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name: Donna (Targoviste to those who truly know me)
age: 23
location: Maine
school: University College of Bangor...I hate that school SOOOOO much
hobbies:CONCERTS!Tryin to love someonewho doesn't love me. Doesn't work that well.Being around the Cadre of Death! Loving Nigel, Gerald, Silent Peter the Mute, and Aurther. Singing, dancing, shopping, watchin WWE. Going to Dennys with the gang (by the way, thisgang no longer exists)and stealing Denny's glasses (I'm up to 3 now! lol And I only own one! GO ME! lol). Writing stories, poems, and song lyrics. Drawing, designing, just anything where I can be creative. Watching extreme sports(BMX, MotoX, skateboarding, surfing). Watching the Yankees (baseball in general) and the Titans (football in general).

Now here's the section where I talk about my fave and non-fave wrestlers. The ones with the stars are the ones I've seen and the more the stars, the more I've seen them.

Fave wrestlers:
AJ Styles (So freakin hot! And an excellent wrestler. I'm just starting to get into TNA and I'm really enjoying it.)
The Naturals (Are they like the next Hardy Boyz or WHAT! lol But I'm in love with Chase Stevens...yummy...)
Essa Rios (Never liked him on WWE, but on TNA he's really good)
Amazing Red (Holy cow! This boy is like AMAZING! He's right level with Rey Rey.)
Jeff Hardy
Shane "Hurricane" Helms (If you know me, you know that I'm fuckin obsessed with him! He has the cutest freckle on his nose! SO CUTE:) )
Matt Hardy (It's fuckin rediculous that the WWE fired him. Screw them!)
Sean O' Haire (So evil he's hot! Absolutely talented!)
Rey Mysterio(He's such a cutie!)
Shannon Moore (He's so freakin adorable!)
Randy Orton (This man has like the best abs EVER! He's so massiely hot and he's an excellent wrestler. What's not to love about him? Okay, so he's massively egotistical, but I just keep thinkin that deep down he's a loveable squeezeable guy.)
John Cena (He's on here for purely looks. lol Yeah, that's so wrong of me, but at least I'm honest. I hate his character, yes he's a talented "rapper", but I don't like it. He's hot and he's SUCH a good wrestler. He's got a pretty good package goin on there. And I don't mean THAT! lol :Wink wink:)
RVD(Yes, I even do the thumb thing)
Chris Jericho (He is the King of the World!)
Shane McMahon, Simba, Shane-O, Shane O' Mac, The giant killer, etc (This man is SOO yummy. SOOOO yummy and I'm glad to see him back on tv. Not only is he good looking, but he does possess wrestling skills. Which is amazing since his father doesn't. lol.)
Chris Benoit (The first time I saw him live was at a house show and he was HILARIOUS! lol He was laughing and smiling...AND DANCING! Not bad looking in person. Definitely awesome to see live)
Val Venis (Okay, what woman doesn't just sigh and swoon over this man when he walks out! He's SOOOOO yummy. I will get his towel someday. Oh yes, I will. lol)
Billy Kidman (Who doesn't love the Shooting Star Press)
Spanky (The trunks have to go, but he's an excellent Cruiserweight)
The Undertaker (Deadman Walkin!)
HHH (Old HHH, not the new one)
Bubba Ray Dudley (He's like a giant teddy bear)
Spike Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Dudley Boys in general
Trish Stratus
Stephanie McMahon (Yeah, I know, she's not a wrestler, but I still like her. She makes an AWESOME GM. She's so much better now than she was like a year or two ago.)
Tommy Dreamer (Gotta love my men from NY)
HBK (I started watchin WWE after he stopped. So I knew about him, but hadn't really seen him wrestle. The man is good looking and he seems like a really nice person. And for someone he's been through the shit he's been through, the pain and such of wrestling, he sure as hell puts on an awesome match.)
New Age Outlaws
Road Dogg
Test (Totally lovin the short hair)
Jamie Noble (the more I see him, the more I like him. He's got a good in ring character, great wrestling abilities, and he's such a cutie! lol)
Nidia (Like Jamie, the more I see her the more I like her. She's a good valet diva. She's really grown into her character and I think it fits her perfectly. She doesn't have the perfect body like many of the other divas do, but that makes me like her more. She's more realistic looking than someone like Dawn Marie or Sable is)
Victoria (I'm starting to really like her. She's an excellent wrestler and very fun to watch.)
Matt Capotelli (I saw him in person, so fuckin hot! And he's sweet. And, well, he wasn't wrestling cause he was injured but still. lol)
Christian (I'm very iffy on him. I like him one minute and then the next I don't. But I have to admit, he's an excellent wrestler. So he's totally on this list)
John Hennigan (He's really good looking. Okay, the sideburns so have to go, but besides that he's good looking. And he's really nice. And a good wrestler. Can't wait for him to be moved up to the WWE.)
Hardware (He's an excellent and really nice indy wrestler here in Maine. He works for Hot Topic and is really hot. I hope he goes onto bigger and better things, but I have a feeling he'll be stuck here cause his character isn't exactly something everyone wants. He wears thongs around his neck and throws em out to the girls in the audience. lol)
Psycho Mike Osbourne (Again, a really awesome Indy wreslter up here. Well, he used to be, he's not anymore. He's just a New England wrestler in general. He's MASSIVE. He's good looking and fuckin hilarious. If you get a chance to see him, I really suggest you do. I believe he's wrestled Raven in the past. And he's only like 21! I can so see him in the WWE. He'd work great with Undertaker and Kane.)
Legion Freakin Cage (Holy Cow is he great! Indy wrestler up here and the coach for the Rampage Wrestling school up here. He's nice and pretty good look for a scrawny guy. He's been around for quite sometime. He plays this petifile type character. But he turns it into a humorus thing. You just gotta see him.)
Matt Lindsay (SO FUCKIN HOT! Like I'm talkin smoking! Another indy wrestler up here. He's about 23 and when in high school, in which my school and his were major rivals, he was a state champion wrestler. His dad was the gym teacher at my school. His dad taught my older sister. Which is really cool. But he's really good. He's a cruiser, techniqual, but also a great flier. Definitely go see him if you get a chance.)

