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Author has written 11 stories for Batman Beyond, Ninja Turtles, Oban Star-Racers, Naruto, Batman, and Hannah Montana.

Hey!!! Shadow-Assassin here! Figured i'd say hi since i'm new. Um... since i'm new i've decided to kick things off with a story that has been batting at me for awhile now. I'm sure you all have heard of "Batman Beyond". Well, I've been thinking that since that there is a underworld in the dc comic episodes of "Justice league unlimited". I got to thinking what if a human was able to sneak in and sneak out without having hades see hm? I bet you're wondering how does the future batman tie into this well, you'll just have to read the new story, "Batman Beyond: Return of the Scarlet Monster." I would like to say that I will be posting new stories after this one is finished. I don't like typing two stories at the same time. I'm talented but i'm not that talented.

Believe it or not, I'm trying to make the next chapter work. It should be up tomorrow. Please be patient. I've actually been thinking about doing a Zoro and Nami story, since i've been inspired by others. So as soon as i'm done with The batman story, i'll get to work on my next story... Again sorry for taking so long. 10/15/10

Hey guys. Sorry for not writing for awhile. I've been busy now i'm ready to get back on the track i set up before i was distracted. I believe all you viewers will like chapter 10, for those who love various chats and stuff. Shadow-Assassin67 is back and kicking it back into gear. Let's do this!!!!!! 10/29/10

Hey hey!!! I finally have all of the other chapters up, but i'm not quite done yer. Honestly, while working with this story, i have been thinking of others and when i tried to type up the next chapter, i almost put one person's name that was in the other story in the Batman one. Can anyone say tired?!??!?! Anyway, Chapter 11 is up finally i will work even harder on the next chapter. Hope you guys enjoy it. 11/5/10

I have decided to do two things. One continue with my Batman story and two, start two new stories. Those of you who been following my Batman story will hopefully like my next two stories, because i can not take it having so many stories being stuck in my head all the time. Ugh!!! So hopefully i will have them uploaded before the week is up. I got 6 days left. Alright as My friend put it this morning. "Lets get the heck on with it!"

I feel so excited!!!!!! Hahahahaha... I have been reading too many stories... Head spin, anyway i got chapter 12 up and running and i'm working on chapter 13. Pretty soon i'll have more chapters up hahahaha... Man i'm a little hyper than usually. Oh well, Let's do this!!!!!!

Sam: She's not here... come on, Terry. Hurry up. We only have about 5 minutes.

Terry: Ok i know... Where's everyone else at?

Sam: They should be here soon... Look over there.

Leo: Hey! You guys called us here... What do you want?

Terry: First, we need to get something straight. We were here to discuss who the heck you are, but your apperance sayd it all.

Leo: So you sayin you know who i am, huh, Robin jr.?

Terry: What did you just call me?!?!

Leo: You heard me...

Layla: Enough, Leo. They didn't call us here to insult us, so just cool your jets.

Sam: Yeah Terry, calm down.

Terry: Alright, Sam.

Layla: So, how long do we have?

Shadow- Assassin: Not enough.

Terry: Oh freak of nature!!!

Sam: When did you get here?!

Shadow-Assassin: I'm not called Shadow- Assassin for nothing, now, LEO AND LAYLA!!!!! Go back where you were and don't come out until i tell you to.

Sam: What about us?

Shadow-Assassin: You two, back to Gotham. And you'll be lucky i don't tell Bruce about this.

Sam: Oh no please don't. We're leaving right now.

Shadow-Assassin: Good... Sorry about that folks. They thought they could spoil everything, but they didn't they only, SPOIL 20% OF IT!!!!!! Sorry. I'll have the next chapter up soon. 11/23/10

Someone tell me why my story was leaked out so much in the last update?!?!?! Sam!!!!!!

Sam: I'm so sorry, Shadow-Assassin. We were just curious. That's all. Please don't be angry.

Shadow-Assassin: Oh... Alright. But you'll have to pay for what you've done.

Sam: I will accept the conseqeunces of my actions.

Shadow-Assassin: Good, cause you're gonna be in a crossover.

Sam: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!

Shadow-Assassin: What's the problem? I thought you were ready to pay?

Sam: I am but a crossover?

Shadow-Assassin: You don't even know who is in it.

Sam: Ok. I'll do it. Atleast tell me who is in it.

Shadow-Assassin: Nope. 12/3/10

Scarlet: I can't believe this. Will someone please stop this crazy person?!?!?!?!

Shadow-Assassin: Hey! You're the one that wanted to have a meeting with them. Not me... Where did this sand come from???? Scarlet.

Scarlet: Its not me

Shadow-Assassin: Oh crap...

Gaara: Why am i here?

Scarlet: OMG!!!!! IT'S GAARA!!!!!!!!

Gaara: Great another fangirl... You! Shadow-Assassin.

Shadow-Assassin: Yes master. What is it you desire????

When's the next chapter gonna be up?

Shadow-Assassin: Soon, why?

Gaara: Cause... I like the story so far

Shadow-Assassin: Why thank you, Gaara.

Scarlet: How do you know Gaara?!?!?

Shadow-Assassin: Oh, me and him go way back. Nice to hear from you Gaara.

Gaara: You too. I look forward to the next chapter. Bye.

