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Author has written 18 stories for Bleach, Naruto, Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro, Kuroshitsuji, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gantz, Yu-Gi-Oh, Kingdom Hearts, and Dragon Age.

Notice: After starting school, I realized that my classes will require more time than I originally thought I'd have to put into them. A lot of them are also very reading and writing intensive, and not only that, but I've also recently gotten a job. It makes me sad to say this, but I know my fanfiction is going to suffer. I will try my hardest to update when I can, but the posting might be very irregular. I appologize to all my readers.

Edit: I am SO sorry to all my readers, especially those of you who read Seven Days. I've been forced to take math, and math and I really don't like each other to the point where math likes to suck up any inspiration I might have. And sadly, I am starting school Monday. However, that will not stop me from writing! Somehow or another, I will write more, I promise and hopefully some chapters for Seven Days, too. After all, it's 2012 and we want something to happen between them before the world ends, right?

"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you." - Ray Bradbury

My name is Cherry, I'm nineteen years old, an Aquarius woman, and an aspiring Creative Writing major.

I want to say that I'm amazed at how many readers I have! It's really heart-warming and I cannot begin to express how much I appreciate the hits and reviews. I'm not one for author notes because I feel like it ruins the pieces, so I wanted to thank everyone here on my profile. So, thank you so, so much, everyone. It's because of you guys that I continue to write!

For a long time I was against writing fanfiction despite the fact that I've read well over 7,000 fics of various pairings over the past few years because I was afraid of royally butchering my favorite characters and I normally write in the realm of original writing. But eventually I ended up caving after a friend requested a Grimmjow/Szayel Aporro piece (Hollowed Lust) and from there I just kept experimenting - and I felt that I needed to write for the pairings I liked because either 1. The pairing isn't common or 2. There is absolutely no good fics for the pairings. I'm proud to say that I just branched out into chaptered fics with Seven Days.

Chaptered Stories

Seven Days (In-progress) - Inspired by Seven Days セフンデイス by Venio Tachibana. I had been tossing around an idea for a Marik/Yami fic for a while but had no good story line to write them in because I didn't want to just write a smutty one-shot between them. Then, one day in Border's, I found Seven Days and instantly knew how I wanted to write a story with Marik and Yami. Of course, since I'm inspired by something, the first few chapters will probably heavily mirror that, but once I start writing more of it, I'm sure it will become more of my own and not Tachibana. Note: I've rated this fic T-16 for mild language and some sexual encouters which aren't graphic enough, in my opinion, to get the M-ature rating yet.

Some definite side pairings will include: Kaiba/Katsuya, Yugi/Anzu, Mai/Valon, and Bakura/Ryou (more than likely, anyway). Some possible side pairings will be Ryuzaki/Espa (Roba) and I may or may not randomly throw Yugi together with Ryuji Otogi. We'll see.

Note: I was re-reading Seven Days remind myself where I was going, and no one's really pointed them out to me, but I promise I'll fix the mistakes in it soon!

Cafe Mocha Rhapsody (In-progress) - I've been wanting to do a Kingdom Hearts fic for a while, but I didn't get the right feel for the story till now. The title comes from Zexion's obvious obsession with white cafe mocha drinks and the fact that each character will have a unique sweet and/or drink that mirrors their personalities. Why do you think Zexion's is white chocolate? Obviously, this is going to be a Marluxia/Zexion story because for some reason, I love these two together.

And after a lot of debating, these are the side pairings: Axel/Demyx, Luxord/Vexen (incest alert too, for anyone who's wondering), Roxas/Sora, and Leon/Riku.


Hollowed Lust (In-Progress) - This is going to end up being a series of Grimmjow/Szayel Aporro drabbles that I've written at the request of a friend of mine. There's a vague plot and connection between each drabble but each one can stand on its own as well.

Rainswept Pleasure (Complete) - Short one-shot between Yahiko and Nagato from the Naruto universe. If you like this pairing you're in luck because I'll probably write more of them.

Meirotic (Complete) - A short one-shot spawned by my inner yaoi fangirl needing a pairing from Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro. The title is also a play on "Mirotic", with "meiro" meaning maze in Japanese just like "miro" means maze in Korean. Aren't I clever?

Snowstorm Burning (Complete) - Another Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro one-shot but this time it's between Godai and Yukinori. There was one chapter (which I can't remember) where... I don't know, it screamed yaoi to me so I decided to write about it as soon as I read it. I might write a 'sequel' to this but I'm not sure.