Least fave wrestlers:
Lita (Another one who's been sucking since she came back from surgery. What the hell is wrong with these people!)
Edge(Is it just me or has he been totally sucking since he came back from his surgery?)
D-Lo Brown (this dude, ugh, never ever liked him, seriously. Pretty glad he's gone. Funny thing is, he went to the University of Maine in Orono to play football there. My oldest sister was there while he was there. So they knew each other. She didn't hang out with him much, but I guess they talked every once in awhile. Wow, could you imagine the connections I could have if they had been close friends! lmao)
Sable (Isn't she the same character she was when she sued the WWE? lol What a freakin idiot.)
The Bashams (I don't like anything about them. NOTHING!)
La Resistance (Good looking guys, with a lot of potential, but seriously, who are they fooling with those fake accents! MY French accent is better than that! And Sylvain, that man has botched up one too many spots. He deserves Bubba on his ass all the damn time!)
Gail Kim (I probably should like her, but I don't. She's botched up worse spots than Sylvain up there. Her abilities are nothing we've never seen before. She's just very ordinary. Personally, I think she should be sent back to OVW. But I doubt that'll happen.)
Scott Steiner (Come on, the man can't even carry 120 lbs Stacy up the ramp with out vains popping out! Too stariod pumped. He's gonna kill someone one of these days with his wresling)
Stacy (Is anyone else sick of her being thrown between Scott and Test? She's annoyingly sweet now and has negative wrestling ablities. I'm just sick of her. She was better as Dutchess of DudleyVille. lol)
Raven (Glad he's gone)
Kurt Angle (Got nothin against his wrestling, just don't like his character, I guess)
Brock Lesner
Johnny Stramboli
Justin Credible (Glad he's gone too)
William Regal
Shawn Stasiack (What happened to him anyways?)
The new HHH
Kanyon (Who Betta than Kanyon? EVERYONE!)

Breaking Benjamin
Linkin Park
Limp Bizkit
Janet Jackson
Christina Aguilera
Rob Zombie
Drowning Pool
Union Underground
Boy Hits Car
RA (Saw these guys in concert and they rip it up! They're also really excellent guys! Totally nice!)
Empty Head (Local band that'll be big in no time!)
Ransom (Another local band. The drummer is fuckin hot! The bassist isn't too bad either...)
Godsmack (Seen them Twice now, one Acoustic and one plugged show. Both were EXTREMELY excellent. GO SEE THEM!)
Sevendust (another must see!)
Chevelle (Read above! lol)

