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Hi guys!

I'm Rainbow Magic Girl and I am a BIG fan of the Koopalings. I enjoy to read koopaling fanfics so long as they are not too violent. My fave authors include Walkazo, Ebtwisty9, jade304,Matthias123, Kaasha and Starrgrl24.

For those of you who have read all of my story, you might be feeling a little confused about my star spirts entry in ch 5. If you want to know, 'tales of the star spirits' and 'Olga Trinoshi' are going to be future fanfics once I've finally finished my Bowser and Clawdia one.

I am going to update my story soon, so you won't have to wait too long, but I've figured that it will have more than 10 chapters.

Rainbow Magic Girl signing out!

General Stuff

Favourite Quotes:

You picked the wrong day to be an asshole - Waluigi, Stupid Mario Bros Episode 69

Eee bye bye gum...or not - 11th Doctor, The Rebel Flesh

If you think a bunch of halloween costume freaks are gonna take me down, then go ahead and try - UPS Guy, Stupid Mario Bros Episode 63

"Why didn't I think of that?"
"Because you're an idiot" - Sherlock and John, A Study in Pink

"Oh, for god's sake! Gallifrey stands!" - 11th, 10th and War Doctor, The Day of the Doctor

Favourite Pairings:

Video Games:

Mario - Mario/Peach, Luigi/Daisy, Yoshi/Birdo, Bowser/Clawdia,

Legend of Zelda: Link/Zelda, Link/Malon, Lulu/Mikau, Link/Ilia,

TV Shows:

Doctor Who: Doctor/River, Amy/Rory,


Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Sefa, Leon/Mithian


Warrior Cats: Firestar/Sandstorm, Greystripe/Millie, Bumblestripe/Dovewing/Tigerheart

Unwind: Connor/Risa, Lev/Miracolina


Hi Guys,

I am here to say that my Dr Who, Merlin, and Mario stories are going to be updated and hopefully completed by Spring. I have already made a Fan Fiction Plan, and I have begun the fourth chapter of Defying Destiny. I will also be rewriting my Stupid Mario Bros story and I will be doing several prequels to it.

I am also going to be starting two Sherlock stories - A Study in Friendship (I plan to rewrite it) and its sequel, the Baker Street Boys.

Flight of the Sun will be updated soon, and it will not turn into a Man of Steel Fan Fiction - it is set during Superman Returns and it is going to stay that way.

Future Fan Fictions:

X-Men - I plan on doing an X-Men story featuring a young mutant girl and her travels with Logan. There will be several changes to the plot and characters of the film series.

Wizards vs. Aliens - When the show finally gets its own archive, I will be doing a Fan Fiction with three OC's and I will be rewriting series 2.

Star Trek 2009 - I will be continuing the (now AU) of Star Trek Into Darkness. Here is a list of the stories that will be in the series:

Countdown to Darkness - Calm before the Storm

Countdown to Darkness - Loyalties

Star Trek Into Darkness - AU where John Harrison IS John Harrison.

Stupid Mario Prequel - One character must deal with his inner turmoil, another must deal with psychic powers, and a dear friend to the Mario Brothers gets saved by a unexpected person.

That is all, and keep on writing!


Hi guys,

I just posted up The Impossible Astronaut Part 1. I will hopefully be uploading 2 chapters every week to coincide with the BBC 3 repeats. I hope you like this new story; it should hopefully be completed by the end of Febuary.

I will definitely be rewriting Bowser and Clawdia: A Love Story. My aim is to rewrite and complete it by the middle of this year. That is my New Year Resolution. Bowser Jr will now be looking through a history book and Clawdia will now be Lena's younger sister instead of her non-identical twin. The whole Kammy fiasco will also be rewritten.

Stupid Mario Brothers Season 4 will also be completed, hopefully by the end of March. This will then be followed by an AU of Season 5 and and a Season 6. Chapter 47 will be rewritten, and Chapter 51 will reveal more about Lucas' reasons for coming to the Real World. I aim to rewrite Chapter 46 as well and add extras - my own parts to the episodes.

I will also be starting Defying Destiny's next chapter. That chapter after that will be the introduction of the first 2 OCs. One of them has a connection with a former citizen of Camelot, and in one of the later chapters, a third OC will be introduced, as well as the return of Robert the travelling sorcerer.

For Future Fanfics:

The ones mentioned in the last update will still be coming. Especially The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Also, I have a possible idea for a possible Rise of the Guardians fanfiction, but at the moment it is in its very early days.

A fanfic that will follow The Tale of Olga Trinoshi is a one set about 100 years previously. It tells of how seven different people, from seven different species, set out on a quest together to prevent all out war between most kingdoms. They will be OCs and they will be Star Children. It will also provide a backstory for the whole 'Star Children' legend.

See you next time!


