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for anyone who happens to find this:

I am not that great at writing(can't ever get the plot right, or the will to continue) but I do get a lot of interesting ideas, and I hate to see them go to waste, so I'll post them here(mostly Naruto or Harry Potter). if you use any of the ideas on this page, or in any stories I might one day post(doubtful but possible), I ask only you mention it on your story somewhere, and inform me so I can read it.(if you need a beta, and the site lets me, I will try to do it. also if you don't plan to already, try to always finish. Finally, some general advice, do not use Japanese(or any other language) in any story you write in English(Japanese honorifics excluded, as those actually tend to blend well); it sounds weird and makes it confusing to about 99 percent of your audience. thank you for reading this far.

Kenchi618's Rules of Naruto Fanfiction

1. Naruto must know some kind of replication technique, preferably the tried and true Kage Bunshin technique. Why you ask? Because it wouldn't be Naruto without three dozen blonde kids running amok on a regular basis.

. Being a smart-ass is recommended. He doesn't necessarily have to be smart, but his mouth should be. Naruto, in essence, is a hot-head with no tact that shoots his mouth off and pisses off the wrong people, invariably drawing them into his world, for better or for worse. Since the story will probably revolve around him ANYWAY, you might as well make it so that what he has to say is hella entertaining, it makes the whole experience much better.

3. He must have some kind of weakness, even in the super-fics. Who wants to see good things happen all the time? If nothing but good things go on, then the good will become watered down and not very significant at all. He needs to be able to be beaten somehow, someway there has to be something about him that enemies can take advantage of. Naruto's the underdog, that's his appeal and that is why he is beloved. Haven't you people ever seen Rudy!?

4. Pissing off your readers is a double-edged sword. If it's a damn good cliffhanger, or something that sets up an antagonist for future comeuppance then great, fire away! As long as the pay-off is well worth it then that is what the creative process is all about. However, if you just delight in butchering whatever integrity the original storyline had and the amount of flames you get is equal to 1/4 of your entire review count then there is something seriously wrong.

5. NO FREAKIN' YAOI!! None! Now I'm not homophobic, I'm actually very chill with gay people, one of the coolest guys I know is gay, to each their own I always say. But I will not fucking read anything that even has the possibility of dude-on-dude action, fuck that shit, I have enough nightmares. Now since I'm a dude, yuri, maybe, but don't go overboard with it. Remember: Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should, and just because you should do something doesn't mean you will. It also doesn't help that a large bulk of them have shit for grammar, spelling, and just being overall basically decent stories in general.

6. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. If you want reviews then fucking review on the stories of others. If you like a story, tell the writer what you like. If you don't like it, tell them what you don't like or you think could be improved. It's common courtesy damn it! A decent review takes one minute max, because you have an well thought out opinion by the time you finish reading, so share the love.

7. Grammar and punctuation are actually very fucking important. If I read a story that I could've written better in the third grade then that is a problem. It really takes away from the story, it truly does. You can have a kick-ass premise and a great plot all set out, if you type a like second grade remedial english student then I won't read it damn it. Come on! You go through thirteen years of public school and learn how to write properly for a reason, because shitty writing pisses people off! No text writing either. Slang is okay, as long it is coherent and most know what the fuck you just wrote then by all means go forth. Even good grammar and spelling in your story summary can be the difference between hits and reviews, trust me.

8. Bashing is okay... to an extent. If the entire point of your story is to just shit all over certain characters and make another look like God's gift to the world then you can do that, but you won't be getting many thumbs up for your masterful storytelling. Be justifiable and flexible on your bashing, because just like in real life, things can change easily.

9. Listen to the people. Yes, it is your story, that's cool. And in the end whatever happens is up to you. I'm not saying let them plan out the plot or anything, although if you're lazy then go for it. I'm saying that if enough people say something, like a certain thing sucks, or they talk about something that you didn't or can't explain, address it and/or try to fix it. If you are anything like me then reader response is like crack, showing you don't care is basically saying 'fuck this story' and that will not end well.