Scarlet: I can't believe you know Gaara.

Shadow-Assassin: Alot of people do. He has a meetings every other thursday with the writers. I can't believe you didn't know that... Why are you looking at me that way?!?!?!

Scarlet: I'm gonna get you!!!!!!!!!!!!!12/13/10

Upon what i've been trying to, i've been trying to do a difficult scene in my story. I won't tell you what it is, but i just want you guys that i'm having trouble with it. Don't worry. I should have it all fixed by tomorrow. So you don't have to be so worried about it. And i've decided to start a new story. A whole new story since i'm almost done with the Batman story. I might have it up by sunday or monday. I hope you guys will like it. Its been pestering me for a year now but it felt like it needed some improvements. So, now that i've fixed it, i should be ready to go with it. Wish me luck. To qoute what my friend said today, "Lets get this over with." 12/17/10

Ok. since Batman is almost done, I've decided to do some more stories based on the time lapses that took place in chapter 13 i believe and it'll be a small amount of side stories that lead up to the main plot. Like a side step to another time frame and i'm gonna do another story and after i'm done with that, i'm gonna do a crossover of those two stories which i think will be funny as heck and i hope you'll think it'll be funny too. So, i will update the Batman story and it should be done in what ummmmm... Maybe 5-6 days max. The last chapter is Chapter 16 so for those who have been following along with it, it's almost over... Sad isn't it? I was hoping it would never end but oh well. Time to move on 12/21/2010

Gaara:Where is she? I'm gonna give her a piece of my mind.

Shadow-Assassin67: Gaara?! What a lovely surprise... Oh, wait, its thrusday. Oh crap. I missed it again, didn't i?

Gaara:You missed the meeting again. What were you doing last thursday?

Shadow-Assassin67: Umm... Getting ready for christmas. I got the day off. Remember? You told us we could have the day off.

Gaara:Except for you. You were behind on your story.

Shadow-Assassin67:Hey, i was trying to make a new story because my last one is almost done. Thank you very much.

Gaara:Don't smart mouth me.

Shadow-Assassin67:I can if i want to.

Gaara:Not when you've missed two meetings in a row, you don't.

Shadow-Assassin67: Wait 2?! There was a meeting this morning? I was busy staying up almost half the night typing up a new chapter. So, i have an excuse.

Gaara:You have no excuse.That's it. You're detained.

Shadow-Assassin67:What?! You can't do that.

Gaara:I can and i will. Don't forget, i can kill you.

Shado-Assassin67: That's not fair! I've been busy with my family and friends for christmas and new year. Please. What can i do to conveince you that i'm dedicated?

Gaara:Hmmmmm... Alright, you get one chance. I want that story finished by the end of January and i want 3 new chapters up on your new story and I want you to put up your next story as well.

Shadow-Assassin67: But gaara, thats too much for me.

Gaara:Too bad. It's the price you pay for missing your responsibilities. Now, i will be checking your progress every other day to see how you are doing. This is your last chance, shadow-Assassin. I like your stories and i like you, but lately you have been slacking off. I don't want to take you off the board but i will if i have to. Please understand that this is just to help you in your struggles in your stories.

Shadow-Assassin67:Yes sir.

Gaara:By the way, that shredder gets sick of Hannah Montana?


Gaara:Very good. I liked the ending. Very humorous

Shadow-Assassin67:Thank you, gaara

Gaara:And Assassin?


Gaara:Good luck. I'm betting on you. Be advised, The board is betting against you. They think you can't do all this. But i believe you can. Just keep that in mind. Alright, you're dismissed. Good luck, Assassin. Make me wish i gave you a chance.

Shadow-Assassin67:Yes sir 12/30/10

Layla: So, Gaara is forcing you to do all that and you have until the end of January to do it?

Shadow-Assassin67: Yep. That's about right.

Scarlet: Oh well nevermind me saying he's hot. He's a big jerk.

Shadow-Assassin67: He's not a jerk, he's just under alot of pressure. We all are. We have to get so much done before the end of this year.

Layla: But you just started doing your stories. He's been there for god knows how long.

Scarlet: Layla is right. He shouldn't be pushing you so much.

Shadow-Assassin67: Look guys, i appreciate the pep talk but i have to finish this. Then i'll think about making my own community. Then i can put up as much as i want to.

Layla: Good for you, Assassin. Well, I need to go. Leo is patronizing me to lie down.

Scarlet: Speaking of lying, aren't you lying to him about who you are?

Layla: What? I can't just come out and say "I'm your friend that caused you to lose your memory and by the way, I love you." He'll think i'm an idiot.

Scarlet: Maybe you wouldn't have to play that game if you gave him his memory back.

Layla: Oh looks who talking when you betrayed 2 guys that really cared about you.

Scarlet: One, i'm immortal. Two, i had no other choice. And three, it was the only way to protect Terry and give him time to figure out a plan.

Layla: Yeah thats you're saiyng, but i bet you enjoyed tearing his heart to pieces. You seem to be really good at tearing apart a guys heart.

Scarlet: Oh you are just sitting there, letting him about his past when you can just tell him> Thats real smart. You must enjoy watching him suffer like he is.

