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News: Hey guys, school has started and I have less time now for writing and updating, so please bear with me.

Also for some reason I haven't been able to get any of your reviews. I think I found the problem but sorry I haven't replied to any.


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Gosh time is going by so fast! I can't believe school is going to start in less than two weeks, while at least for me. Anyways, here is the special outtake in John's POV. If anyone wants to reply to it or anything, you can either PM me, or just review in The Basket.

JPOV (John)

The week had been lonely without Clary. Father finally left a day after the incident by the river. I still remembered running home that night. I didn’t stop once on the way. I remembered opening the door furiously, and closing it with a bang. I remembered how I raced up to my room and hearing my father’s voice asking if I was all right for the first time in awhile. I remembered how numb, and broken I felt. But most of all, I remembered how lonely I felt the day after when the whole house was silent and I could only hear my breath

I walked down the main road with my head lower than I usually have it. I looked at everyone who past by, sometimes saying hello. I looked at every girl who looked up at me and blushed. Normally, I would have winked or waved, just to make them more flustered. But I didn’t. I just wore a frown, wondering why Clary wasn’t like them and why I wasn’t attracted to them instead of Clary.

Just as I entered the people moved aside as a horse galloped out the village center with speed. On it was the young village doctor with Clary hugging him for her dear life behind him.

I felt my eyes sharpen as I saw her with her arms locked around Thomas Cartle. My heart started to burn with hot anger.

Is that the reason why you don’t love me?

I knew something had to be wrong for her to be with the village doctor. But I couldn’t think. I just stood still, watching, as they disappeared down the main road.


Wow, it's been a long time since I last updated, I am so sorry. School is busy, and hard to adjust this year. Since it has been almost a month, I thought in case any of you who visits my profile would like to read the Chapter 6 special outtake.

GPOV (Gavin)

The day went slowly, and I hadn’t heard from Mary, Clary, or Simon, since I went by their cottage two days ago. I had an uneasy feeling in my chest, telling me that something was wrong. But it hadn’t been the first time they hadn’t seen me in two days, or the first time I had a bad feeling when nothing happened. I tried to distract myself as I punched the dough down onto the wooden counter top. The door in the shop rang a few times. I washed my hands and whipped them with a towel. I could hear Mrs. Chains and Mrs. Moore voices as I leaned by the doorway waiting for them to finish their conversation.

“No!” exclaimed Mrs. Chains.

“Yes, my reaction also! I saw her brother running all over the village this morning, asking everyone if they’d seen her. I’m surprised you didn’t hear him. He was quiet loud,” said Mrs. Moore.

“Was she kidnapped, or did she runaway?” asked Mrs. Chains.

“I don’t know, but I’ve heard that Mary has became quiet sick.” I turned my attention to them when I heard Mary’s name. My heart thumped unevenly, as I grasped what Mrs. Moore just said.

“Oh! So that’s why I saw her redheaded daughter wrapped around Doctor Thomas Cartle on his horse, yesterday.” Clary fetched for the village doctor? I felt myself slip into a black hole. I have to get to Mary, Ithought

“No!” said Mrs. Moore, surprised

“Yes, everyone saw it!”

“Hmm, has Mr. Cartle disappeared also?” Anger flared through me. Will they ever stop!

“I don’t know. You don’t think, that maybe, they ran away together, do you?” asked Mrs. Chains, curiously.

“Who knows?” smiled Mrs. Moore. “They are young after all.” I finally stepped into the room, ending their conversation. They heard my footsteps in an instant; they looked up at me almost embarrassed. Everyone in the town knew I was good friends with the Lewis’

“Oh, hello, Gavin,” said Mrs. Chains.

“Hello,” I said calmly. “What can I get you two today?” They both seemed relieved, as if they thought I hadn’t heard them.

“One loaf of bread for me, please,” said Mrs. Moore.

“One dozen rolls,” said Mrs. Chains.

“Alright, I’ll be right with your orders,” as I walk to leave the room, I felt both of them sigh in relief. I rolled my eyes. Just as I left to the kitchen, I turned around and asked.

“Oh, Mrs. Chains?” They both turned to look at me. “That redheaded girl’s name is Clary Lewis.” They both froze as they digested what I told them.


Thanks for everyone who reviewed! Here it is as promised. Simon is thirteen in this.


The sun was descending from the sky. I should get home soon, I thought. I got the last barrel of wood and added them to the wagon. I looked around to see where I was when I realized I went off my usual path. The sky was colored blue red, and I could almost hear the night creatures slowly waking up. Crickets started making their noise, and owls hooted. I went in the direction I thought I came from, jogging to get to a familiar trail. As I continued, the sky turned from red to dark blue to black, and the darkness consumed me from my safe haven.

The moon appeared from the gray clouds, giving me some light. I looked around to see if anything looked familiar. There were two arched trees, and a large boulder that I recognize. But nothing else seemed the same. I continued in the same direction. Then far away, I heard an animal running, breaking twigs; the sound grew louder and louder until it stop abruptly. Bats flapped their wings as I heard a devilish laugh. The clouds covered the moon causing everything to look darker. I stopped, and listened. A twig broke again.

“Hello?” I called into the darkness. A sinister looking woman appeared in front of my wagon. Her hair was blond, but her eyes were black. I gasped. “How did you-”

“Young man, you are past daylight hours.” The women laughed. “You shouldn’t be out here. Your mother will be worried sick about you.”

“Yes,” I said, agreeing with her. I stepped back.

“I’ll give you to the count of three seconds to run.” I blinked at her.

“One.” I let go of the wagon and started running in the direction of home.

“Two.” I was still too close to her. Then suddenly I saw the light of the cottage.

“Three.” I instantly felt some weight on my left foot. I looked down and saw that it was the woman. Her hands clawed my knee, as her teeth sucked blood from my lower leg. I tried to kick her off, but she wouldn’t. Ma, I thought

“HELP,” I screamed, hoping Ma would hear me. The moon came out of the clouds.

“AHH,” groaned the woman seeing the light. She struggled into the darkness of the woods. I sent a silent thank you to the moon goddess. I ran the rest of the way home, limping. By the time I got to the cottage I felt a faint, and lost consciousness. The door opened bringing radiating light to the dark night.

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