10. OC's are not God! OC's cannot do everything! They can fix stuff, yes! They can train people up, yes! They can be potential pairings, again, yes! But OC's cannot fix everything. If the fucking Hokage can't make Naruto's life much better then how can some random guy from Jack-fuckistan come in one day and fix everything? He can improve on things, like Naruto's skill level, and his relationships with people, even his intelligence and standard of living, but a full-on upswing is IMPOSSIBLE for one person... That was more of a rant than anything...

11. Have extensive knowledge about the subject you are writing on. It really helps the quality of your work if you know what the hell you're writing about in the first place. For example, don't attempt crossovers if you don't have equal knowledge of all elements being used for the story. Either know what's going on, or have one hell of a reference tool at your disposal... as a matter of fact, you should have that at hand regardless because people tend to forget/overlook shit.

this came from kenchi681's profile(his stories are all awesome, go read them now) and I completely agree with all of these. in fact, after number two, it goes for ALL fanfiction(basic concepts anyway), so follow them or I (and presumably many others) will generally refuse to read the story.


the beef of what pops into my head, ranging from simple ideas to entire beginnings of a story. as long as I don't specify, any and all pairings(except yaoi/slash of course, which is discouraged unless for comedic value) are up to the author, and harems are welcomed. generally they will suggest a pairing but you can disregard that if you want to unless it is integral to the challenge itself. if you have written or read a story that is close to one of these, then pm me the title and I will check it out, but I assure you that all of these stemmed from my own mind(though they may have inspiration from other stories. if this is the case, I sincerely apologize for any perceived theft.).

For the record, some of these are upwards of half a decade old, and that's a quarter of my life at this point. I mostly leave them up because it's funny to laugh at the foibles of my teenage self.

1) Aburame surprise(N)

fairly simple one. Shino has been living his whole life since he joined the academy around a single lie: he is, in fact, a she. Naruto finds out. Chaos ensues. can be for any reason you want.(as a note, I would like to see a femGaara story with the same criteria)

2)A different war(HP)

in a nutshell, voldemort's good, and the ministry is bad, and he fakes being a dark lord, and uses the purebloods to gather forces to take it down. harry was actually his child with lily, after a secret affair kept from her abusive husband James. The death eaters forced his hand on attacking the Potters, but it was either that or lose support in the purebloods for being weak, and his goal took priority. So he killed James Potter with glee at the excuse. He managed to kill Lily despite his love, and she accepted it after he explained. he then faked his death,gave Harry a potion to change him to be as close to being the Potters' son as possible, and left the traces of a killing curse on harry, in the form of his scar. from there it goes with cannon at least till harry is around 5 or 6, from which you can do whatever with it.

should be pretty original. someone please at least try this one. please?

3) Itachi's cure (N)

Naruto learns of Itachi's mission to slaughter the uchiha and feels sorry for him. He decides to help him come back to the village. after he finds him and learns of his disease, Kyuubi(who is relatively benevolent in this story for one reason or another) offers a cure, with a catch. Itachi has to turn into a girl. Naruto does it after he discovers Itachi is going to die in a few minutes anyway. Itachi is angry at first, ranting about failing at making sasuke a hero, and restoring the Uchiha clan's honor in the process, when sasuke shows up. upon observing what sasuke turned into, she gets pissed. after killing sasuke in her rage, she decides the newly minted girl has to go back to konoha and revive the Uchiha as the last of them, and decides she would only have children with the one who saved her and opened her eyes; Naruto. should be fun to read. A fight with Hinata over Naruto is suggested, but not required, and harems are as well. have fun to any who write it.

4)strength of blood(RV(Rosario Vampire))

the only real requirements for this challenge is that it is tsukune centric, and (the biggest part) he ISN'T a pussy like in the anime and first half of the manga, and he has some sort of power, either gained or already possessed, which allows him to support his non-pussy personality(preferably something that is really powerful). a harem would be preferable, because I hate it when a man has women throwing themselves at his feet(for valid reasons, stupid fangirls don't count) and he completely denies all of them, or all but one, because he is indecisive or shy. also, unless you make her older and less annoying, no Yukari please. Her personality and general behavior disgust me for a variety of reasons.