Shadow-Assassin67: Alright, that's enough. Both of you stop it or i will kill them in your stories and i mean it. I won't hesitate to change the plot and make you watch them die.



Shadow-Assassin67: Now, you are both in tough situations and you are both making tough decisions, but i am not gonna have both of you fighting over something that i created. If i want to, I'll change it. But for now, just deal with it. Now both of you, go back to your worlds. This little discussion is over. NOW!

Layla: Alright, Assassin. I'm going.

Scarlet: Alright. I need to talk to Terry anyway.12/31/10

Layla: Me and Leo had our first fight?!?! Oh man. This is so gonna be hard to explain that i was responsible for his memory wipe. And to tell him i'm in love with him

Scarlet: Hey my story is finished and i'm still immortal and now I will always have Terry. Hey, Shadow-Assassin?

Shadow-Assassin: UGH!!

Layla:Are you OK?

Scarlet: Yeah you look at little pale.

Shadow-Assassin: I ate a bad dinner last night i'm still getting the after affects. What is it Scarlet?

Scarlet: I was wondering if you were going to do a sequel to my story.

Shadow-Assassin: I haven't decided. Ask me in three days and then i'll tell you. Right now, i'm busy with Layla's story.

Layla: Are you gonna be able to put up the next chapter today?

Shadow-Assassin: Not sure yet. Have you guys heard from your lovers or sort of lovers because of Layla.

Layla: Hey!

Scarlet: Yeah. You should've seen Bruces face when we got home. He was so mad, He nearly killed Terry. Luckly, Terry was able block all of Bruce's attacks and being a demon helps too.

Shadow-Assassin: Well, i'm glad to hear that. Have you guys done anything lately besides give an old guy a heartattack?

Scarlet: Very funny. We've gone on romantic dates. He took me to paris. Oh, the city of love!!!

Layla: Weren't you guys already in love before you went to paris? Isn't that bad?

Scarlet: No it is not. It just made it stronger. Oh guess where he took me in paris?

Shadow-Assassin: Oh where did he take in the city of love, a place i wish i could go to?

Scarlet: Sorry. He took me to Notre Dame. Oh we had a picnic on one of the bell towers and it was just perfect. There was no clouds to cover the beautiful stars and there was a full moon too. Oh, it was so romantic.

Layla: Ok, am i the only person that is gonna ask or what?

Scarlet: What?

Shadow-Assassin: I don't know, Layla. Its none of our business.

Scarlet: What?

Layla: I don't care. I want to know.

Scarlet: For the last time, what?

Layla: Did you guys kiss like nonstop?

Scarlet: Oh, i don't mind sharing that, and to answer your question, yes we did. I don't think i got enough of his lips after that night.

Shadow-Assassin: Ok that's why i didn't want to ask. Tmi!!

Scarlet: Sorry, again.

Layla: When are me and Leo gonna kiss?

Shadow-Assassin: Not for awhile ok

Gaara: What's going on here?

Scarlet: Ahhh!! It's Gaara!

Shadow-Assassin: Yay... Just what i need... What do you want Gaara? What did i do now?

Gaara: Hahahahahaha... Nothing. I came to tell you congratulations on finishing the Batman and story and putting up the 3 new chapter for your new story. I was surprised to see you got it done so quickly.

Shadow-Assassin: Yeah well, it had it's consequences.

Gaara: What do you mean?

Layla: Shadow-Assassin is not feeling too good. Oh, I'm Layla by the way.

Gaara: I know, you were pretty brave challenging Leo.

Layla: Why thank you.

Gaara: Assassin, when do you think you'll be feeling better?

Shadow-Assassin: I don't know about 24-25 hours idk... Why?

Gaara: Because, i'm giving you a day off. You need to rest up.

Shadow-Assassin: What about the deadline? What about my stories? What about the board?

Gaara: You let me handle the board. And don't worry about your stories. You're ahead of your schedule. You need to rest. So, do whatever you need to do here and then go rest up.

Shadow-Assassin: Ok. Whatever you say. See ya...

Layla: Great. Now, i'm stuck in this chat.

Scarlet: You know you can leave whenever you want right?

Layla: Oh, i thought Assassin was suppose to give us permission to leave?

Scarlet: Ok, you have alot to learn Layla. You don't need her permission to leave. Now, i gotta go. Terry is calling me. Nice seeing you again, Gaara.

Gaara: The pleasure is mine.

Layla: Well, i better go too. Nice meeting you Gaara.

Gaara: Nice meeting you too. Good luck in killing Karai and everything

Layla: Thanks. I need all the luck i can get. See ya.

Gaara: Left alone in this chat... What the heck?

Sakura: There you are, Gaara. Temari has been looking for you.

Gaara: Alright, i'm coming. Don't have to be so pushy about it. 1/2/11

Ok, since no one has been on my recent story or anything else, i have been trying to revise the formats of all my stories so that it won't be so hard for you guys to read. Halloween Witch brought this to my attention and she is right. I need to revise my stories, so i won't be on line for a few days, having to revise so many of my stories and their formats. Sorry if you guys were expecting me to update so soon, but i need to fix things up so that i don't have any reviews or complaints saying that the paragraphs are too long or they just won't read them at all. So, i'll see you guys in a couple days i guess. If i'm not up till Thursday, then i'm still not done with them. I apologize ahead of time. Until then, the only story that will be updated is my recent one, because it was already formatted the way it is. so, yeah. See ya guys later. CCL!!!!!!!! 1/10/2011

Gaara: So, now you put me in your story? Why?

