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Winners have been announced!

Winners – Public Vote

1st Place - Blind Faith by SydneyAlice AND Sex Tips & Star Trek by Tkegl (TIE)

2nd Place – The Farmer’s Daughter by ericastwilight

3rd Place – Forever and Ever by theladyingrey42

Winners – Judges Vote

1st Place – Sex Tips & Star Trek by Tkegl

2nd Place – Forever and Ever by theladyingrey42

3rd Place - Blind Faith by SydneyAlice

The other 7 stories that went on to the final round of judging (in no particular order) are:

Prettier than You by negative energy is cool
Bereit by GothicTemptress
Life in Technicolor by meliebot
Chocolate Kisses and Robinhood’s Barn by xsecretxkeeperx
An Enquiry into the Sublime and Beautiful by belladonna1472
Little Green and Easybella by BettiGefetch
Everything She Does is Magic by KristenLynn

Winners - The Cherry On Top Awards

Best Use of Theme – Seeds to Shed by PortiaKhalo

When hosting a contest that is essentially about popping cherries, one generally does not expect to get any entries where no cherries are popped. It was only after this entry was submitted that we realized we hadn’t actually written into the rules that Edward and Bella had to have sex. In Seeds to Shed there is no metaphorical exchange of cherries, but rather the literal exchange of cherries.

PortiaKhalo truly knows how to take a theme and run with it. Edward is a cherry farmer that sells his product at market every week. Cherries shape up the heart of the story – the characters meet because of cherries, eat cherry pie on their first date, and, uh, “do stuff” in the yard of the cherry farm. On top of that, this story has one of the hottest lemons in the contest – a spontaneous dry-humping scene in the front seat of Bella’s truck.

Edward You Love to Hate – An Enquiry into the Sublime and Beautiful by belladonna1472

Adapted from the “Exceptional Edward” award we originally intended to hand out, “Edward We Love to Hate” goes to belladonna1472 for her story An Enquiry into the Sublime and Beautiful. The Edward in this story was intriguing, mysterious, and to be frank, a bit of an asshole. But we loved him despite it or, perhaps, because of it. The story itself is incredibly well-written, the plot is fascinating, and the characters captivating. On top of the “Edward We Love to Hate” award, this story also deserves a prize for its hilarious, and slightly disturbing version of Tanya (just imagine a sex talk between her and Bella involving tea as a metaphor).

Best 1st Time Author – She Gives Me Religion by Liz Lemon Bennett

Liz Lemon Bennett spins a tale about the complexity of emotion and passion in She Gives Me Religion. Edward meets Bella the night she became both wife and widow in just a few short hours. Under Carlisle’s tutelage, Edward is instructed to comfort Bella in the hospital waiting room as she grieves the loss of her husband and waits for news about the condition of her best friend. Controversial though it may seem (as Edward and Bella do fall in love that night), Liz Lemon Bennett handles the narrative expertly and skillfully weaves an incredible plot to perfection. This isn’t an amazing story for a first time writer. It is simply an amazing story – no qualification needed.

Best Cherry Chuckle – Soft by TeamBella23

Many stories attempted a humorous glimpse into the awkwardness that is losing one’s virginity. Soft, by TeamBella23, stood out amongst the rest. We are almost instantly regaled with the tall tale Emmett tortured poor Edward with, resulting in his perpetual problem of flaccidity in the face of Bella’s vagina. Let’s just say it involves a Chinese Finger Trap as a metaphor of what could happen to Edward’s penis if he should get, er, “stuck” in there. Right off the bat, you’re laughing your ass off. On top of that, the character interactions are natural and entertaining throughout the entire story. Even though the situation is hysterical, TeamBella23 writes it as if it could happen to anyone. It’s truly a pleasure to read.

Maraschino Mentions

Bereit by GothicTemptress

Set in the time of WWII, Bereit is the story of Edek and Izabela, two innocent Polish citizens who were taken into captivity and worked together to survive the hardships and adversity of the Holocaust. The story opens in a church, where Edek is pining over Izabela from afar. It easily displays the naivety and innocence of their lives before evil truly infiltrated their world.

Bereit is a very daring entry, especially for a contest about cherry popping. However, that’s also what makes it stand apart from the other stories. It’s original and exceptionally written. GothicTemptress handles the subject matter superbly, not shying away from the horrors of the Holocaust but remaining conscious to the sensitivity of the topic. The strength of Edek and Izabela’s relationship is the focus of the story, not the horrors they went through. It’s a beacon of light, in an otherwise despair and hatred-filled world and brings the reader an astounding feeling of hope.

Everything She Does is Magic by KristenLynn

A very naked Bella casts a love spell over Edward in Everything She Does is Magic. A very attractive, sexy, downright awesome Edward is suddenly interested in her the next day. Did the spell work or is it something more?

This entry encompassed everything the contest was about. A strong, exciting plot surrounding two very interesting characters. It’s fun at times, and serious in others but KristenLynn handles these shifts flawlessly. The conclusion may surprise everyone a bit and it’s well worth the read to find out exactly why Edward is interested in Bella Swan.


Final Round Judges:

Bratty-Vamp, Einfach Mich, LolaShoes, Morgan Locklear, Mrs.TheKing, mskathy, SebastienRobichaud, Snowqueens Icedragon, snshyne

Round 2 Judges:

April2460, baldtomato, Chocolate Lover 82, erinlee20, ezzierae, FunmbiE, JosieSwan, Le_Crepuscule, Live720, MariahajilE, profitina, RoseArcadia, twibelle105, Vanessa Ventura, wime


Elizabethan, jennifer.lyn215, m81170, Raizie


jennifer.lyn215, m81170

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