Hi Guys,

From now on updates will be posted going up, not down.

Been very busy with homework, but I plan to write up a backstory of my Doctor Who OC, Emilie Brooke (so I have an idea of the character) and then post up The Impossible Astronaut Part 1

I plan to rewrite Bowser and Clawdia for the next chapter to make sense. I will be posting the chapters in two parts. I will include the marriage and birth of the koopalings.

In my Stupid Mario Bros story, I may be starting to post 'in between episodes' chapters, so you have an idea of what is happening. The story will continue and will be slightly AU because Season 5 won't be the last season. It will be the timeline between S4 and S6. The final season will be either 6 or 7.

In Defying Destiny, you meet the next two OCs in Chapter 5; the chapter between The Death Song of Uther Pendragon and Another's Sorrow. The pairings will be Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Sefa and Mordred/Kara (briefly).

For oneshots, I will be doing a Koopaling Fanfiction set pre-NSMBU (I don't have a Wii U, by the way), which will focus on Iggy's inventions.

For future fanfics, these are my plans:

The Tale of Olga Trinoshi: Set 600 years before my Bowser/Clawdia story, it features the Koopa Kingdom in its early years, under the rule of King Ollyver. It tells of the Koopa/Mushroom war over territory and how the Mushroom Kingdom enslaves the Yoshis for mroe recruits, and how one Yoshi rose up against them.

Ambiguity: A Stupid Mario oneshot in Mr L's POV, featuring his thoughts before, during and after the battle in the Movie Act 2 Part 4.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: Book/Movieverse, it features Bilbo's friend Ilria Maudin (OC) joining him on his adventures. It will mostly feature parts from the film, but will include some parts of the book. It will be written as a Trilogy (for obvious reasons).

Stupid Mario Bros Season 5: AU of Season 5. It will focus on the reaction of the Mushroom Force, flesh out the characters, and feature Ninjas. More villains will be added, Darkness will form his own group (including Beverly) and Ken makes a startling discovery...

23/6/11: Hi Guys, just wanted to say that I have started the next chapter of my story and hopefully will finish it soon. I'm also thinking of putting a poem of Bowser I made about a year ago, so expect that very soon, maybe even today.

3/7/11: Just wanted to say that I am really sorry for not updating in ages. School has been taking up my time, but I've also got writers block :(. I'm going to try get the chapter up before the end of july. Also, it's going to be a 2-parter.

As for Bowser not choosing Peach, it may be because I'm not that big on BowserXPeach. So don't expect any stories about them. Sorry, but the couple just doesn't appeal to me. But I will be writing fanfics about the Koopalings :)

12/7/11: I have written more of my story and will try to update ASAP. After I finish the story (I don't know when), I will be starting on my Star Spirits one.

21/7/11: Hi again. Just wanted to let you know that I have improved my previous chapters. They are now loads better then when I first typed them. I hope you like it.

Also, chapter 4 (excluding prolouge and intermission) is on its way, so don't worry.

15/10/11: OMG I am SO sorry about my B/C story not being updated. I have a severe case of writers block, so I'm focusing on a Doctor Who one now. Will update Bowser and Clawdia a love story after Super Mario 3D Land comes out.

Sneak Preview of next chapter of Bowser/Clawdia:

Father, you have to have faith in the stars. If word gets out, our name will be ruined-Bowser

Bowser, for a while now, I've started to have...feelings for you. I can't deny it any longer. I love you!- Clawdia

Son, you must understand that I do not believe in gods or star spirits. We are Koopas and we are not peacekeepers. When you are king, you can change these rules, but while I am ruler, you obey me-Morton Sr.

My love and my son, I know I am dying. But do not grieve for long. You, Bowser, must carry on the line with Clawdia. You, Morton, must not blame the stars. Find faith- Queen Olivia Koopa

Valley of Koopa belongs to US! I don't care if your ancestor lived there. We took it in the great war-King Richard Toadstool the XI

Well, there you go. See you guys later.

P.S may upload profile pic.


Hi again.

You have probably all forgotton me because of my unofficial hiatus on BOTH my stories, but the truth is, I forgot them. I've been thinking of ways to improve my doctor who story and recently, I've realised that the reason I've been unable to think up new chapters is because of of one crucial thing; material.

So, I've been thinking up new material for my Bowser and Clawdia one and I have decided to rewrite it. I have some idea of the new prologue and first chapter. But don't think I'll totally change it, my OCS appearances will remain the same, as will their names and most of the plotline, but I think that this old story needs to blow away the cobwebs. The preview above will feature in the next chapter, I promise you that.

By the way, when I said I would update by Super Mario 3D Land, that was under the impression that the Koopalings would feature in it. I hate Nintendo for cancelling that and for the false promise of 'more retro suits returning'. Yeah, the return of the tanooki and statue suits is really a lot, lets just forget about the cape feather, the bunny suit, the frog suit, the hammer bro suit and metal mario.