Shadow-Assassin67: Because my friends wanted me to do a couple story and i let them choose what couple they wanted it to be about and i told them they have to fit. And they got you and Sakura. Which actually, i wrote a story about you guys awhile ago, but i thought they didn't like it until they pulled out my, "Throw away stories" folder. Sorry.

Scarlet: Yeah, Gaara. Now you're one of us. or sort of. Hey, Assassin? What happened to Layla?

Shadow-Assassin67:Oh... You needed to read up on her story.

Gaara: She's dead.

Scarlet: What? How?

Gaara: Where have you been for the last couple of days?

Scarlet: Vacation. Me and Terry just got back from Italy. It was Amazing!!!!!! I heard that Assassin was doing a sequel, so we decided to come back.

Shadow-Assassin67: Well, tell me the details later. I need to be completely focused on the new stories i just posted.

Gaara: All because you caved into pier pressure.

Shadow-Assassin67: It wa not pier Pressure. It was friends pressure. Besides, they really liked that story so, i put it up. Made some twecks here and there, but still. I'm not gonna stop typing it. No matter what you say, Gaara. You're stuck.

Gaara: And have you told Sakura about this?

Shadow-Assassin67: Actually, yeah. She said she can't wait for chapter 9

Gaara: What happens in chapter 9?

Shadow-Assassin67: You'll just have to find out.

Gaara: I hate when authors do that crap. Trap you into any kind of story by just referencing to a certain chapter that is specific to the indivual that is suppose to be private or secret until they release the whole book.

Scarlet: Wow, that was a mouth full. I'm just glad i have a story again.

Shadow-Assassin67: So am i. You know, i sort of missed you Scarlet.

Scarlet: Awwww... Really?

Shadow-Assassin67: Yeah, not only that but my friend thinks you're hot. He drew a picture of you as i described to him what you looked like and boy did it turn out cool. It got like 13 guys attention.

Scarlet: Wow, i must be popular.

Gaara: No, you're just a piece of meat just waiting to be eaten.

Scarlet: Ouch. Ok, you need some love. Find a girl or some one. You are just really crabby.

Gaara: Not my fault that i'm paired up with some one i hardly know.

Shadow-Assassin67: That's what my stories are for. They help you bond with each other. Or even connect on a different field.

Gaara: Ok no way. I would never do that with Sakura.

Scarlet: Sure you say that now, but later on down the road, you'll change your mind. Just wait. Well, i gotta go. Tired and hungry. Tell me if you get any new news on Layla. I'm worried about her.

Gaara: She's dead. You don't have to worry about her.

Scarlet: Not neccesarily. If i know one thing, it's that Assassin would never let her die. She's got a tricky plan up her sleeve. You'll see. Well, See ya...

Gaara: Do you really intend to keep Layla dead?

Shadow-Assassin67: What i do and what i decide are 2 different things. You need to be more like Scarlet. Have a hunch that she might come back.

Gaara: I have question.

Shadow-Assassin67: Ask away. I've got nothing better to do.

Gaara: When you first wrote these stories, whose story came first?

Shadow-Assassin67: Well, actually, Scarlets story came first, but in a different version, then Eva's came, multiple stories there, then you and Sakura then Layla's. You all came in the order that brought inspiration to me. Something that i could change if i could have control of a story and that's what i did. But, i just didn't know there would be problems.

Gaara: Problems? What sort of problems?

Shadow-Assassin67: Problems like,... Writers block. I started all those stories years ago and didn't finish them until like 2 years ago. Until then, i had completely forgotten about them. Does that answer your curious question.

Gaara: Mostly, yes. What are you going to do now?

Shadow-Assassin67: I'm going to start the next chapter in Ninja vs Assassin's now and upload it tomorrow. Then i'll update all the other stories as well. All at the sametime.

Gaara: You just love to write, don't you?

Shadow-Assassin67: You better be glad i love to write or you would never get to chapter 9 for another month or so.

Gaara: Again, what is so great about chapter 9?

Shadow-Assassin67: Can't tell. It's a secret.

Gaara: Great.

Aikka: Where am i?

Shadow-Assassin67: Well, looks like someone figured out how to leave their story. Hi, Aikka!

Aikka: Hello. I take it you are the writer of Battle of Life?

Shadow-Assassin67: That is correct. I should have the story updated by tomorrow, if you are wondering.

Aikka: Oh, well, actually i was wondering about who that guy is.

Shadow-Assassin67: Oh, Gaara. He's cool. Don't worry about him. Just keep your distance and you'll be fine.

Aikka: Of course. Well, i should go. Eva will kill me if i don't get back.

Shadow-Assassin67: Ok, see ya later.

Gaara: We have too many wierdos in this thing.

Shadow-Assassin67: It's what my friends always say and it's our motto. "If you're not wierd, you're not normal."

Gaara: Great.

Shadow-Assassin67: Well, excuse me for being a nice person. Bye. 1/15/2011

Gaara: Why is it i'm always the one who acts like an emo?

