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Good Morning Vietnam! And also the rest of the world! Especially Mexico! WE LOVE YOU MEXICO!!

ehem* Anywho. This is, in fact, a joint account of two writers- the AMAZING candy-is-epic and the FABULOUS KnutCase. Here is where you will find all the stories that we work on together, the first of which is currently under production, entitled:

Unstitchers - A Coraline Fanfic
Adventure/HorrorRating - T

Summary: "Fairy Tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten." -There was a time once, when there was a Beldam in every house. There was a time once when there was a Beldam to every child. We exist to make sure that time never comes again. We are the Unstitchers, and we would be honoured if you would join us, Coraline Jones. (CxW)


The Unstitchers-


Also, some actual, real-life FAN ART by the amazing, lovely ~huhsmile! Check it out!


But enough shameless self-promotion, here is a little bit about each of us...

KnutCase (as written by candy-is-epic)

KnutCase is a seventeen year old girl from Australia. If she were an animal, she would probably be a cat. However she wouldn't be a very good cat, due to her paralysing fear of heights (all you have to do is whisper "stairs" in her ear and she breaks a cold sweat) and her unhealthy obsession-love of swimming. She is best perhaps at writing fluff, but when the occasion rises she has been known to make small children cry from concentrated doses of creepy. She likes; tea, chocolate, racing games, fire-twirling, coke, sleep-ins and terrible music (I do love you~)

She tends to be a hopeless romantic (this is why she writes all the fluff scenes) and has a bit of a thing for motorbikes and leather jackets. And killing people with hammers. Also? Hugh Jackman called her on her birthday. No jokes. Ask him.

candy-is-epic (as written by KnutCase)

CANDY-is-EPIC is sixteen, from Australia, and she’s a gurl. She goes by, like, a billion names, but she’s my Mama Bear/Beta/ShadowKing, and without her, I’d be officially screwed. Chup.
Officially. She’s responsible for most of the creepy stuff…and the clever stuff…I just get landed with fluffy, not that I mind. She is evil, but in a less obvious way than myself. She’s in the redhead alliance, even though she has black hair now. She’s scared of leeches, and it’s really funny when you don’t talk to her, cause she implodes. She has a key blade, and a fire staff named Axel, who is a virgin as opposed to my Demy, who is a slut. Her arch nemesis is a pony from GO!, and she enjoys picnics, long walks on the beach, violent video games (in which she makes up creepy songs and shoots smileys into team members back), making me food and will sing for POCKY, but seriously, who doesn’t love pocky?

She’s a real good drawer-person, and a real good singer, and real good at drama, and she’s not a bad dancer either, and she taught herself piano, and sometimes she sends me her songs and they’re so purty, they put me to sleep. And I steal all her pictures and put them on my wall, and we have fun being Zombies and stuff. Oh, and she’s a Communist. She’s very much a Communist. If I have a thing for leather jackets and motorbikes, then she has a thing for men 10+ years older than herself, with baseball bats and an in-depth knowledge of gruesome history. And nachos. And blue hair. And dreadlocks. And…umm…angry emo kids who know they’re pathetic. ^^

Also? Hugh Jackman did not call her on her birthday. No jokes. =D

For more information and/or stories, you can visit our other usernames~


But for now, drive safe, stay shiny and don't eat anything poisonous!

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