News alert: Bowser and Clawdia: a love story is now under revision. Prologue is nearly finished, so expect update in a couple of days.

Changes: Bowser Junior is now looking through books and not a tapestry

The garden's appearance will be changed

Future changes to current chapters:

Henry will now be spelt Henri and he will have some sense of maturity

The story of the star spirits will be altered as it is too close to Walkazo's Koopa story.

The names of the characters in the Tale of the Star Spirits will be changed

In 'Bowser's Birthday Ball', Beyrl will appear more and her current scenes will be changed

The suitors dresses will be described and Peach will be less b*y

Bowser will no longer have a crush on Peach; it ended when he was 16

Birdo will be absent as she is not of noble blood

There will be more interaction between the Koopalings in the latest present day scene

Koopa will not appear to help Bowser make his choice

There will be more fatherly interaction between Bowser and Kamek

New: The official Koopa language is Icelandic

Valley of Koopa (Valley of Bowser in Super Mario World) will be changed to Koopa's new name

Thanks for reading!

Bye! =p


Hello again.

My Doctor Who story will be updated as soon as I get six chapters finished.

I will now be splitting 13 episodes into 2 parts, so there will be 26 chapters.

The 2011 Christmas special will be converted into fanfiction after I finish the first one.

Bowser and Clawdia news:

Am close to finally writing up the next chapter, A Tale of Two Koopas.

This will come in two parts to fit the whole six months in.

In the beginning, Bowser is arguing with his father. Morton will share some background history of the Koopas in these two chapters. I will not start Clawdia's part with getting out of bed, which is just boring.

Olivia will not be dying.

Stupid Mario Bros News:

This will now be featuring Season 4, not five.

Not all the characters mentioned in current story will appear in this story.

I have my own backstory for Temari.

Lucas will be older, about Ness's age.

Future News:

I have several stories planned for the future. These are their current titles.

Ico Story - Chronicles of the Cursed

Mario Story - Olga Trinoshi: Savior of the Yoshies

Mario Story - That Red Sweater

Legend of Zelda Story - The Legend of Zelda: Reawakening of the Six Sages

Doctor Who Story - Doctor Who Series 7

Thanks for Reading.


Hello once more.

Stupid Mario Bros News:

For those of you who don't know already, my version of Stupid Mario Bros Season 4 is now up. Episode 47 is currently being written, and although there aren't many changes to Episode 46, there will be lots more by Episode 47.

In the second Stupid Mario Bros fanfiction, I will be writing about the several months between Season 4 and Season 5. There will be a cryptic message the Mushroom Force have to solve, as well as several sub-plots. I may be naming it Stupid Mario Bros Season 4.5. The Temari mystery will be explained, as I already have a backstory for her. SPOILER! She is Ken's ex in StMB.

Doctor Who News:

I have nearly completed the first chapter of my Series 6 Rewrite (The Impossible Astronaut part 1). Once I write up The Curse of the Black Spot, I'll start uploading chapters. When I eventually write up Series 7, there will be a little twist in the story. Actually, two.

Mario News:

I really am sorry about the Bowser and Clawdia hiatus. I plan on deleting and rewriting it, and saving the reviews on a Word document. Said changes in my last update will actually be happening. Chapter 6 will be split into two parts, covering the six months from when she arrives there up to the wedding preparations.

I will also be uploading a poem I made about three years ago. A very short poem, mind you.

Future News:

My Ico story, Chronicles of the Cursed, will tell a tale about each of the sacrifices. Their ups and downs, doubts and hopes. And their reaction to Ico escaping from the coffin.

My Mario story, Olga Trinoshi, is going to be set six hundred years before my Bowser and Clawdia story, featuring the Koopa Kingdom in its early years. It tells the story of how the Mushroom Kingdom enslaved the Yoshis in order to enlarge their army during the Koopa-Mushroom war.

My other Mario story, That Red Sweater, will explain the origins of Wendy O Koopa's red sweater, which featured in a Mario comic.

My Legend of Zelda story will be set 150 years after Four Swords Adventures. It will feature a new Link on a quest to awaken the next generation of Sages. There will be lots of OCs.

Possible future titles

Legend of Zelda: Brother of a Hero - A retelling of Ocarina of Time.

Ico: The Rajin Mystery - AU of Ico.

See you later :)



The first chapter of my Doctor Who fanfiction, The Impossible Astronaut Part 1, is very nearly complete. Will start uploading once I finish The Curse of the Black Spot Part 2.

My Brother of a Hero story features an older Link (15 years old) and his newly discovered family.

My Stupid Mario Bros story will be updated soon. Lucas will have a bigger role in the rest of the series.

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