5)(couldn't think of a cool title)(N)

after Naruto steals the forbidden scroll, when he overhears Iruka and Mizuki talking about him, he hears Iruka say he hates the kyuubi. Naruto, because he still thinks he is kyuubi from Mizuki's revelation, snaps and calls on kyuubi's chakra, loses control and kills Mizuki. after that he inflicts a fatal wound on Iruka, but when Iruka forgives him, he snaps out of it. Before he dies, Iruka comments on Naruto mastering the shadow clone and gives him his headband for graduating with his dying breath. he gains the Sharingan (kyuubi gave it to him, if you need a reason, or you can come up with some other one if you like) and it turns into the mangekyo because of him killing Iruka. shortly after, he is called into his mindscape/the seal and kyuubi offers to train him(can be because he/she/it likes Naruto or is looking to escape, doesn't really matter) and, because he is still consumed by grief, Naruto accepts. kyuubi uses some special time dilation technique or his mindscape is naturally faster than the real world and kyuubi spends X amount of time training him(in what is up to you) and he comes out in time to get to team assignments. also, because of the intense grief of killing one of the 2-4 people that actually cared about him, he is completely insane(preferably in some way that tends towards comedy). I would prefer if you changed the teams, but if you don't want to then don't.

6)assassin of konoha(N X AC(assassins creed))

this may seem redundant at first glance, but it is supposed to be a crossover. Naruto, early in his life(I'd recommend 3-8, but before the academy) was adopted into a very secretive clan. so secretive that their existence itself was an A-ranked secret. So, it wasn't surprising that next to no one knew that they were nearly wiped out in the kyuubi attack. they were a very unique clan, not really being hereditary at all, contrary to most. to join, you had to have a certain skill set at an early age and a profound amount of skill. they were known only as the brotherhood, and they were assassination specialists of the highest caliber. Naruto was adopted by the sole survivor at previously mentioned age, and trained by him in the ways of an assassin.(it can be an OC or any of the characters, but their skill set has to be redone to narutoverse standards) he still joined the academy and became a ninja, but was being trained in the arts of his clan at the same time. he was found to be a prodigy in the clan arts, taking to them like an uchiha to arrogance(my attempt at comedy), and mastered even the most complicated in the years before he graduated from the academy. from there, go wherever you want. the only other thing is that he cannot be paired with sakura(I just don't like that girl), and I don't want him on a team with the uchiha(too much drama). oh, and he no longer wants to be hokage, or any other type of leader, as that kind of position is entirely too conspicuous for an assassin. have fun with this, it looks interesting.

7)fun with mpd(N)

before the fourth sealed the kyuubi, he planned for contingencies. Contingencies like, say, a very powerful and evil demon persuading its host to kill people. So, when he sealed it, he took its soul and mind with him to the shinigami's stomach, but left the power in the host(naruto, of course). Now, the village, being an impressionable mob of the questionably intelligent , heard that the kyuubi was sealed into a kid, and decided it would be a good idea to kill it, so when they heard that their leader was protecting him, they decided to do their damnedest to kill him themselves.(coincidentally forgetting their knowledge of the fact that their powerful ninja leader was protecting him) Naruto grew up in a terrible way, hated and almost killed several times by the villagers of a village he loved. but because he loved the village, he endured, and tried to forgive them. in the process, he subconsciously created a siphon for the emotions he didn't want to feel towards them, such as anger, hate, depression, and sadness. since the power of the kyuubi was isolated and inherently malevolent, the 'siphon' latched on there and eventually gained consciousness and control over the power. When the snake puts the five elements seal over Naruto's in the chuunin exams, his mind reconnects the halves since they're unsustainable separate without access to the seal, and puts them back together. when he wakes up, naruto is much smarter(as a conscious piece of his mind had nothing to do for several years but think) and much meaner, as well as has some understanding of what happened. when Jiraiya removes the seal, he also has complete control over the kyuubi's power. so to summarize, there is an overpowered, smarter Naruto with more than a few years of pent up anger, hate, and lust(of both the sexual and blood varieties, as he is a teen at this point, and he wouldn't want to feel that without knowing what it is, so he sent it away as well) running around konoha(or elsewhere, doesn't really matter). have fun.

