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Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for visitng my humble page. I am currently working on a prject about digimon tamers, a show I thougth need a sequel, but never got one. So I'm doing my best to write a continuation of the show, but I don't want to put anything out until it's all done. That being said I feel like I'm getting close to the end and so I want to hit you guys with some teaser trailer type things I've had stashed away. They'll take the point of view of a handfull of the tamers and roughly explain what the new story might be about. Enjoy. Tamers Forever. 7/6/2011.

Hi again everybody. With the fourth of my promos up I'm hoping a basic shape of what is to come is taking form. Let me start by saying digimon tamers was one of my favorite shows as a child and one of the best in the series. If you're looking for a bizarre twist on cannon in my story you won't find one. In fact I take the digimon tamers cartoon and don't try and mess with it at all. To me I wouldn't want to mess with perfection. I've kept the cannon of the story as it is, even giving plugs to Runaway Locomon as well as Message in a Packet. If you're unfamiliar with those, it isn't crucial, but I recommend looking them up for your own benefit. I wanted to do a continuation of a great story like what season 02 should have been for adventures. Let's face it, the only awesome thing about that season was Blackwargreymon. The problem with 02 was that it made all the original digidestined into secondary characters while a bunch of unlikeable new ones took center stage. I didn't want to do that with mine. I love the characters of tamers and didn't want them to be pushed aside or overshadowed. New characters will be added to drive plot, but I didn't want the originals to be shelved. So they still play the leading role with support from other characters. In fact my story begins right where tamers left off with Takato discovering the portal. I'm billing this as a action/adventure/romance. Those who are interested in the romance part can ask me about the pairings in private. I don't want to give away too much, but expect good things. Oh and please review my stuff. I want input. It will help me immensely when writing the sequel. 7/10/2011.

Ha ha! Just had to point something out to everybody. It's been about twelve hours since my Legends promo was posted and already it has more looks than the Henry one. I guess everybody feels the same way about Henry that I do. He's a great character, but he's so bland compared to the others. I mean even Ryo arguably has more character. Still I urge you to give him a chance. As for the Legends promo that one is done from a new perspective. Tell me what you think. 7/11/2011

Hi again. I promise I'm still hard at work on my upcoming story, but until then I've churned out some new promos to keep people interested. Two to be exact. The first, Friends, deals with Yamaki, and was made at the behest of a writer I respect: Delfim the black Kitsune. His story is under my favorites and I recommend you all check it out. He requested a Yamaki promo (My guess is because I always criticize him for his depiction of Yamaki) so I made one of the man. Friends is also somewhat of a deleted scene so enjoy. The second one came from the request of my girlfriend who has read the story as I am writing it. I was telling her I wanted to make more promos to help get the collective juices flowing and she told me, "you have to do a Jeri one." So Saviors is focused around Jeri and it is darker than most tamers works, but hopefully it gets people curious about my story. Please review both promos and feel free to send me a private message. I'm a friendly writer who thrives off of the input and suggestions of others. I hope that when my story gets going the responses of my readers will help shape the second story in the series. In fact I'm thinking of making a forums page just for my works when my stuff comes out. Hopefully it is that popular. Hopefully people stay interested. Oh and check my profile often. Snipits will be put up here when things really get going. Until then, peace. 8/23/2011

Crap I was gone a long time! Sorry for that, loyal readers. I hope some of you are still left, but rest assured I have been working. My computer was down for a while which stalled the process, followed by writers block which really kicked my ass. All that set aside I'm finally done! Digimon Tamers After the Reaper is finished! 770 pages long and 155 chapters, but it's done. I'm breaking it down and making it ready for the site as I write this. The first chapters should, god willing, be up come friday. Consider it my christmas gift to all of you. I'll be releasing new chapters every friday, saturday and sunday so they will be fairly regular. This has taken almost a year of my life so please be kind and review. I only ask that you give me what I've tried to do for anyone I read. Be honest with review, brutal if that's what is deserving, and stick with the story to the end. I'll be giving the chapters a review of my own a few days after the posting so look for that if you want insight into them. I'm opting away from the authors notes because I find them intrusive. The disclaimer still has to be there, unfortunatelly, but other than that the story will be the only thing posted. No distractions.The chapters start out small and the story starts out slow, much like Tamers itself, but I urge people to at least wait for the first few chapters. This thing took a year of my time and I promise it has something to say. 12/20/2011

