neo Cortex, UKA UKA (I LOVE!), Tropy, Brio, N.Gin, Aku Aku, That Sleeping Penguin in Crash Bash...everyone I love!

From Gex:
REZ! (He's the KING! I love Rez=D), Gex, Alfred, Cuz, Rex, Mooshoo, MechaRez (ROAR), Tiki Brothers

From Legacy of Kain series:

Moebius, Mortanius, Dejoule, Bane, Magnus, Sebastian, Kain, Umah, Faustus, Marcus, Sarafan Lord (alias Sarafan Lard!), oooooooh. Lots and lots more.

From Urban Chaos:
D'arci, Roper, the haphazard wisecracking officers (Officer Green, O'Doole etc), the music!

From Koudelka:
Koudelka, Edward, James, Charlotte, Elaine (true and fake demonic mockery), Roger Bacon

From Galerians:
Birdman (...Oh man. He is...well... blush), Rion, Dr. Lem (Oh noes Rion, go back or it's the frrrrrreeze chamber biatch!), Rita, Rainheart, the guests at the Babylon Hotel (special mentions for Nuke man, Jesus man and Whiny Ballerina girl. XP)

From Chase the Express:
That's tough...possibly Boris. Poor guy gets killed pretty soon into Disc 2 though. I salute him! Then that's that whiny Pierre..."LEAVE MAH FAMILY ALLLLLLONE!" Jack makes me snort, Christina is kick ass...zzzzzzz

Favourite Couples/ Couples I SUPPORT (OR just plain twisted XD):


Lara/Pierre (=P YEAH! I don't like Kurtis! These two have chemistry! YIP!)
Larson/Natla (Ho ho! I can see this!)
Sophia/Leader Of The Damned (Bob) (Maybe...just maybe =))


Chris/Alexia (YAY! Cute!)
Billy/Rebecca (It's seen a lot I know! But it's meant to be!)
Chris/Rebecca (YAY!)
Leon/Ada (They deserve each other!)
Jill/Joseph (Odd, si?)
Jill/Brad (The insaner, the better!)
Wesker/Alexia (The blondes!)
Carlos/Nicholai (XD Um! I'm serious!)
Nemesis/Lisa Trevor (Hey monsters need loving too!)


Yuffie/Cloud (Forget Tifa and Cloud! Cloffie is the best! They balance each other out well!)
Sephiroth/Aeris (Awwwww! Better than Cloris!)
(I hear lots of Cloris fans and FF VII fans screaming right now...but they rock! I think it would work out...It's twisted! It's wrong! I love IT!)
Reno/Elena (Yep, yep!)
Rude/Elena (Cute! It's quite uncommon!)
Tifa/Vincent (HA they deserve each other the twits! blows raspberries)
Rufus/Scarlet (ShinRA lovin'!)


Rinoa/Squall (Didn't see that coming (!) Awesome!) sarcasm
Zell/Selphie (Hyperactive cuties shacking up! Fun couple!)
Irvine/? (Mmmmm...he's a tough one to pair up. If I don't like Selvine...very tough..)
Quistis/Seifer (They balance each other out wonderfully.)
Raijin/Fujin (Awwwwwww!)
Edea and someone else NOT Cid XP
Laguna/Raine (Sweet! Shame it ended so tragically... =( )


Vivi/Eiko (Awwwwww!)
Beatrix/Steiner (Everyone! Aaaaaawwwww!)
Freya/Amarant (Once more, awwwwww! huff, wheeze)


Rikku/Tidus (Well I hate Yuna/
Yuna/Seymour ( sing-song voice They were meant to be...)
Wakka/Lulu (Who cares?)


Yuna/Buddy (Yuna gets a REAL man!)
Lenne/Shuyin (I wouldn't dare pair these two with other people! Awww!)
Paine/Nooj (She doesn't go with Baralai and he doesn't go with Leblanc! I think Paine lubs Nooj!)
Rikku/Tidus (You know the score.)
Rikku/Gippal ( sings She wants him, she wants to kiss him...)
Paine/Gippal (You never know raises eyebrows crazily
Logos/Leblanc (Hey...I've seen much stranger.)

Leblanc/Baralai (Didn't you see that coming! Well I think they would be cyute together and Nooj is a tree. Leblanc is TOO good for him=P ADMIT IT! THEY RULE! They would be cute! I have no proof of them being together! But...It's fresh right? I'm seeing Baraine supporters with axes ;_;)

Fear Effect:

Glas/Hana (Oh my...they would argue like insane cabbages about toast and jam one second, and be passionate the next!)
Deke/Rain (YAY! They had their "moments".
Glas/Rain (O_O) (They would have a twisted relationship!)
Madame Chen/Mr Lam (O_O) (Kinky demonic thrills!)
Yim Lau Wong and his pieces of paper (Hey! He can create his diabolic equal with paper like he created Wee Ming!)