8)Whats a Lycan?(HP, inspiration from Underworld)

Harry was bitten early in his life by a werewolf(at the Dursleys' of course). he barely survived because the werewolf was scared away by people, and he hid from the Dursleys in a forest. the wounds healed much faster than they should have and he noticed several changes, such as enhanced strength and senses(sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing). he goes back to his relatives house and they get pissed at him for being gone for x amount of days, so Vernon tries to beat him with his belt like usual. it triggers a change and harry turns to his werewolf form for the first time, then slaughters his relatives. after they are all dead, police find him covered in blood and huddled in a corner. he gets recovered by the magical community after a short and overall irrelevant period of time in an orphanage(or not, if you want to use that for something) and they identify his relatives death by a werewolf. after he tests negative for what they know as lycanthropy, they send him to a probably unimportant foster home(if you want a specific pairing really bad, here would be where you place him with their family). he discovers his special talent and trains it so he can change at will, and finds that the moon strengthens him further, wolf or human, depending on the phase. he still goes to Hogwarts(or if you feel like it another magical school) and its up to you who finds out about his furry little gift, but he can transfer his version(though if you want to add some drama, he might not know how to do that until he does it on accident).

9)don't have a good title for this one(N)

I've noticed that most FemKyuubi pairings go something along the lines of Kyuubi: "i'm so sorry, its my fault!"; Naruto: "its all right, i forgive you"; Kyuubi: "i'll love you forever!!!"; Not that that is bad, per se, but it gets redundant. so, I want someone to write a Fem kyuubi pairing where kyuubi actually is a malicious bitch, and Naruto loves her because of it. I don't care if you pair him with anyone else, but the kyuubi is a must. other than that, you can do anything you want with the story, though Naruto should probably be more than a little dark in this story. and maybe a little insane.

It has nothing to do with this challenge(as far as I know anyway), but noodlehammer's Reaching for a Dream is almost exactly what I wanted out of this one.

10) A Different Fox(N X YYH(yu yu hakusho))

Fairly simple, the only detail required is that Kurama (from YYH) is the kyuubi. I am actually surprised I haven't found any like this considering the fact that they share a name(and kishi openly declared he got inspiration for the kyuubi from YYH). Other than that fact, the details are up to you(how Kurama acts towards Naruto, how he was sealed, why he attacked Konoha, Madara/no Madara, pairings, etc.)

11)call out(anything goes)

For any story that already exists or any story someone want to write, a story where a male character over 16 that, with full memories of their previous body, gets turned into a girl and has to cope with that. Ranma is obviously excluded, but Ranma 1/2 crossovers are a very appropriate mechanism for the gender shift.

12)currently nameless challenge(N X TM(Tenchi Muyo))

inspired by MrWriterWriter's challenge. when Naruto is looking through the forbidden scroll, he finds(instead of shadow clones or along with, doesn't really matter) Ryoko's power jewels. And obviously, he can use them, or it wouldn't be worth mentioning. After that, his personality changes so he is more like her, and he has all her powers, so have fun with that. I also do NOT want to see other Tenchi Muyo characters show up, because it would seriously upset Naruto's world's power balance(above and beyond the OP protagonist, anyway). To be honest, this seems more like a very long one shot than anything else, from how I see it, mostly because the serious OP-ness that is Ryoko. but still, if you think you can do better, feel free.

13)blood of a Saiyan(B(Bleach) X DB(Dragon Ball(Z)))

It is always astounding how Ichigo manages time and again to come back and defeat opponents with twice the strength of his last fight after near death experiences, but it remains explained in vague terms and something as simple as "he fights to protect his friends, therefore he is strong". Well, I know of a little race who call themselves the Saiyans who just so happen to have the exact same ability to rebound from death with new found strength, so I say Ichigo's mother was one of them, and that's where he got that particular trait. Of course she had his tail removed before anyone else could find out, including him. I leave it up to you when, where, or how he finds that particular trait out(or if he already knew it if that works for you) and how it affects his life, as well as where in the DB/DBZ timeline it happens(preferably way before) but I don't want any DB/DBZ characters showing up randomly, mostly because the characters from the two series don't exactly mesh, but he can go out exploring the galaxy or something if you really want him to.