At the urging of an author I deeply respect I made minor alterations to the format of the first chapter of After the Reaper to make it more pleasing to the eye. It still may not be a hundred percent, but I'm working on it. This brings up a valuable point though that if there is any way my work can be made better, be it a minor change or a major mistake, let me know and I will do my best. I want to make the best work I can, but I am still slightly rusty on fanfiction. My number one concern is to the story and the fans of it so any help would be greatly appreciated. I promise if you can endure my occasional stumblings it will be well worth the effort. The story is top notch. As per my promise I will have chapter two up by saturday and three will follow it christmas morning. Thank you all for your input. 12/23/2011

John C. here requesting everyone's forgiveness for ATR's absence of updates. I've been under the weather as of late and overwhelmed by a large workload, but that's not excuse. I made a promise to stay regular on my updates and I intend to keep it. As a way of saying I'm sorry I intend to release dual chapters today. That'll make everything caught up. We're finally to Runaway Locomon. After that Tamers canon is a no man's land. I know Locomon isn't strictly canon either, but I wanted to include it. I hope everyone enjoys my retelling of the story. Very little was actually changed, but that was on purpose. I'd like to thank everyone who reviews my stories, but more importantly I'd like to thank all those that are reading it. Your support keeps the story alive beyond just me and that means the world to me. I'll have chapter twelve up by the end of the day, barring some horrible tragedy, and then we'll all be square. 1/22/2012

Onto week five of ATR and I've noticed something that is going to suck. There is a limit to how many characters can be used for titles of chapters. I knew there would be, but this is going to suck. I had to alter chapter thirteen's title to replace and with a / so that everything would fit. A minor nitpick, but that's going to get tough when I reach chapter one hundred-twenty, or something like that. In fact everything past chapter twenty is going to have to be chapter 20. or maybe just chap. 20: ect. Anyway, expect minor changes in the style for the chapter naming as a result. I apologize, but it's unavoidable. The last chapter for Rika's birthday is up and now we're in completely unknown territory. Hope everyone is enjoying. Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know. I always appreciate them. 1/27/2012

It has been awhile, but I'm finally back. Sorry, but I had personal things to deal with. Chapter sixteen is up with two more to follow. This also marks the closing of act one for ATR. In addition I've posted a new Rukato fic as part of a challenge by Berrier Salamander. Hopefully everyone enjoys these two works. I'd have to guess that people are since today was my biggest single hits in one day ever. I give credit to that for the Rukato, but it surprises me. ATR was something I spent months on. The Rukato fic was a matter of hours I think, but it is pulling in more views. A rising tide lifts all boats though. If you happen to like one please give my other works a look. Review if you think any are deserving of a sequel. As always thanks for your continued reading, reviewing, subscribing, and the like. It really helps. 2/16/2012

It's taken some time but the first story arc of After the Reaper is finally finished. I like to call arc number one Childhood. Arc number two is Training. The second arc takes place a few years after the first one in accordance with Adman's deal. Something to look forward to in later chapters is seeing what the adult Tamers are like. Some of them are sure to surprise. I'd love it if people could leave in the reviews what they think of the first arc. It is probably the least action packed or plot based arc of all of them. Let me know what you expect the next arc to look like and we'll compare your predictions with what actually happens. Keep in mind the promos reflect the story and what will happen, but only a handful of the scenes for the corresponding promos have actually occured at this point. Jeri's promo, Henry's promo, and the radio signal one are still to come. 3/6/2012

I know its been some time, but I swear I've been doing my best to crank out chapters. I'm glad people are liking them. Now I'm certain people are getting into the story, trying to guess what comes next, and I'm glad. That being said I wanted to discuss a few things that can get you the reader involved in After the Reaper. First and foremost I want to say that if you can guess accuratelly what plot twist is going to occur before it happens in the review section I will put your name up and kudos to you in the chapter where you're proven right. That is my solemn pledge to you, the reader. Second I wanted to issue a challange to any and all readers to work on their own short ATR related work. I'd love to see some off-topic banter in a short story including the Tamers. I'd also be honored if anyone could make artwork involving ATR. I confess I'm a horrible artist, but if people can make a good piece of artwork for ATR I will give them credit. Throw up up on Deviant Art or whatever platform you favor and let me know about it. The best piece may even become my profile picture, which is currently bare. As we're in to Act Two I feel like everyone has enough inspiration for this. Show your ATR pride by creating a piece of the lore yourself. Thanks in advance- John C. 5/15/2012

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