Sypro/Elora (They like each other! I can smell it! sniffs air)
Hunter/Bianca (They ARE together! YAY!)
Hunter/Elora (Hey! Just to be a little different! wink)
Zoe/Sparx (Things with wings need love!)
Sheila/Bentley (Woot!)
Shiela/Sgt. Byrd (Odd...very odd. But I can see it!)

Moneybags/ His gems! (What does Moneybags love MORE than gems!)


Tiny/Coco (...These two rule much better thanDingodile/Coco. I think so anyway.)
Komodo Joe/Coco (I can see people running to the hills now! But I'm SERIOUS! REALLY!)
Koala Kong/Coco (Hahahahaha! Maybe in a funny story!)
Aku Aku/Some other funky mask female (shrug! Aku Aku needs a woman!)
Tawna/Pinstripe ( I think it's pretty hilarious (and cute)that she left Crash for him! Not that I blame her!HONK!It's a pretty funny and sweet couple!I love them!Hahahahaha! NOOP! I guess I can picture a funny or/and dark relationship...I love them together!)
Dingodile/Tawna (YAY! Wasn't it hinted in an unused idea in Twinsanity? Even so, I can see it happening! It would be funny!)


Gex/? (Well I'm not 100 fond on Xtra! But...)


Xiaoyu/Miharu (AHA!)
Nina/Marshall (...Oh ho.)
(Surely I like some others...I can't remember them all!)


Professor Kift/Kiya (Just for laughs! HA HA HA!)

I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions on pairings, as I am to mine. So fair dos!



The Idiots: The Name's Sith, Cait Sith... -COMPLETE
When Cait Sith gets hit on the head after a "tragic" accident with Tifa, he thinks he is James Bond! So what happens when Cait Sith is rushed to hospital?

The Idiots: Rabid Fangirls Alert! - COMPLETE
It's just another day for Cid but his day takes an onimous turn when fangirls strike...

The Idiots: Blind Date! - Complete
The Idiots: I'm the strongest - Complete
The Idiots: Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine... - Complete
That's how it is! - Complete
What your eyes tell you - Complete
It can't get any worse - Complete
The Idiots: What? A date! - Complete

I'll have to update more some other timed00ds!

FAVOURITE COUPLE OF THE MONTH (WOOT!): Me and Yoshimitsu! ("WHUT!") Okay I shall articulate the truth! When I go get something from my helicopter! darts out and flies off

Spyro: You really think she's coming back! ¬¬(XD)

Nush updates:

What the hell is going on! My stories are all gone! It appears I've been banned! Why the hell have I been banned! My stories weren't that bad were they? Oh come on!

Thanks for 103 reviews for FFX-2 Big Brother people, love you!

I'm gonna find the bottom of this oddball thing. =


Hello! I've now done six of "The Idiots" series. Thank you all for reviewing! There's more to come! Sorry I've not been around lately. Chaos!


I'd like to shout out to:

Vampiegurl! Cloffie superfan and Tifa hater! And my pal! She's funny and writes wonderous stories! Good show! She rules!

Tina-the-llama! You are amazing! Your "New Maid" story has rocked my world and on behalf of you being awesome, I'd like to welcome you with open arms to the world of!

That's all for now. Join us for song time in the near future.


Say something Yoshimitsu=D


Fine. Lei?

Lei: Something! least he said something.

Raven: I say nothing. ZILCH. mysterious glance, an enigmatic mist shrouds him


Rez: Well what did you expect!

Koudelka: Pfft. Pathetic.

James and Edward: NAG NAG NAG, WHINE WHINE WHINE etc


Mander:...Calm yourself Master.

Dogman: BONES! BONES! jumps out window

Wrecks: ROAR!

Boris: NO! DON'T SHUT THE...door. read the profile! Now kill my stories! BURN THEM! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Nush and friends hug and wave goodbye!

xoxo:The Nush Show Styley:oxox

Love Nush xoxoxox

P.S I am diabolically diabolical. EAT MY SPLEEN!MUWHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!

Trivia - Nitrous Oxide is the chemical name for laughing gas. Also known as dinitrogen oxide! Mwhahahahahahaha!

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Spyro, Sparx, Zoe, Sheila, Agent 9, Hunter, Elora, Bianca, Sgt. Byrd, and Bentley all meet up for sleepovers, expect fun, games and drama! [Read summary for details] Rating may go up later on for obvious reasons. The Prologue is up! Enjoy!
Spyro the Dragon - Rated: K+ - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,632 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 2 - Published: 8/20/2004
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