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Author has written 5 stories for Five Ancestors series, Warriors, and Guardians of Ga'Hoole.


Name: Crystalwhisper (Latin~susurrans crystallum)

Age: Between 1-100, still alive.

Location: Singapore

Colours: Bright/Light Green; Crystal Blue

Animals: Wolves (Slender, silver one with bright green eyes and white paws, preferably with a white tail-tip); Cats (Pale silver grey tabbies with blue eyes and white paws, Turkish Angoras, Nebelungs, Somalis, Cheetohs, Bengals, Australian Mists, Birmans, Snowshoes, Chartreuxes, Russian Blues); Leopards (Very golden ones with a much more amber golden tone in the eyes); Doves (Diamond White Laughing Doves); Owls (Snowy Owls, Barn Owls); Hawks (Any kind of hawks, Merlins and Kestrels are my favourites, but not those red-eyed goshawks) and Ravens (With a white wing-tip mutation).

Cranes (Chinese and Japanese species with black wing-tips and looser tail feathers) too, but they're not in my favourite seven. I also like foxes (Arctic Fox, Fennec Fox), lynx, panthers, cheetahs, caracals, ocelots, servals, and basically anything that looks like a cat (My silver grey tabby Lunar!), a fox (Arctic fox and Fennec Fox) or a dog (Husky, German Shepherd, Samoyed, Akita, Canaan Dog).

Letters: A, C, K, L, S, V, Y (F, G, H, N, R, T too, but they're not my favourite seven.)

Numbers: 2, 9, 4, 7, 6

Language: English (brit.), Chinese, Japanese, Latin, Greek, Romanian, French, Italian.


Erin Hunter-Warriors series (Sunset and Twilight);

Kathryn Lasky-Guardians of Ga’Hoole series (The Burning and The First Collier), Hawksmaid, Wolves of the Beyong (Lone Wolf and Shadow Wolf);

Jack London-Call of the Wild and White Fang;

Nancy Yi Fan-Swordbird series (Sword Quest);

Jeff Stone-5 Ancestors series (Crane and Dragon).

[And many others but I can't really dig them out from the back of my brain right now...]

Occupation: Author, Poet, Zoologist, Biologist, or a worker of the SPCA. (My dad wants me to attain doctor degree and become a Member of Parliament, but I hate politics and stuff. Boring...)


Guardian Tree-Weeping Willow

Guardian Animals-Wolf, Owl

Elements-Water, Earth (My friend thinks I should be Fire...) What about Fog? (Water+Earth+Fire)

Star Sign-Taurus


People who like to read my stories-Mossears of RiverClan; ^Ninjabobo529 and ^Roseakasuki.

People I like to chat with-Peridot Tears, Mossears of RiverClan, Hope the Pixii, Schermione, Eccentric11, Mi Hi Lover, Kitty-Iheartu, You’re Amyzing, Inkfire, Cyrilken.

People I hope to talk to-^Redtailedfox, ^RoseAkasuki, *Larra Lyon, *Harold Peter, *Eclipsescream.

Legend (The books that made me meet these people)-Warriors, Harry Potter, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, ^Five Ancestors, *Classmates!


Now for the Harry Potter Questions.

In order, from the movies you like most:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix-the best sensation of students ruling the world

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets-Lucius Malfoy arrives!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone-Starting of the series, I love the first books

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-the book was so nice...

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban-time-turners, but not as exciting

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire-yuck blood and blood and blood, eek!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince-Didn't like it, Albus died, sigh... but it's planned anyway

In order, from the books you like most:

Hmn... Same as the order for the movies. So I'll just say a few comments.

The Philosopher's Stone-not a very vibrant plot, but since it's the first book, you can't expect the characters to be developed very quickly, right? But then again, I hope the book was thicker. It's always a GREAT disappointment to reach the last page. :(

The Chamber of Secrets-I love this! I mean, it's more developed and the idea of the tunnel behind the sink was so cool! This really has a lot of creativity in it and this is one of my favourites. (Actually I like all of the ones I have read...) Ginny comes in in this book and that's a new character! >.

The Prisoner of Azkaban-liked the reunion part, it was so touching. But the STUPID IDIOT Wormtail escaped. (Though he's kind of cute as Scabbers...) ARGH!!! >:( *Fuming* Yet the time-turning part was cool and confusing at the same time, so yeah... =_=|||

The Goblet of Fire-haven't read it. Still can't find it! *Bangs head on wall.* OUCH!

