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Author has written 3 stories for Super Robot Monkey Team, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

I am also MistytheHedgehog on (as well as a former user on here with the same name, but dumped that account)

Thus I've began to write down a SRMTHFG fanfic series, overall entitled "Within the Crossfire", a post Resurrection of Skeleton King, and the start of a war.

I will post a number of titles to this massive set, but know that these are not entirely in order, and are still being sorted and tampered with:

1. There's More than 6:
The Monkey's have separated from Chiro, but make a crash landing onto a foreign planet, where SK's new alliance lays. They also discover that themselves and Mandarin were not the only monkeys built by the Alchemist

2. Blood of the Beast:
The static virus still lives within Gibson, when it is reactivated, everyone on the ship scrambles to find a way to control him and get him cured.

3. Four on Four:
Sugarzoom is awfully quiet, the Hyperforce and Chiro go out to investigate why, only for half of their team gets Infected and turned against them. It was not Kamikaze's fault this time.

4. Breaking in Sanity:
Time to break in Gibson's new form, but the way Kamikaze is doing it, it does not just include fighting, but how to survive, like an animal.

5. Unexpected Return:
After receiving a distress call, the Hyperforce head out to answer it, only to be intercepted by Vince's front, Antauri and Kamikaze are sucked into one of the ships and taken to SK. When the Hyperforce go to rescue them, they find themselves in a much tighter bind then expected.

6. This is Insanity!:
The Hyperforce go off to investigate some mysterious disappearances that lead to a large mansion. The moment they split, things around them started to get a bit twisted, blood is their only hint to get out.

7. Battle 1: Airborne Chaos
The first battle of the war takes place up in space. The Alliance's main goal is to take back Antauri and use him against the Evil.

8. Hi-Ho Galax! Away!
Sugarzoom is suddenly stampeded by tribal men, turning citizens of Sugarzoom into...ponies?! Galax is the first of the Hyperforce to be victimized, but struggles to get the Hyperforce's attention, after she sees these shifts take a horrible turn.

9. Snowy:
Otto and Galax find a stray kitten and decide to take her in, however when the kitten decides to run away, they also went with it.

10. Battle 2: Classic War-front
After winning the first battle, Chiro and the Alliance get it on with another in hope to bring them one step closer to taking SK down, however Vince plays a most deathly card down that throws everyone off of their feet, and gives Mandarin a chance to make himself worth while.

11. Four Month Countdown:
No wonder Kamikaze has been, and no wonder Gibson has suddenly gotten more defensive.

12. Sacrifice:
A promise made way before, sealed with a kiss, has now to be fulfilled when three lives are on the line, and there is no way to save them all.

13. Always At Heart United:
When the true meaning of life takes over, some must go their separate ways to fulfill it, but the Hyperforce's hearts will always beat as one team.

14. Battle 3: Withheld and Behold:
Time to end the war?

15. Invading Serpents:
In Space, no one can hear you scream. Some uninvited guests make themselves at home unknowingly to the Hyperforce.

16. Dance With Me:
Chiro and his band of monkeys are invited to Sugarzoom's annual Dance-a-Thon, welcome back JinMay and hello chaos!

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