first a little back story to this one. I recently decided to actually find as much fate/stay night fan fiction as possible because of(in part) boredom and(mostly) Third Fang's story from fake dreams(read it now, it's great) and I decided to, as is the norm, check the crossover section as well for interesting/hilarious crossovers, and I found several. but one gave me an interesting(read hilarious) idea. Now I don't claim to have much experience in either world, but I don't think I need it to issue this challenge. so without further adieu:

14)Fate/Gensokyo(obviously F/SN X Touhou)

through any method you want(preferably the meddling of Yukari) one or all(or anything in between, but at least Shirou's must be one) of the servants that would have been summoned were characters from the Touhou series. I don't have much knowledge about most of those characters, but for recommendations, I would ask either Sakuya(because her style of fighting and manner suit him well) or Yukari(because she's my favorite) be summoned as Shirou's servant. no comment on anyone else, except Suika would make a funny fucking berserker. I really hope this gets done. it would be fucking hilarious.

Obligatory "copy/paste" section, which is self explanatory I hope.

(A Marry Sue alphabet(all credit goes to irony-chan for writing this). it is hilarious because it's true, and it gave me no less than three story ideas)

A's for Amanda
Our hero's twin sister
Got lost as a baby
And gosh, how he missed her
He always suspected
He had a half lacking
He set off to find her
By magical tracking
So now they're together
And smiling a lot
Too bad that the story's
Got no trace of plot

B is for Bridget
Who's named for the author
She could have been subtle
But just didn't bother
Yet somehow I doubt
That the writer's a d-cup
Or sings like an angel
With nary a hiccup
Or doesn't need glasses
Or looks like a hottie
Or ever will earn
Her black belt in karate

C is for Clementine
Good on a broom
The fastest of flyers
Just look at her zoom!
The new school all-star
She aims like a dream
They haven't lost once yet
Since Clem made the team!
But the other side's jealous
And might not play fair
Will they cheat 'til she loses?
... does anyone care?

D's for Diana
Her story's a wreck!
With no sign of grammar
Or any spell-check
The readers sent email
To justly complain
But all of their efforts
Turned out to be vain
The author replied with:
"Who cares how it's written?
"It's only a fanfic!
"You're mean, and kick kittens!"

E is for Elwen
An elf in her glory!
Who seems unaware
That she's in the wrong story
Like all of her people
She's comely and wise
The hardest heart melts
At her come-hither eyes
But how did she get here?
There aren't any clues
And the author won't tell
'Til she gets more reviews

F for Furiko
Who came from the East
Her father's a magical
Shrinekeeper priest
She brought her katana
And swings it with ease
And she'll say 'onegai'
Instead of just 'please'
Each chapter begins with
A guide to the phrases
And thanks the reviewers
For singing her praises

G is for Georgia
Likes watching TV
Replaying the movie
Upon DVD
'Til one day by magic
The screen opened wide
Before Georgia knew it
It sucked her inside!
Now she'll save the hero
By hook or by crook
She knows all the future
'Cause she's read the book

H starts the name
Of a girl called Heather
An element witch
Who can magic the weather
A sunshiny day
Means she's merry and glad
But thunder and snowstorms
Show up when she's mad
And should she be sleeping
And having strange dreams...
I suppose that might be why
It's raining sardines

I for Isolda
Who's nasty and mean
The worst evil sorceress
You've ever seen
The Dark Lord is naught but
Her grovelling bitch
No-one out-evils
This black little witch!
It runs in her family
Right down in her roots
But without a good beta
Her plots become ploots

J is for Janviere
Frozen and cold
A silent immortal
A thousand years old
Ever since she discovered
The Sorcerer's Stone
There have been none to love her
She wanders alone
Her tale is tragic
With no-one to tell
Where she hid the body
Of Nicolas Flamel

K is for Kimberly
Nothing but trouble
There's chaos a boiling
In her cauldron's bubble
The girl's a genius
Her pranks are the best!
But all of the teachers
They think she's a pest
Four times in a row
She's been kicked out of school
To let her in here
The headmaster's a fool