Shadow-Assassin67: Well, i know your not emo, you just need some love... Check it out! It's Layla!

Layla: Hi guys! I saw your story, Gaara. You read poe?

Gaara: He's ok. I like how he descibes things so vividly.

Scarlet: But writing disturbing and scary things? It just freaks me out.

Gaara: You're surrounded by stuff that is worst than Poe's written work. I don't get you.

Layla: So, i'm guessing you guys aren't part of the board anymore?

Shadow-Assassin67: Yeah. After i posted oban, i left then Gaara did too. Said they asked too much of me when i wasn't feeling so good. So, now we publish when we want to. Ain't that right, Gaara?

Gaara: That is right. But, i'm now more interested in what Layla did, than my own story.

Layla: Of course you are. So, whats the plan for today? Even though it is storming.

Shadow-Assassin67: Updating stories all day long. Thats the plan.

Scarlet: I'm good with that.

Layla: Me too. What about you Gaara?

Gaara: Why are you asking me?

Layla: Well, you are officailly part of Assassin's creative writing so, you're in the group now. You can voice your own opinion now.

Gaara: Oh well, I'm fine with it. It's her stories.

Shadow-Assassin67: So, have you heard from Sakura lately?

Gaara: NO! She hasn't even tried to contact me. I think she's uncomfortable around me.

Layla: I don't think so. I saw the chemistry between you 2. It was like magic. She's just being shy. Give her a little while.

Gaara: Iguess. Is that it?

Shadow-Assassin67: Yep. That's it. Nothing more to report. Alright then. Get're done!!!!

Gaara: What does that mean?

Shadow-Assassin67: Do you have to ruin every moment i have? I only have a few moments you know, thanks to you.

Gaara: Sorry. 1/17/2011

I would like to say that i will be doing more of my Blossom in the Wind story, 'cause my friends won't stop bugging me about it and frankly, i'm starting to like it. So, i promise this weekend, i will update the next chapters for my other chapters in my stories, but for now, i just want to make my friends stop bugging me about it. So, yeah. Sorry. If you hate me, thats ok. 1/18/2011

Gaara: Ok, i'll admit that i am... Oh who am i kidding. This is so ridiculous.

Shadow-Assassin67: What's going on now? What now?

Layla: He's in love. That's what. I read the recent chapter and the others. Man, he's got it bad.

Scarlet: You're telling me.

Shadow-Assassin67: Well, Gaara, i believe you have something to say to Layla.

Gaara: Why is it i'm always the one guy on here?

Terry: Sorry, Gaara. I've been busy lately. I did see your story though. Welcome to the club.

Gaara: What club?

Terry: The 'Being in love club' And i'm loving it.

Layla: Hey, i think you owe me an apology, Gaara.

Gaara: What?... Oh, right. You were right and i'm sorry.

Layla: Thank you very much.

Scarlet: So, where is Sakura?

Sakura: Right here! His Gaara. *kisses Gaara*

Shadow-Assassin67: Ok come on. Do that in your story. Not here.

Gaara: What's the difference?

Shadow-Assassin67: The difference was the fact that i write it. I don't want to have to deal with it on here.

Sakura: Sorry, Assassin. I guess i got carried away.

Layla: We all do.

Scarlet: Yep. We just can't help we hot guys as our boyfriends.

Shadow-Assassin67: Who was given to you in your stories, by who wrote them.

Layla: Right. Thank, Assassin.

Shadow-Assassin67: Thank you. I am finally recgonized for my talents.

Gaara: What about when we were on the board?

Shadow-Assassin67: That was different. I was required to write almost everyday. Even when i was allowed to tak a break.

Gaara: Right. I heard they got some new people to replace us.

Shadow-Assassin67: Hope they have fun with it.

Layla: Hey i wanna know why you haven't updated my story yet!

Scarlet: Yeah me too.

Shadow-Assassin67: Ok here we go. Ok, guys. I have to put this new chapters for their story because my friends are bugging me too much.

Sakura: I'm not complaining. I actually like having alot of time with Gaara.

Gaara: Nice to know that you don't hate me.

Layla: Why would she hate you?

Sakura: Before we got here, he accidentally dropped my purse and it landed in the puddle of water.

Terry: Why did you have her purse?

Gaara: We took the motorcycle to get here and she was looking for it in the bag and i found it before her. It was an accident. I swear.

Sakura: It's ok. Nothing was damaged on the inside. I needed a new purse anyway.

Gaara: I'll pay for it. I promise.

Shadow-Assassin67: Oh, you shouldn't of said that.

Gaara: Why?

Scarlet: Girls are crazy about purses.

Terry: Yeah. One time, when we were in Paris, we passed this window shopping and Sam saw this purple leather purse. Without missing a beat, she was in there calling to me to get into the store.

Gaara: Oh crap. How much was it?

Terry: Alot. Lets say that.

Gaara: Great

Sakura: It's ok, Gaara. I actually saw a purse i really liked. It was only 10 bucks. Won't cost very much.

Gaara: Ok

Terry: Lucky.

Layla: Ok, well are we done then?

Shadow-Assassin67: Yep, that's about it. Alright, everyone back to their stories. Until next time. 1/18/2011

Shadow-Assassin67: Happy Birthday, Gaara!!!!!

