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Author has written 8 stories for Bleach, Kuroshitsuji, Naruto, and Batman.

Why, Hello. Uh, Welcome to my profile. Thanks in advance for wasting your time looking at this.

I suppose I had better seem at least mildly interesting...


Name: NyxX

Age: Well, I'm over ten and under 100. Guess.

Gender: Again. Guess.


Favourite Music: *cracks neck. Aiden, Alesana, Breaking Benjamin, Escape the Fate, Emarosa, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, October Fall, Evanescence, Miyavi, Nightmare, LM.C, SID, Gazette, Uverworld, Lolita23q, Mayday Parade, My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars, In Fiction, The Used, A Thorn for every Heart, Parade the Day, Mumford and Sons, Bullet for my Valentine...*trails on and on and on...

Favourite Anime: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Death Note, Code Geass, Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion, Fairytail, Hikaru no go, Getbackers, Gensomaden Saiyuki, Prince of Tennis, FMA, Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, Pandora Hearts, 07 Ghost, Kateikyo Hitman Reborn, D. Gray Man, Vampire Knight, Rozen Maiden, Rozen Maiden Traumend, The Twelve Kingdoms...and soooooo many more.

Favourite Books: You DON'T want to get me started.

Favourite Author/s: Matthew Reilly, Sara Douglas, David Eddings, Raymond.E.Fiest, Tamora Pierce, Christopher Paulini, Terry Brooks, Brent Weeks, Darren Shan, Kate Forsyth, again, by the time I finish we'll all be dust.

Favourite Quotes: "When I'm sad I stop being sad and be Awesome instead." Barney Stinson.
"A belief is not merely an idea the mind possess, it is an idea that possess the mind." Robert Oxton Bolton.

And here is where i shall rant.

I personally REALLY hate authors that just abandon stories halfway through, for whatever reason. That is why most of my stories will be oneshots, because I lose interest in things really quite fast, so I don't really bother with long term things now.
I write based upon whatever fandom has caught my attention at the present. So I switch based on the anime I am currently watching.
So that means that right now I'm kinda obssessed with Bleach, but that's going to change because i just ran out of episodes and have decided to catch up on Naruto so, you know what I am likely to be writing next.

Another thing, it really annoys me, for some odd reason, when authors can't spell simple words, or just don't understand the meaning of words, such as:

Differences between you're and your.

the fact that a lot is TWO words not one.

the differences between there and their.

and other similar, but equally irksome, common mistakes.

I am not saying that I myself am perfect, mistakes are human, but PLEASE at least ATTEMPT to fix some of these mistakes. please?
Oh. And if anyone finds grammar/spelling mistakes in any of my pieces feel free to tell me. Preferably nicely.

I will ALWAYS reply to reviews so if I'm a little late, I'm terribly sorry. I promise to get back to you.

Oh yes. Just a little bit of shameless self promotion - - Yeah that's me~

How awesome is I?

WELL, for anyone who actually reads this, I'm working on a collaboration with a good friend of mine, Revolus, go spam her ;D
Anyway, we're writing a (hopefully) epic naruto/bleach crossover. There may or may not be any form of yaoi in it, depends on how horny we are XP

So yeah, keep tuned for that~

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We're One and the Same reviews
"I guess I could call this the ultimate punch line, huh?"
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When the Game Ends reviews
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