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Hey everybody.

Welcome to the page about me!

Not much here. I am a California girl who is taking way too hard classes. They would probably be easier if I actually did the work instead of just pretending to do it while I am actually reading and reviewing fanfiction, but what can you do. When I am not "doing homework", I am usually watching TV (mainly cartoons and crime shows) or on the computer watching anime/reading manga (Naruto)! Really surprising what you can do while your parents think you're doing homework. I'm a bad influence, disregard everything I just said.


Favorite Couples.

Shikamaru/Temari 4ever ^^






I hate Yaoi and Yuri. Sorry to all of the fans out there.

Also no Hyuuga-cest or Sand-cest. That's completely disgusting.

I really do not like Sasuke in the series right now. I felt sorry for him with Itachi but after what he did to Karin, all respect is now gone.

Other Random Facts.

I have a little brother.

My favorite colors are any of the bright neon ones.

I like listening to K-POP even though I can't understand any of it. ;P

I am white and filipino. I don't look filipino at all so during family photos, me and my brother completely stick out.

I am trying to learn Tagalog. Terrible accent but at least I'm trying. No where even close to conversational :/

I always cry whenever I laugh.

I laugh at almost everything. IT'S A CURSE. If you can't make me laugh then it is a failure. Seriously it's not that hard.

I write a lot of stories, it's just that I don't have time to actually go through and type them out. Gomen. Most of them probably suck anyway so be glad I don't have time. ;D LOL

My friends say that I am the stupidest, laziest, genius they have ever met. Remind you of anyone? ;D

Buddy List (check out these peoples stories) MAHAL KO KAYONG LAHAT!!!

Rogue Soul Alchemist : Wow I wish I was as talented as her.!

Desake no Sabaku : Cool girl. Really down to earth. Reminds me of a mini me!

Sandyx5 : My pinay pal! We're so weird. Some how kamatayan starts out everything we write to each other LOL

Addster : Another cool chick who is an amazing writer.

River of the Sand: If only ice cream could be sent through the internet.

zirehLuVlesZ06: My newest pinay pal. I wish I could dance/write/speak Tagalog/etc. as well as she can.

Finally before all of the random copy and pasted crap comes, one last thing. Please please please review!!!! Review even if the story is like 10 years old and is complete crap. If you like it, don't just fav it, and if you dislike it, don't just move onto another story. Review, even if you only say good or bad or put :D or D: Please Review everything you read because each reveiw is highly loved and valued by me and many other writers. Salamat mga kaibigan!!!!

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I'm a boy!!
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I always want you to be happy.
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Toddler Ninjas by Desake no Sabaku reviews
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