L for Lorraina
The heir to three thrones
She dresses in ballgowns
And wears precious stones
But deep in her heart
She's so royally lonely
She longs for a prince
To love her and her only
She wants to be treated
Like all other girls
Perhaps if she'd dump
The tiara and pearls

M is for Madysonne
Fresh from the states!
Like totally awesome
This chica, she rates!
She brought with her all of
Her favourite CD's
And might let you listen
If you just say please
She's spreading the music
As far as she can
And somehow I'm guessing
The author's a fan

N is for Naoko
In space she has dwelt
Her real name's Sailor
Asteroid Belt
A student by day
Vigilante by night
A short-skirted soldier
In crimson and white!
But what will she do when
Her secret's discovered?
Why, sex up the hero
And make him her lover!

O for Ophelia
The evil guy's daughter
Her life is so awful
Her tears flow like water
Her husband's been chosen
By father and mother
But her heart already
Belongs to another
Oh woe! And oh angst!
Yeah, it's piled on thick
And most of the readers
Are gonna be sick

P is for Paris
Just swimming in prose!
Her lips weren't pink only
They bloomed like a rose!
Like wheat in the sunshine
The gold of her hair
Her eyes, how they sparkled
As clear as the air!
Her skin was as white
As the robe of a saint
And it's that lack of iron
Keeps making her faint

Q is for Qing
She's the Chinese exchange
Her manners are foreign
Her habits are strange
She's odd and exotic
She dresses in silk
Eats rice for her breakfast
And never drinks milk
A stereotype walking
On feet bound up small
The author did clearly
No research at all

R for Rhiannon
Got brought up by a pack
Of wolves in the wild
One would think that she'd lack
For poise and good manners
But she's got 'em in spades
Perhaps that is how
Every she-wolf behaves
There's only one chapter
But quite clear to see
That poor helpless werewolf
Will get paired with she

S for Serena
Who changes her form
When she wants she can become
A white unicorn
Both tigers and eagles
Are shapes she can take
A big golden dragon
A small silver snake
A galloping mustang
A peacock of blue
The woman's a one-person
Portable zoo

T is for Tracey
The coolest of cool
Most popular chick
At her old wizard school
But here things are different
She's all but unseen
The others don't like her
And everyone's mean
It's all 'bout the in-crowd
And the reader infers
That in the end Trace
Will say vengeance is hers

U is for Umbra
Which isn't a name
But in the end really
There's worse stuff to blame:
Her surname is either
'MacKay' or 'MacBride'
The story says both
It can't seem to decide
That's about as much sense
As this fic ever makes
Especially since it lacks
Paragraph breaks

V for 'Virginia'
Who used to be canon
'Til one day along came
A writer named Shannon
Now Gin's into cutting
And punk-rocker bands
And writes poems 'bout the pain
That no-one understands
But her parents don't worry
To any degree
Because just like their daughter
They're both OOC

W stands for
One Wendover Sable
She started off Sue-some
Right out of the cradle
The poor foundling baby
Was given a home
By snobby, rich wizards
Brought her up like their own
And should any point out
That this ain't realistic
Just watch as the author
Goes fully ballistic

X is for Xanthe
Who isn't a Sue
Like any good character
She's got flaws, too
Her hair isn't curly!
Her nails she bites!
She's scared of the dark
When she turns out the lights!
So many things
That could get in the way...
But they'll never stop Xanthe
From saving the day

Y is for Yarrow
Who's better than teacher
At seeing tomorrow
In every small feature
In fact, she's so good
That she tutors the classes
And with her instructing
All students get passes
Yet when she predicts ruin
Woe is her - no one hears!
So much for the love
And respect of her peers

Z is for Zuli
Her name is Zuliekha
But she keeps it short 'cause
That's tough on the speaker
She sings and she dances!
She's mastered disguise!
She chit-chats with snakes!
She makes Julienne fries!
The reader is torn
Between laughter and gaping
Spoofs shouldn't be worse
Than the things that they're aping

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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