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Poll: Now that I'm back, I want to limit my focus to finishing one or two of my fics at a time. In your opinion, which ones should take top priority? Choose two. (I left some of my incomplete fics out on purpose; inspiration for those is currently nonexistent). Vote Now!
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Author has written 16 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Ib.

This is wt-chan, now going by a different pen name! I got tired of the old one. Thus, "Thrice Written" was chosen, both in honor of the Rule of Three and because I generally rewrite every sentence in a story an average of three times before I'm satisfied with it, haha.

By the way, I now have a fic tumblr, for anyone interested! (No guarantee that it'll be updated on a regular basis, though.)



See "Current Personal Status" below.



I'm back again! And writing, after a pretty long and busy hiatus. And it's already halfway through 2014, wow. Let's see if I can actually get back into the routine of updating my fics now that it's summer and I don't have college work to occupy me, haha.



Hey there. On the internet, I'm known as Thrice Written or Thrice (or Wenn, if you want to get more personal). Due to my online gaming stint, I've also developed the tags Queen Cat and Thrice Cat. I'm Chinese, a Virgo, and I'm a soon-to-be sophomore in college. Time flies; it's scary.

Anyway, I was deeply obsessed and invested in the Hetalia fandom for about one and half years. Then I "retired" back in April of 2013 in favor of getting my life back together, and stopped reading fanfiction and manga - as well as watching anime - altogether for over seven months. During that time, I also stopped writing, which sounds incredible even to me, considering I've been eating, drinking, breathing, and sleeping writing (that was awful grammar, but you get what I mean, haha) ever since I could write. But I don't regret the break. Now that I've come back as a happier, healthier person with (hopefully) more insight into life than when I started out, I intend to continue developing my writing and editing skills. They mean the world to me.

I usually flip-flop in and out of fandoms, but I limit most of my contribution to Hetalia (specifically, USUK). I do, however, look back upon all of my ex-fandoms fondly, and I'm constantly open to new ones. I'm also working on converting my wonderful boyfriend to Hetalia and USUK. He's a great sport about it, and hey, he even admits that America and England have chemistry!

I'm glad to be back. Happy writing to all, and don't hesitate to drop me a line - I love making new friends. :)



My actual beta reader profile is malfunctioning, so I'm putting this here for those of you who are interested in having me beta for you.

Conditions that you should be aware of before you ask me to beta for you:

1. I beta every piece with the understanding that it was given to me because the author feels it needs improvement, not because the author is seeking encouragement or congratulations. This means that I tend to skimp on praise and focus more on areas that need attention. However, if you'd like to know your areas of strength for future reference, I'll include those in my comments upon request.

2. My role as a beta reader is to refine, not instruct. If you're weak in one or more of the basics - such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. - don't ask me to beta for you. Additionally, works submitted to me should already have been spell-checked and edited in advance by the author him/herself. My eyes should not be the first pair to read a particular piece.

3. I put an inhuman amount of effort into my beta work. Do not ask me to beta for you if you intend to disregard most or all of my advice, because that's a waste of both my time and yours. Ask a friend to read it over for you instead.

4. I try my hardest to show all writers I work with the utmost respect, and I ask for the same in return. If you disagree with any of my critique, or want further elaboration, let me know in a reasonable way and we'll discuss it until we've sorted everything out.

As of 6/3/14, I'm not accepting any additional beta requests. However, if you really want me to beta for you, feel free to drop me a PM and we may be able to work something out.


COMMON GRAMMAR MISTAKES (Please read if grammar is not your strong point - and even if you think you're good, have a look anyway . . . because chances are, you're probably still getting some of the basics wrong.)

Here is a (long) list of common grammar mistakes that crop up in fanfiction/writing in general that irritate me (because I'm a stickler for grammar, lol, and it's just easier on the eyes and the mind if you take the time to get it right. Plus, if you have good grammar, people will look at your writing and think, "Wow, this person knows what they're doing."). If you're uncertain about some aspects of grammar or are just unsteady with it in general, please take a look. I've bolded the ones that I see the most:

1. It's "anyway." Not "anyways." "Anyways" is not a legitimate word - never has been, never will be. Since "any" is singular, "way" should also be singular.

