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Hey. Nope, I'm not dead. For all those who have me as a friend on fb, you can pretty much tell I'm alive and well. Thanks for the concern though!

Let's start with an apology. Even though I find it so, incredibly hard to believe that anyone could actually like my stories, I still shouldn't have abandoned them. I'm sorry. It was a sucky thing to do.

I've deleted all my stories. Finally. I'm sorry for deleting them, but I do want a clich├ęd clean beginning. And what better way to start than to erase the old mistakes? This time, I'm not going to look back (hopefully). I was a horrible writer. A worse reviewer. But eh, everyone has to start somewhere. I'm glad I started here.

I'm still writing. I have another account somewhere here where I write about slightly different things. No more fluff and happy things heh. If you still want to read the weird things my mind comes up with, drop me a PM yeah! (especially if you like DN and yaoi)

Thanks for the wonderful one(two?) year(s) :)