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9th January 2008

Oh my, it's been a while! I'm not dead, honest I'm not, life in the way a bit...

The last time I updated this bio was February 2004...that seems like an age ago. I would have been...17 then, working on my A-levels having just recently submitted my application to universities across the country. How I wish I could go back then...

How much has changed...

I'm now a graduate, with a degree in Games Design, and working for a well known confectionery company that has recently branched out into the cafe business. It's only temporary, but it's a decent job and the people are nice enough. I work myself into the ground, though, which leaves me little time for writing, drawing or even my passion; playing video games.

I've alienated myself from many of the friends I knew before, and reading over my entry here, looking at the pages of friends long's painful to say the least. I'm good at making friends, but I've never been very good at keeping them. I have a few awesome friends now, though, who understand me better than anyone, as well as an incredible boyfriend.

I'm still a writer, even if I don't get many chances to actually sit down and write now a days, but I do enjoy reading other peoples work. I'm an anime fan, and attend conventions a lot. I'm into cosplay, but that's another thing that's been put on the back burner these past two years, due to money issues and time.

It's always about time.

I still like the things I liked back in 2004, nearly four years ago now...

I love Final Fantasy, XII in particular at the moment, but VII and VIII will remain firm favourites for years to come yet. I like the Kingdom Hearts games too. I can't list off my favourite anime, as they are just too numerous to mention, but I'm trying to get through Death Note, Get Backers and Chrono Crusade at the moment.

I'd like to think I'm more mature than I was when I posted last, and the work I will post in the future should reflect this. I am, and always will be, a rabid yaoi fangirl but I've mellowed a bit with age, and now I give equal standing to both yuri and het. I contemplated removing some of my old work from the site, but then I realised that it's a window into my past, regardless of how painful it seems at times, so it stays.

I will be posting here in the next few months. I wrote so much on my hiatus...and I never posted any of it, because I didn't feel it was good enough. But I should have, because my hard drive crashed and I lost all of it...everything...

To all who read this, thank you. To those who have waited so long for updates, I am sorry. To those who I have hurt, I ask forgiveness, and to those who don't know me but who enjoy good on, my friends!

~Elizabeth Valentine

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