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Author has written 8 stories for X-Men: Evolution.

My name is Ash and I'm madly passionate about writing fanfiction about Rogue and Gambit from X-Men Evolution. There's not much else interesting to say, really. Don't expect the chars to be true to the comic/show, it never stays that way with me.

It's FANFICTION. not CANON MARVEL WRITTEN FICTION. If you don't like it, don't read then consistently complain.

Few Q&A I've had over the past year in various PM's and reviews.

Q: What else are you working on? What's coming next?

A: "I, Assassin" is still in the works, whether few read it or not, it's probably been one of my most favourites to write up to date and I'm definitely intending to see it finished. There's a couple of Gambit-centric stories in the works, but at this point they're merely prologues. There was going to be a Christmas Special follow up to the "Magnetic Attraction" trilogy, but the short few pages I intended to turn into a short follow up turned into a rather lengthy 110 pages (in an unfinished format) and I wasn't sure I wanted to go that route again. I haven't touched it for months. Next story will probably be "Beneath the Surface".

Q: Why do you keep misspelling "Derranged". No spellchecker?!

A: Because it's a play on the word "Arranged". It's deliberate, not accidental or bad spelling.

Q: Why is "Trouble in St. Tropez" so short? Did you really hate writing it?

A: I wouldn't say I've hated writing it, it's been no picnic however. There are a few reasons it's shorter than the others I've written, but one main one is that the story is meant to take place over the course of a week (which is trimmed down slightly when Wolverine appears). The story is shorter because the time span is shorter and there's only so much I feel could "fit" into a week what with Gambit getting ratarsed every night, lol. However I do expect the third instalment (working title "Beneath the Surface") will span a much longer time frame as they're in Bayville.

Q: Is there going to be a sequel to "Blind Leading the Blind"?

A: I'm not going to say "no" definitely, but at the moment there's no real plans and never really have been for any sequels to that particular story. I felt there was enough closure that Remy would join the X-Men and he and Rogue would work towards a relationship slowly.

Q: Why are all your stories so angst-ridden? Why can't you just write fluff and happy stuff?

A: In essence, writing 'fluff' and steady easy going romances isn't really my cup of tea. I write Angst because it tends to come very naturally to me. Something inside of me seems to write the chapters without much prompting from me. I don't sit there thinking "what's the most messed up thing can I write to make the story more dramatic". It doesn't work like that for me. I go through a strange writing process where I don't think of what I'm going to write, it just seems to flow out, as if someone else is in my body writing it for me and I'm being ordered to type. Sometimes I'm as much a reader as any one else, I never know what's going to happen until it's written. Seems to be an inner writer who makes the decisions and I'm just the one who gets to type it...I don't get to know her ideas until they're down on a document, lol. While I do think it's nice some people can write fluff and happy stories, I just can't. Remy and Rogue were never a "lucky" couple in the comics or the shows, they were always doomed to various downfalls and that's why I always found them so fascinating as a couple and as individuals.

Q: Your writing style and plots/angst are similar to a series of Romy fics called "Dismal Angel", are you basing yours on them?

A: No. I don't copy from other fanfics and I don't really read them (because I rarely have time to write them, let alone read them, lol). The truth is I wrote "Dismal Angel" (and DA: 2010 and DA: Revelations) some time ago. The reason it remains unfinished was due to the bulk of finished parts to it that were accidentally deleted during a move of house. They will also be finished some day. The reason this account was made to ensure that these stories aren't mixed up with the "Dismal Angel" plotlines (I was also curious how many would probably figure out the same author wrote both, lol).

Q: Your stories have the annoying British spellings popping up (colour instead of color, etc), why is that?

A: I'm Scottish and this is how I write. Open Office corrects when I try to put the American spellings in and I'm too lazy to change the program to accommodate that. If "pavement" appears in a story, I've almost always typed out "sidewalk" but the program simply doesn't allow it and autocorrects to "pavement". It's a slight flaw, but hopefully it can be overlooked ;) The story is important, not the wording (hopefully).

Q: Did you know every story you write has a newel post in it?

A: St. Tropez doesn't have a newel post ;)

Q: Why is Rogue not in "I, Assassin"?

A: I've had this idea for a while that it'd be interesting to see Remy while he is not being defined by a relationship he is in with Rogue (which is usually what I write, even unintentionally). I've been wondering for a while how Remy's character would turn out if he was given the chance to just be in a story without any of Rogue's problems giving him reason to be depressed or suicidal, without him having to abstain or deal with heartbreak. Remy having the chance to be a normal hot blooded young man with opportunities for sex, but also having dilemmas that are nothing to do with Rogue was too good to pass up on writing about. After all, in the comics he wasn't always defined by his relationship with Rogue (he had sex with various women, etc, he had a life outside of his feelings for Rogue and her issues didn't dictate how he lived his life completely). "I, Assassin" is Remy's survival story, possibly with a later instalment after it ends focusing on the second phase of his story.

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