2. Same goes for "alright." It's "all right," people. (Though I don't mind this one as much.)

3. "Lowly" is an adjective, not an adverb, and it is not a substitute for "softly" or "quietly." In reality, it means humble, modest, or inferior, like a lowly servant or a lowly position. If you want to show that someone said something in a quiet voice, use "softly," "quietly," or just "in a low voice."

4. "Deadpan" IS NOT A VERB. It's an ADJECTIVE. A person can't "deadpan," but he/she can have "a deadpan expression." Seriously, if you want to show the same lack of emotion that "deadpan" indicates, make use of the adverbs "flatly," "expressionlessly," or "impassively."

5. When you're writing dialogue, it's always a COMMA inside the end quotation mark (not a period) if you follow it with a speaker tag. However, if the sentence of dialogue ends as a question mark or an exclamation point, you leave it as it is. If there isn't a speaker tag following the dialogue, you should also leave the punctuation the way it is, even if it's a period (I see this issue a lot, and yes, I do know that people do it out of creative license, but honestly, it just looks awkward. And you should at least know what the rules are before you start bending and breaking them, right?). Lastly, if the speaker tag interrupts a sentence, it needs a comma on both ends.

Example: "Where the hell is my teapot?" demanded England.
"It's in the oven," America replied.
"What? Why would it be in the oven?"
"I don't know. Don't ask me." America shrugged. "The cat was the one who put it there."
"The cat," snapped England, glaring at the oven, "wouldn't have left greasy handprints everywhere, would it?"

6. Keep your verb tenses consistent. Don't switch back and forth between past tense and present tense unless you're doing a flashback or intentionally going back/forward in time. You can catch your mistakes in this area easily by just re-reading your writing, one sentence at a time.

7. Speaking of verbs - making your verbs agree in number with your subjects is also something you should watch out for.

8. If you're addressing someone in dialogue, add a space and a comma before their name.

Example: "Hey! I'm not ready yet, England!"
"Just get over here, you moron."

9. Adverbs come after the actual verb, not before. (There are exceptions to this one, though.)

10. When you write dialogue, start a new paragraph for each speaker. Check out my stories for examples.

11. I know it's fun to mess around with conventions, but please, stick to the universal standards to avoid confusion if you can:

Narration is in normal font.
Thoughts are in italics.
Emphasis on certain words/phrases is shown through italics or CAPS. (If the rest of the writing around it is already in italics, make the emphasized word/phrase bold or simply unitalicize it.)
Dialogue is used with "double quotation marks."
Quotes within dialogue are used with 'single quotation marks.'

12. Please proofread your work for spelling mistakes. If you're a poor speller, spell-check will help you out immensely.

13. Don't lay on the exclamation points and question marks too thickly. Just one is fine for the end of a sentence. No need for a whole chain of them.

14. There's a difference between "lay" and "lie." You would "lie" down on a bed, but you would "lay" a book down on a table. IMPORTANT: The past tense of the verb "lie" is "lay," not "laid" or "lied" or whatever else people use.

15. "Beside" means "next to," while "besides" means "other than." Don't mix them up.

16. If you're making a list of items, make sure you use commas properly. A comma always goes before the "and" near the end. This is called the serial comma (or Oxford comma). Some people say it's optional, but check out the famous example below and tell me whether or not you need it.

Example (without the comma): We invited the strippers, JFK and Stalin.
Example (with the comma): We invited the strippers, JFK, and Stalin.

Clearly, JFK and Stalin are not strippers. To make sure you don't make a mistake like the one above, use the serial/Oxford comma!

17. "It's" is a contraction of "it is." "Its" is possessive.

Example: It's raining in London today.
The dog licked its paw.

18. It's "Jones's." Not "Jones'." If the person's name ends in "s" and you want to make it possessive, always add an apostrophe and an "s," unless the name happens to be plural. Not adding the "s" indicates that you're behind the times and, therefore, grammatically incorrect.

19. You use "each other" when there are only two people involved. "One another" is for three people or more.

Example: The two boys looked at each other.
The team members gave one another skeptical looks when Arthur Kirkland stepped onto the field.

20. The difference between "further" and "farther": "further" refers to an abstract distance while "farther" refers to a physical distance.

Example: His studies had progressed further than he'd thought.
Go farther down this street and you'll find Alfred's house.


Questions, comments, constructive criticism, or if you just want to chat, PM me!

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