The Order of the Phoenix-my favourite book! It's hilarious and anger-venting at the same time. Go Hogwarts! Go-and die!-Umbridge the toad! Haha LOL. @_@ Well I like all the new spells and enchantments, and Fred and George did do a great job/Georbe in making Filch (that TRAITOR!) go mad in anger. Haha! XP

The Half-Blood Print-can't find it! Trying to this Dec hols. :)

The Deathly Hallows-the books was a bit "draggish", could have get on with it, like Harry Potter walking through the corridor during the battle, could have just went straight to the point, I didn't even bother to read the next 3 pages but had to because I didn't understand it, erm... And it's kind of sad, no I mean VERY sad because so many people died and it's like: OMG xxx died! Can't believe J.K.R. was so cruel! :P

List your 5 favourite Harry Potter characters (students), in scale from the one you like the most.

1. Draco Malfoy

2. Luna Lovegood

3. Cho Chang

4. Cedric Diggory

5. Hermione Granger

List your 5 favourite Harry Potter characters (professors), in scale from the one you like the most.

1. Professor Minerva MacGonagall-ahem ahem...

2. Poppy Pomfrey-fret fret fret...

3. Professor Sybil Trelawney-My Inner Eye...

4. Albus Wulfric Percival/Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore-read it this way or that way. Sorry! *Bows, bows*

5. Professor Flitwick-standing on books isn't very embarrassing

List your 5 favourite Harry Potter characters (animals), in scale from the one you like the most.

1. Hedwig!

2. Crookshanks

3. Buckbeak

4. Eroll (Haha)

5. And Dumblefore's phoenix, maybe the phoenix will be number 4... (What's it's name again? Fawkes!)

List your 3 favourite Harry Potter characters (others), in scale from the one you like the most.

1. Sirius Black

2. Lucius Malfoy

3. Remus Lupin

List your Harry Potter pairings, in scale from the one you like the most.

1. Harry-Luna

2. Harry-Hermione

3. Draco-Luna

4. Neville-Ginny

5. Neville-Luna

What's your favourite house?

Ravenclaw, then Gryffindor or Slytherin, the last one will be Hufflepuff, but all houses are nice, just that, yeah...

What's your favourite subject?

Transfiguration! And Charms, maybe being a prophet is also nice.

Some stuff I came up with...

When your TV screen goes black, check if a Lethifold's blocking it.

Sometimes in a pet shop you see weird big-eared cats, don't worry, they're Kneazles.

Next time you eat fish eggs, check if they're bright red, they might be Ashwinder eggs! Freeze them upon identification with any charm you know-they're good for Love Potions.

Do you have any other comments you want to say?

No, at least, not now. Anyway, your questions are typed by me, which means I'm asking myself, and you don't need to ask for my thoughts since we're the same person. (Paradox alert...)


On Hogwarts Online, I am Khrystalle Snowy in Hufflepuff house! I like to be called Khrys or KAWS, K for Khrystalle and S for Snowy, but I won't tell you what A and W means...

And my pets, uh, on the forum it's Lunar a silver grey female Kneazle-cat cross-breed with white front paws and long white socks on the hind legs (a little bit like my real pet cat:3). And Issen, a Snowy Owl, nyctea scandiaca, I won't keep them in cages but let them roam and hunt at night. And Issen means ice in Krakish, so you see it fits because this one's eye colour is blue! (I think I sound a bit like a 4 year-old...)

Patronus? Wolf! I love wolves, always. :) Unless I got eaten by one of them? o.0


For some owl help, you have a list of owl species (with the greek names, I memorized them.)

Snowy nyctea scandiaca

Barn tyto alba

Elf micranthene whitneyi

Spotted strix occidentalis

Burrowing speotyto cunicularius

Great Horned bubo virginianus

Eagle bubo bubo

Great Grey strix nebulosa

Whiskered Screech otis trichopsis

Short-eared asio flammeus

Western Screech otis kennicotti

Northern Saw-whet aegolius acadicus

Long-eared asio otus

Boreal aegolius funerus


Blue Owl

Fish Owl

Barred Owl

Masked Owl

(I'll update the list soon when I have time, for now, that's it. I snuck onto the com, so my dad's coming.)


Well, enjoy my stories but don't read those with only prologues or only one chapter. ^^ Overall they are quite romantic and well, very formal and spiritual, and I've checked the language many times and I edit them often to get rid of grammar mistakes. Hope you enjoy the stories. And there are some other poems too, please R&R!

I'll update my profile soon, for now, I think that's it. There will be similar sections like the Harry Potter ones for the other books.

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