Gaara: Thanks.

Layla: How old are you?

Gaara: You figure it out.

Scarlet: Alright we will.

Aikka: Being that is almost impossible. Why don't we just ask him what he wants for his birthday.

Eva: Yeah. What do you want, Gaara?

Sakura: Yes. What do you wish for, Gaara?

Layla: Please tell us.

Scarlet: Yeah we'll get it.

Terry: This has got to be annoying, huh, Gaara?

Gaara: Every year. Somebody asks

Shadow-Assassin67: Well, i am the writer here. Whatever you want, i'll get it.

Gaara:... I do have a request.

Shadow-Assassin67: Sure. What is it?

Gaara: *whispers in her ear*... Can you do it?

Shadow-Assassin67: Yeah. Totally, but i want to know why though?

Gaara: Unfinished business and a score to settle.

Shadow-Assassin67: Ok. I'll get right on it. But, the others are gonna want to know what you want. Their individual gifts of course.

Scarlet: Tell us, what did he want?

Shadow-Assassin67: You'll find out.

Terry: Well, Gaara, we want to get you something. Being that we have access to the Underworld and everything.

Gaara: I'll tell you guys later.

Sakura: What can you get you, Gaara?

Gaara: I'll tell you later...

Sakura: Giggle

Shadow-Assassin67: No, too early.

Gaara: I wasn't thinking that. I was thinking dinner and a movie or go somewhere special.

Shadow-Assassin67: Oh, ok that works.

Gaara: I'll let everyone else know what i want fron then later.

Layla: Alright. Whatever you wish, Gaara.

Eva: I bet we'll get him something great. Right, Aikka?

Aikka: Of course we will.

Terry: Not as good as our gift.

Eva: No. We will have a better gift.

Layla: Yeah right. What are you gonna get him? A steering stick?

Eva: Hey!

Gaara: And this is why i don't want people to know about my birthday party.

Shadow-Assassin67: How about we sneak out while we still can.

Sakura: Good plan.

Shadow-Assassin67: Lets go. 1/19/2011

Ok. I am updating today so i don't have to deal with my friends much longer, so I will put up the next chapter in Blossom in the Wind ok so there you go. 1/24/2011

Gaara: I am so not happy right now.

Shad0w-Assassin67: What happened now?

Gaara: You haven't updated the story yet. Why?

Shadow-Assassin67: One, have you even looked to see what the next chapter is and two i'm feeling a little less inspired. I'm trying to find inspiration and i think i found one last night.

Gaara: Wait! The next chapter is chapter 9?! Oh man.

Shadow-Assassin67: He finally gets it.

Gaara: What about your other stories?

Shadow-Assassin67: Updating them all today. Every single last one of them. Some of them have been overdo for quite sometime

Layla: Ya think? My story needs to be updated. Raph won't get off my back.

Scarlet: Mine as well. For a while now. Please!!!

Eva: You? I haven't even been able to do anything.

Shadow-Assassin67: Alright. I am updating today. Now leave me alone. 1/29/11

Shadow-Assassin67: Alright, lets get this started.

Scarlet: I'm still waiting.

Shadow-Assassin67: I know and i'll update it soon. I had some last minute changes. It won't be up until maybe Tuesday. Sorry.

Scarlet: Why did you have to change it?

Shadow-Assassin67: There were some things that needed to be done with it. The chapter is partially in complete but it still needs some work to be done on it.

Scarlet: Alright. As long as it'll be good.

Gaara: I hope so. I'm actually looking forward to it.

Scarlet: Speaking of stories, i read what you two almost did. Seems like you were about to-

Gaara: Can we not talk about that, ok? It's bad enough of what's going to happen next.

Scarlet: Oh, whats going to happen next?

Shadow-Assassin67: Ah! No spoils. You should no better than to ask, Scarlet. Remember what happened last time?

Scarlet: I'm sorry. I'll just wait, like the other readers, to find out what happens next.

Shadow-Assassin67: Good girl. Ok, are there anymore complaints about their stories?

Eva: Yeah, i do.

Shadow-Assassin67: Should have known. What is it Eva?

Eva: When are you going to get the next chapter up. I'm very eager to know what will happen next.

Shadow-Assassin67: I'm working on it. I have errors i have to work out and such. It'll take a while. Just be patient. Ok?

Eva: Ok. But if it's not up by the end of Feburary, you're toast.

Shadow-Assassin67: Whatever. Ok is that it?

Gaara: I believe so.

Shadow-Assassin67: Alright that ends today's meeting. Alright, Get're Done!... Don't even think about it Gaara. 1/30/11

Gaara: Man, I'm starting to get a feeling that something bad is about to happen.

Shadow-Assassin67: Why does everyone say that?

Layla: Because it usually is.

Scarlet: Not always.

Terry: Actually, Layla is right. When things are just getting good, they go bad.

Eva: I'll say that again. I've already seen the revised portion of my story and it just sucks.

Aikka: I don't think it sucks. Well, when it gets to-

Shadow-Assassin67: Ah! No spoilers. Talk about it when you leave.

Scarlet: Trust me, you don't want to say anything about her stories.

Shadow-Assassin67: What's the point of cliffhangers if everyone on here is going to try and spoil it?!