Le Roux Amour (Complete) - Literally translating to "red haired love" (or something like that improperly), a birthday one-shot between Sebastian and Grell from Kuroshitsuji for a dear friend of mine. She wanted something "dark and seductive" and what came out of that request was Le Roux Amour. I had a lot of fun writing this piece.

Beautiful You (Complete) - Longer one-shot between Yahiko and Naruto when they were training with Jiraiya. I really like writing these two together for some reason.

Cheveux Noirs Amour (Complete) - Literally translating to "black haired love" (or something like that improperly), a possible 'prequel' to Le Roux Amour if you want it to be. Written a little past my deadline but it's fine. Another Sebastian/Grell fic with hint of William/Grell. Requested by the same dear friend and how could I refuse my readers more Sebastian and Grell love?

Serpentine Desires (Complete) - An Edvy one-shot in honor of October third (although it's a little late). This is my take on the final episode of the first anime and how I think the final confrontation between the two should have gone down. "Let's meet on the other side of the gate" is what should be at the end of the story, but it ruined the power of the ending so it's only in the summary. Rated M just to be on the safe side. Edward and Envy's relationship is always so complex and that's why I love the pairing. I'm so glad my friend requested and suggested this story for me to write.

Remember the Third of October (Complete) - A RoyEd one-shot in (belated) honor of October third. Although I didn't specify it, I imagine the fic would take place in the manga versus the anime. My goal was to express Roy and Edward's deep connection with the date as well as to each other - without any sexual implications, especially with the theme of the story. I'm particularly proud of this piece because I feel like I managed to portray them the way I envisioned they would act in the manga. Roy is a man of honor and I could never imagine him taking advantage of Edward's vulnerability in any way, but I can fully see him go above and beyond expectations in terms of being there as a friend, not a superior, for Edward.

Russian Roulette (Complete) - Happy Halloween! A fic featuring Kei and Nishi from Gantz! Although it's a Halloween fic, it has none of the usual Halloween-esque elements but then again, it's a scary thought to even imagine Kei and Nishi getting it on, isn't it? Just wait for the sequel.

Rocking Around Axel's Christmas Tree (Complete) - Posted exactly at 11:59AM on December 24, 2010 Hawaii Time. Merry Christmas! Criminal Minds, so this is what happened. There's a lot of mystery, a lot of angst (if you like), and there are a lot of things I didn't answer or elude to - but that's the point. Did you catch what I hinted at? But it's funny that the pairing is Axel/Roxas, because I don't really read or ship the couple. I hope you all like it and have a Merry Christmas!

Deadly Intentions (Complete) - I forget why I wrote a Sasuke/Sai, but I wrote this a long time ago and edited it so it was all pretty to post here. It's filled with rough PWP and Sai's obvious fixation on male genitalia. That's really all I can say about this fic.

Paint Me Yours (Complete) - The first Deidara/Utakata fanfic out there, or at least on, and what I call beautyshipping. Yes, I've coined the term for this couple. For so long I've been dying to write Deidara with Utakata and finally, finally I found the perfect inspiration for them. Expect to see more of this couple from me, they're precious.

Bad Kids (Complete) - Another Gantz fic, this time featuring Nishi and Kato. In all honesty, I hate Kato, but I wanted to see if I could make him likable and I don't know about any of you, but I think I might like him just a little bit more, a very, very little bit. The title comes from Lady Gaga's "Bad Kids", which I have deemed Nishi's song in my head.

Brotherly Love, or Something anyway (Complete) - Two-shot with Carver and sarcastic Hawke. After playing Dragon Age 2, how could I resist writing Hawke, as a man and mage, with his angsty little brother Carver? I'm sure you'll be seeing more of this couple with me because they're just so much fun. In fact, I might even make this go from a two-shot to a chaptered story, so keep an eye out on this story for a possible chapter three, four, and so on.

Merry Christmas, Seto Kaiba! (Complete) - Posted exactly at 11:59AM on December 24th, 2011 Hawaii Time. Merry Christmas again, everyone! I really wanted to write something after being MIA for so long so I decided to challenge myself with the one couple I think is the easiest and hardest to write, Seto Kaiba and Katsuya Jounouchi. I am very proud of this fic because I really wanted to show that Katsuya and Kaiba can actually get along and that Kaiba really isn't so different than everyone else, that he can have friends and even a lover. It turned out longer than I wanted, and there ended up being no sex, but I'm sorry Le Roux Amour, I have a new favorite story.

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