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I don't really have much to share about myself except for the fact that I am not new here, and that I honestly have no idea why I'm planning on coming back. I rarely have the time and energy to write stories, so only expect drabbles I wrote on Tumblr.

Maybe one day I'll write a full story,
but for now I'll just be diving deeper into the art world.

Name: Elaine
Age: 16
Gender: Fem.

" I.

B r o k e.

F r e e.

Cast away.

Won’t find me,
and now you’re never gonna break me down, gonna break me down.

This. is. all.
I. can. take.

So { farewell }

'Cause you're never gonna find me now, gonna find me now. “

--Formerly XxDoomygrlxX

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