Gaara: Don't look at me. I already know not to say anything.

Sakura: Me too...

Aikka: Well, it's not like our story is bad. Is it?

Layla: No but it does seem to be heading that way, from what i've seen.

Shadow-Assassin67: What did i say about spoilers?! Shut up!

Layla: Sorry.

Sakura: Hey, i need to know. Are you going to do a sequel for our story?

Shadow-Assassin67: Maybe. Too soon to tell. And i'm still too busy to even try and meet ends meat with my stories. I already have my friends jumping down my throat for Blossom in the Wind. I hate those guys sometimes.

Gaara: Why don't you grow a backbone and say no?

Shadow-Assassin67: Ok, that's it. Gaara leave now. I'll deal with you later.

Gaara: What did i say? 1/31/11

Shadow-Assassin67: Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Gaara: Yeah. Whatever.

Layla: Oh, i've been waiting for this day forever. And i got a hottie to share it with.

Terry: Hey, i can't believe i got a super hot chick for Valentine's Day.

Scarlet: Oh, Terry. You are so sweet. Love you!!!

Terry: Love you too.

Leo: Is it always like this?

Garaa: Sometimes.

Shadow-Assassin67: I have a little surprise for everyone today. And i mean everyone.

Sakura: What is it?

Shadow-Assassin67: You'll find out. Don't worry.

Gaara: I don't like where this is going. 2/14/11

Sakura: Where did she go?

Layla: I don't know. I haven't heard from her for awhile now.

Gaara: Well, that can't be good.

Scarlet: No, thats not good at all. Where the heck could she be?

Terry: Hey, lets not over react ok? She's probably taking a break or on hiatus.

Layla: She would have told us if she was leaving. Something must have happened. We gotta go find her.

Sakura: What if she doesn't want to be found? She's probably doesn't want to write right now.

Gaara: I agree with Sakura.

Terry: When do you not agree with her?

Gaara: On certain things. Don't worry about that.

Scarlet: Gaara and Sakura is right. What if she has nothing to write about anymore? What if she lost her passion to write?

Shadow-Assassin67: What gave you guys mean by losing passion? You lose what you love so much?

Layla: Shadow-Assassin! You're alright! Where did you go?

Shadow-Assassin67: I've been busy, ok? I'll have your storie updated soon and a new one up as well. It was stuck in my head all week. I'm sure you guys will love it.

Gaara: Just glad to know you are alright and that you are back.

Shadow-Assassin67: Well, thank you, Gaara. You know? I missed you guys so much. But i have to warn you guys, i'm going to gone during spring break. So, i'm gonna try and get as many chapters in as i possibly can, ok?

Scarlet: Sounds good to me.

Terry: I'm all for it.

Sakura and Gaara: Alright.

Layla: Well, lets do this.

Shadow-Assassin67: Alright then, GET'RE DONE!!!!!! 2/20/11

Gaara: Please tell me she hasn't just left us and didn't even bother to come back at all.

Sakura: I'm sure she will be right back.

Layla: Its been a while now. Where is she?

Scarlet: You people are so impatient.

Terry: Can't blame them. She has been gone for a while now. She said she would be back but she didn't say when.

Sakura: Still, you would think that she would be back by now.

Gaara: That's what i'm saying. Where the heck is she? 3/25/11

Ok, i would like to say that, I do have the next chapters up and ready but i can't get to my stories to update. Don't know how long it'll take before i can so, i'm sorry. I tried, but nothing.

Gaara: Oh my God!! She's back!!!!

Sakura: I guess we were just over reacting.

Layla: Wow, you were gone for a long while. Feel better?

Shadow-Assassin67: Actually i do, but i wish i could get to my stories update with this stupid error thing going on. Oh well. I'll just have to wait until it blows over or whatever. I have the next chapters for my stories but i just can't get to them. This sucks.

Scarlet: Oh no!! We'll be like one of those stories that are just waiting to be updated and they never will be!!!! This is awful.

Shadow-Assassin67: Calm down. These things usually don't last that long. it'll probably be gone by wednseday or thursday.

Gaara: Great! Now we can't know what's going to happen next.

Sakura: We can always go over the chapters again...

Shadow-Assassin67: Ok, i'm leaving... 3/27/2011

Sakura: You finally updated!!!!

Shadow-Assassin67: Yeah well my computer has been acting up and i have been busy trying to keep up with messaging on my phone. And yeah. I have also been busy with alot of personal things. Sorry.

Gaara: And you didn't tell us this why?

Shadow-Assassin67: I didn't want you guys to worry. It doesn't matter anymore. Its been fixed.

Eva: So you'll be updating?

Shadow-Assassin67: For now. Yes.

Terry: Nice to have you back...

Scarlet: It is really nice to have you back.

Layla: Yes. And good to know that you are unharmed.

Shadow-Assassin67: Layla, I didn't go into a huge fight while i was gone. So calm down. 7/02/2011

Shadow-Assassin67: Hello? Is there anyone here?

Sakura: Assassin!! Where have you been?! We heard what happened. You scared alot of people you know.

Shadow-Assassin67: Hey, I didn't mean to. I didn't see it. So, did I miss anything?

