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Hi guys! My name is Laure and I'm from Belgium. Writing is a real passion for me and I've promised myself to write a book one day. I hope you guys like my stories and review them because I'm really insecure and I absolutely need to know if my stories are good or not. Just remember to give me some feedback evertime you read my fanfics, so I know how to change them, just to make them better.

English isn't my native language, so sometimes there will be some mistakes and I'm sorry for that. But please don't judge too quick :) I have an awesome beta helping me out, though!

I wrote 5 fanfics atm :)

-Lips Like Sugar: A/H E/B. I'm pretty proud of this story. I have no idea how the inspiration for this this came to me. Maybe a bit of own experience or something. I don't know. I put a lot of Wuthering Heights in this story because I really LOVE this book and I remember Stephenie Meyer also does ;)

-Just Tonight: A/H E/B. This story is based on the life of one of my friends. She's amazing and she's the coolest person on earth. We both concluded that her life could be an amazing fanfic and here we are, with this story. Don't think everything in this story is true. It's only based on true facts ;) We can classify this fanfic as Cockyward. Beware: strong language!

-To infinity and beyond: A/H E/B One shot. I would say, read it to know what it is about! I got a review saying the end was a bit too open to end abruptly but what you guys don't know is that I might write another one shot, continuing on this one ;)

- Yellow Chrysanthemum: A/H E/B Short story with very short chapters. Every chapter is a new day in the life of our two favorite characters. I'm very proud of this story and wrote it in 3 days.

- The Hunter's Heart: Vampire E/B. I wanted a new challenge for myself and that came as a fanfic that probably not many people would read as most people don't read vampire fics. But I thought it was worth a shot and VOILA, here I am with The Hunter's Heart.

I want to thank my best friend, Linnie ( WhatAboutMeAndYou ) to listen to my rambles about my fanfics. So thankful.

Enjoy my stories and don't forget to review ;)

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With a deadly virus spreading across the world turning everyone into zombies, can Bella Swan stay alive? She'll meet some friends along the way as they all try and survive the zombie apocalypse. Canon couples, OOC a little, AH, beside from the dead guys. Rated M for blood and that.
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Tyler is still damaged from his brothers death & can't get through the darkness he's consumed by. Aiden invites prostitutes over in an attempt to make him feel better. Tyler is instantly intrigued with Mallory. Rated M for a reason. NoTylerMalloryDeath
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The Hunter's Heart reviews
Bella Swan is the daughter of the famous vampire hunter, Charlie Swan. When she finds out about a strange coven in the state of Washington, she feels the need to investigate. But what happens when she breaks all of her father's rules by falling in love with what should be her biggest enemy?
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Did you know yellow Chrysanthemum means having a secret admirer? What will happen when Bella gets those delivered at her place?
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Just Tonight reviews
I often pretended I didn't care about the people around me, especially the b*tches at school. I had this attitude. I had everything, except the only thing I really wanted.
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To infinity and beyond reviews
Who would have thought I'd find love far from any trouble on earth and close to heaven?
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Lips Like Sugar reviews
Sugar, that's one of the things Bella and Edward have in common. Trying to fight, to stay alive and to survive the cruelty of the world.
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 31 - Words: 47,998 - Reviews: 112 - Favs: 40 - Follows: 25 - Updated: 9/12/2012 - Published: 1/30/2012 - Bella, Edward - Complete