Concerts I've Seen:
Disturbed/Stone Sour/Fly Leaf/Nonpoint
Godsmack/Breaking Benjamin
Staind/3 Days Grace/Hurt/Till December
Staind/Vegas Temper
3 Doors Down, Staind, Breaking Benjamin, No Address
Chevelle, Taproot, 30 Seconds to Mars (JARED LETO! FUCKIN HOT!)
Breaking Benjamin/Theory of a Deadman/The Exies~Pretty good show. Breaking Benjamin was fuckin awesome! Totally hot! They put on an extremely long set, probably about an hr and a half long or so. And Theory of a Deadman was great. They so don't look like they sound. lol I fully expect the lead singer to come out with long wavy brown hair. lol So not the case. He was fucking HOT! And I mean HOT! lol The Exies were alright, considering I don't really like them. I like Ugly, but that's about it. I'll admit that they did put on a good show for the fans though. But all in all, a really good show.
Godsmack~An acoustic set. It was freaking awesome! 2 row almost center! Can't get much better than that! Possibly even better than the normal live show!
Godsmack/Ill Nino/Dropbrox~Godsmack totally kicks ass in concert. And I'll be seenin them do an acoustic concert Oct. 13th. So I can't wait for that!
Staind/Chevelle/Sevendust~Staind was awesome. Chevelle is HOT! lol And Sevendust was harder than I imagined. So totally awesome concert!
RA/Emptyhead/Ransom~Unfortunately, no more Emptyhead. But I'll always remember that concert. First experience with moshpits...quite interesting. lol
NSYNC~Yes, I said it. I went and saw NSYNC in concert 4 yrs ago or so. lol And I so don't regret it!

Heathers What high school isn't exactly like this!
Ever After I'm just a sucker for Cinderella stories. lol
Meet Joe Black
Children of the Corn This is the freakiest movie EVER! It really gets into your head, especially if you live in a small ass town with a lot of farms and corn! lol
TROY It is so the best movie ever created now! The hell with The Crow. Troy totally tops that. If you haven't seen it, you are totally missing out!
50 First Dates This movie is SOOOO cute and funny. I totally love it. I think it's the best Adam Sandler movie yet!
Pirates of the Carribean Wasn't sure if this could be considered a Kiddie movie or not, so it's now not. lol Love Johnny Depp. He'sso hot! lol
Edward Scissor Hands Totally old school Johnny Depp. Very Good!
The 9th Gate (or maybe it's 12th. For whatever reason I can't remember lol) Another Johnny Depp. Very weird and confusing story. But very goodonce you understand it. Although you may have to watch it a couple times! lol
Donnie Darko Okay, if you haven't seen this movie, stop what you're doing and GO RENT IT! It is an awesome movie. Even though you may have to watch it a good 10 times (hehe Inside thing with me and a few USM buddies) to understand it. That rabbit is just AWESOME! lol
The Secret Window Another Johnny Depp must see. It's so twisted and good! Go rent it!
THE CROW! Best movie ever! ("It can't rain all the time." Best quote in the whole movie, I swear! lol)
Blade I and II
Fast and the Furious (Vin Diesel...mmmm)
Hardy Boyz Leap of Faith
Interview with a Vampire (Brad Pitt, yummy)
Fight club (Brad Pitt...)
Seven (Seeing a patern here?)
12 Monkeys
Gone In 60 Seconds
A Knight's Tale (Heath Ledger...mmm)
Lord of the Rings (Is Orlando Bloom HOT or what!)
Harry Potter
A Walk To Remember
House On Haunted Hill
13 Ghosts
Breakfast Club
Lost Boys
Harvey (Old but REALLY awesome movie. 6ft invisable that's my kind of movie!)

Kiddie Movies:
Spirited Away (I really thought I wouldn't like this movie cause it's anime. But it's one of the cutest movies I've ever seen! I love it right to death!)
Lion King
Lilo and Stitch (I want a Stitch)
Cinderella (I think every girl wishes to be just like Cinderella)
Sleeping Beauty
Beauty and the Beast
Shrek I and II
Ice Age ("Wahoo! Who's up for round 2?" "I choose life.")
Hocus Pocus
Monster's Inc
The Tigger movie (I absolutely LOVE Tigger)
Finding Nemo
The Wizard of Oz (I could be a one person Wizard of Oz production. Seriously, I know the whole thing by heart!)

I'm such a child! I'm 23 going on 5. lol

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