Sakura: Nothing but there's this little girl running around here with a huge tiger. Do you know who she is?

Shadow-Assassin67: Yep and so does Gaara. If my memory serves me, thats Naomi, his daughter, well adopted.

Sakura: What?! Why hasn't he told me?

Shadow-Assassin67: Because 'you' haven't met her yet. Thats why.

Sakura: Well, when do i met her?

Shadow-Assassin67: Soon. Very soon/ Don't you worry about a thing.

Layla: Another puzzling situation. There is a young girl running around claiming she is in fact my-

Shadow-Assassin67: Hey! Geez. I'm gone for five weeks and you guys go crazy and stay the same. Ok I will explain everything later to you guys. A lot of things are about to happen and you will not believe what they are. Just please don't be shocked.

Layla: If that is what you wish for it to be.

Sakura: Ok. Hey where's Scarlet at?

Shadow-Assassin67: She has been very busy lately. So, don't worry about her either. Ok. I'm back so lets get this going before school starts again!!!! 8/14/2011

Sakura: Why do I have a feeling that something is coming. Something that is gonna be good and bad at the same time?

Gaara: Sakura, that's just your nerves.

Aikka: No, I can feel it too. Its weird.

Eva: Something is really not right here...

Layla: I think I know what it is...

Shadow-Assassin67: I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!! 11/18/11

Hey guys!! If you see this, its an update on the bikes that are gonna be in the gangs bike group

Kankuro and TenTen: A 2007 dark purple and black Road King

Temari and Shikamaru: A flamed 2005 Wide Glide

Naruto and Hinata: A 2008 CVO Softail Convertible

Kiba and Ino: A 2009 Electra Glide Limited(also black and purple)

Gaara and Sakura: A 2005 V-ROD with a back seat.

Well, thats all of them and there will be many different bikes in the next few chapters but just remember these. They are not as important to the bike world but just trust me on this ok?? You can go look up thses bikes if you like. Go to Google and check them out and others. Just type in classic bikes and enjoy. These stood out to me when choosing their bikes, specifically the ones that would good for the guys, but also for the ladies as well. Well, hope you guys enjoy the story and hope you can read my other stories as well. I got the chapters down, just have to chaeck them again and pop there they will be!!

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My Heart Burns for You by alwaysZutarian reviews
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Avatar: Last Airbender - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 72 - Words: 868,798 - Reviews: 6415 - Favs: 2,347 - Follows: 2,298 - Updated: 5/7 - Published: 9/8/2008 - [Zuko, Katara]
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This story is being deleted and is going to be rewritten
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Tmnt Side Story reviews
Layla is shocked into another Dimension. And this onedoesn't like Assassin's very much. She has to find her way back before her best friend and the one she loves kills her. this takes place before Layla sets off after Karai. Characters and themes all from Alear Kino. CHeck put her stories. They are awesome
Ninja Turtles - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 8,062 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 7/5/2013 - Published: 7/9/2012 - Leonardo
The One On Your Side reviews
Sakura has Always loved Motorcycles, but one accident changes everything. Now, 4 years later, it's Biktoberfest time and Naruto wants to go. Will she and will a certain red head change her mind and make her forget her past and go on to the future?
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,898 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 7/6/2012 - Published: 11/22/2011 - Gaara, Sakura H.
Oban Star Racers: Battle of Life reviews
Alternate universe: Eva is in a huge battle and now has to deal with a new recruit, Aikka and make sure he doesn't get killed. So much for trying to get by. What will happen between the two? Will love develop? Or hate?
Oban Star-Racers - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 5,478 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 7/4/2011 - Published: 1/9/2011 - Molly/Eva W., Prince Aikka
Blossom in the Wind reviews
Gaara is part of a gang and believes that there is nothing for him in this world. That is, until he meets Sakura and his world turns upside down. The same goes for sakura as well. Can they find love between each other?
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Gaara's Valentine reviews
Gaara feels he has no one on Valentine's Day, so he thinks back on his moments with Sakura and how he misses her
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,204 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 5 - Published: 2/14/2011 - Gaara, Sakura H.
Batman Beyond:Return of the Scarlet Monster 2
It seems that Terry and Sam have everything they wanted. Love, enternal youth and being super heros forever, but when Darkside sets his eyes not just on Earth, but the Underworld, Terry and Sam must face this threat head on or the will be destroyed!Sequel
Batman Beyond - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,667 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 2/1/2011 - Published: 1/15/2011 - Terry M.
Batman Beyond: Return of the Scarlet Monster reviews
Scarlet has left the love she has known for half her life now she has to stay away. Skip 50 years. She is still running from those that endangered her life before. Only this time they run her straight into Gothams own future dark knight's arms. What now?
Batman Beyond - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 29,675 - Reviews: 26 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 1/1/2011 - Published: 9/15/2010 - Terry M. - Complete
Shredder gets tired of Hannah Montana reviews
First Horror. Beware! Shredder finds out hannah has taken over the tv world. This ticks him off and he goes off to finish her once and for all! If you like Hannah Montana, don't read. If you don't, READ IT!
Crossover - Ninja Turtles & Hannah Montana - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Horror - Chapters: 1 - Words: 353 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 3 - Published: 12/30/2010 - Shredder, Jackson S. - Complete
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