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Author has written 2 stories for Maximum Ride, and Twilight.

Oooh I just joined!

Go me, much?

Anywhozies, I'd like to introduce my self. I'm from Australia and I love reading FanFic. Especially when I'm waiting for a new book to come around (*cough cough* Maximum Ride *cough cough*) so, here I am. Trying to write my own stories.

And review those other beautifully spectacular other pieces. And encourage people to keep writing. Because I cannot stand reading a wonderful story (FanFic) and then... Then... It stops.

Then I'm sad :(

So hi!

Well I'm not even sure what my profile looks like (I'll have to see one day ahaha) but I'm Australian and a fourteen year old girl (who is a teensy bit crazy).

Favourite food: STRAWBERRIES!

Favourite books: Right now? Um, Maximum Ride but the Hunger Games are truly awesome. And The Mortal Instruments are good, planning on reading the Infernal Devices soon!

Favourite movie: Hm. I'd say "Let the Right One in" - it's a Swedish movie (English subtitles) and is based on a book. Kinda sad, but good. I'm planning on watching the American version even if I think it won't be very good compared to the Swedish version.

Favourite quote: "You are a fridge with wings; we are freaking ballet dancers"~ Fang

View on Twilight (TEEHEE!): To be honest, without Twilight I wouldn't have read Maximum Ride, or the Hunger Games, I don't think. I was a keen reader before Twilight, but then I stopped for a while. I started reading again when I got Twilight. Right now I say they aren't the best books, I mean Stephenie Meyer hadn't really published anything before them, so hopefully if she publishes another book they will be of better quality. Don't get me started on the movies, though! YEESH! The thing I hated about the books were that some characters were underdeveloped. You don't hear that much of Jasper *until* Eclipse, which I found sad. I love Jasper! Team Jasper forever (except now Fang is about Jasper in my list of awesome dudes I'm obsessed with in books and celebrities and stuff).


1. Fang! - Maximum Ride

2. Jackson Rathbone - Jasper actor, look him up

3. Jasper - Twilight

4. Peeta - Hunger Games

5. Stark - House of Night

6. Adrian (I think?) - Vampire Academy (the smoking dude that can walk dreams lol)

7. Jace - Mortal Instruments

Um that's it for now.


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The Flock Teenager Years! reviews
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