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Hi, I'm am, *coughs* WAS Rukato Fan. Here's some info on me.

I like any kind of genre but I like to write dark fanfics especially. If you haven't read and review my fanfics. Flames are acceptable, as long as they're constructive cristism. I usually visit With the Will Forums and is known as Dejitaru_Yami there. I tend to swear a lot and am very "moody". If you see my posts in that forum you'll understand. Here's a bit on my stories:

A Fallen Warrior: Takuya is fighting BlackSeraphimon (this takes place in episode 28 of Frontier), and is losing the battle. Over the story each character is facing challenges along the way. Takumi
Note: I won't update this story for a while because I'm planning on writing four chapters of it and seeing how my plot is flowing. I'll make necessary changes and post my chapters when I have time.

Christmas Day: My first yaoi. Takuya hates seeing Kouji so depressed on before Christmas and plans to help him by inviting him to his Christmas Party. Does things go as planned? Takouji/Junzumi.

Scarlet Wounds: Takato never became a Tamer and grows bitter towards the ones sucessful. He, however has a Digivice and society thinks of him as a Tamer. He insists he's not and hates Digimon but really, is it true? Or is there more to him than told? Hiatus.

In my opinion, I'm just an average fanfiction writer who knows authors who are MUCH better than her (yes, I'm a female) in writing. I will try my best though. Hope you enjoy my fanfics.


Digimon: I am a, surprisingly not rabid, fangirl of all Goggleboys. I even own a pair of goggles! I hate any bashing of ANY character in Digimon.

Harry Potter: Um...yeah, I like the whole cast of Harry Potter.. Yes, even Snape and Draco. :P

Pokemon: Er...I missed most of the seasons but still like it. Damn you cable! I like Ash but I don't like the others.


In Digimon: Taiora, Taito (I kinda do, it's 50/50), Koushirou/Mimi, Jyou/Mimi, Daikari, Kenyako, Rukato (hence my user name), Jurato, Lee/Juri, Takumi, Takouji, and Junzumi.

Harry Potter: Ron/Hermione, Harry/Cho

Pokemon: Ash/Misty (I never got a chance to watch the Japanese episodes of these so I am forced to become a Dubby in this one)

Hamtaro: Boss/Bishu (Yep, Dubby in this one too)
Couples I Dislike (I can NEVER hate a couple or character)

Digimon: Mimato, Takari, Daiyako, Ryuki, Jenruki, and Kozumi.

Harry Potter: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Hermione, and Harry/Ginny.

Pokemon: none

Hamtaro: Hamtaro/Bishu

Note: Even if I don't like the couple too much I'd still read it if your story is good enough.

Also, feel free to e-mail me questions or comments on anything concerning my fic or me. Oh, and my so-called "muses" Katourimon (a cat Digimon similar to Tailmon (Gatomon) but is a Child level (Rookie)), who has a strange attitude similar to mine and likes to critize me *glares at her Digimon* and Hamtaro! ^.^;; *Hugs Hamtaro to death*

Sayonara! Dejimon Itsumademo!!

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