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Attention: Read this sectopm below to understand what this account is about.

Hey! It's been a long while hasn't it? Two years I think. I must be honest with you, Pokemon is not my thing anymore. I went back and read all of my stories...and realized they were not anything I could salvage. I might start writing again, but I will probably not be a "weekly writer." If anything, expect long absences of me being absolutely off the radar.

If I write stories, expect DBZ and Naruto stories that are not very long. I might throw in a few other story genres, but this is what I'd probably writing about now.

Now, I may one day rewrite "The Alternate Night of the Uchiha Massacre," but it is currently on hiatus. It could be permanent, it could not.

Now the rest of this profile may give you more of an idea what I am going to write about, but it is NOT as important as this little section. I hope you enjoy my stories, and if not, please tell me why not. I honestly prefer constructive criticism over any other type of review. If you must flame, please give me some constructive criticism along with it. I do not expect you all to love my stories, but I do expect to get some advice on how to improve. I'll definitely need it.


1. Changing the sexuality of a character to egg on the writer's sexual fetishes. Some are tolerable, like Kabuto or Frieza being homosexual...but there is no reason to make Wolverine and Sabertooth loving towards eachother other than fulfiling your sexual fantasies. This counts for homosexual characters too. If you turn them hetero, I may just kill you.

2. Genderbendering: Please, please do not make a character go transgender for the sake of it. If you took Haku, Frieza, etc and said they were transgender, that'd be fine. But making characters that are OBVIOUSLY identify as the body they were born, that ticks me off.

3. Extreme Character modification: Really? It's not really Naruto if he has a black mullet, is 6'5, no whiskers, and acts like an arrogant prick. Just don't.

4. Mary Sues/Gary stues: This can pretty much kill a fanfiction for me. Canon characters or not.

Dbz characters that I really like:


He is the most well-developed character in the series. He is also the only one who realistically went to the good side. Piccolo kind of just snapped into it after awhile, while Tien, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu literally just became good in a day. It would make sense that vegeta would have momentary relapses (Vs Android 18, vs Semi-perfect cell, and most notably, Majin Vegeta). He can easily be written into fanfictions.


He is done really well up until the buu saga, where he is just kind of there. I personally want to explore his relationship with the children in dbz (Goten, trunks, etc), King piccolo and his children, and as you know, Chichi. I also want to find a way to realistically make him stronger. Not to ssj3 Goku levels, but hopefully above or around ssj Goku levels. Because the poor guy got shafted.

Future Trunks:

The only half saiyan with a reason to train and the only half saiyan with a sad backstory besides future Gohan. I just love it.

Raditz, broly, Bardock, King Vegeta, Tarble, Paragus, Turles, and Nappa:

The brother of the main protagonist, the legendary ssj, the father of the main protagonist, the king of all saiyans, the other prince of all saiyans, the deranged father of the lssj, the evil version of goku, and the mentor to the prince of all saiyans...yet all of them do not have much of a character developement. I do not like that.


The only member of the Arcosian race with a possibility of turning good...the only one not pure evil. Yet, could have hatred towards the z fighters for the death of his father. I definitely will do something with his character.

Characters from Naruto that I love:

I will not go into as much detail about these characters, because I like so many. So I only chose a few to be mentioned here.

Sasuke Uchiha:

I've mentioned I like characters with traumatic pasts right? What can be more traumatic than a child who lost his family, tortured by his older brother, made him watch his family die for 72 hours straight (twice), get a hickey from an old man, kill his brother just to find out he is a good guy, and find out his home village was the reason his family died?

Neji Hyuuga:

Neji and Lee were the next Kakashi and Gai. It was amazing. Neji was going against fate the whole time...just to die for the kid who was fated to be the savior of the world? I need to give him justice.

Itachi Hyuuga:

He is a perfectly imperfect villain, hero, and anti hero all at once. What's not to love?

This guy was honestly one of the few pure evil characters in Naruto. Now he's Mr. Mom (or Miss Dad?) to Mitsuki. Really? I like Mitsuki, but no.


I just like the guy. Don't judge me. xD

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