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Fanfics: (noun) A fan made fiction, not real, nor meant to be interpreted as real, based on a concept enjoyed by the author of the fiction. Fictions may be close to original canon, or completely opposite or unrelated at all. Therefor, STOP FLAMING STUFF PEOPLE! FANFICS ARE MADE BY PEOPLE TO DIFFERENTIATE FROM CANON. IF A CHARACTER IS OOC IT IS SIMPLY BECAUSE WE WANT THEM THAT WAY! THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT, AND THAT'S WHY ITS CALLED FANFICTION!


Like a whisper to the dusk, an oath against the shadows denying the dark!

Like a prayer unto the dawn, in arms against the shadows destroying the dark!

The only things that upset me are people who treat others like crap for no apparent reason, and those that allow it to happen.

The Honest Truth on the Hinata/Sakura war

People will always have their opinions. That is a fact that the world will never be able to avoid. There will always be NaruHina fans and there will always be NaruSaku fans. As it stands, most people will never be able to comprehend why people like NaruSaku, and vice versa, so there's no point in arguing and flaming people's stories because of it. Even I, for this reason, can't understand why people act like Sakura is a saint when she is far from it, and the little feelings she did have for Naruto are still EXTREMELY over shadowed by those she has for Sasuke. Even further, she claims to love Sasuke when he has done nothing, nor shown any hints that would make the girl think that it would work between them.

And being fair, the same could be said about Hinata. Naruto is oblivious to the girl. The emotions that she claims for the guy is just so downright unrealistic and only used to give her a slot in the canon that it feels forced.

Then you have the fanfics that either portray Sakura or Hinata in an extreme way. A.K.A Sakura using Naruto intentionally (In a way that would destroy his feelings), hurting him and backstabbing him, which I don't believe she would do regardless of how much disdain I hold for her, and then you have the ones where Hinata pretends to like Naruto, downright hates Naruto, and sometimes even cheats on Naruto. It is in that authors rights to make them like this. All I ask is that fans of the opposite fanbase, don't flame them for this. Just stop reading.

All of this means absolutely nothing in fanfiction. (Hell, Kishimoto must love fanfiction since he's randomly making up sh-t to keep the manga going.)

So the concept of this little rant is to say that Sakura fans, Hinata fans, and all other things in between need to suck it up and get along. (Or at least don't kill each other over this pointless war.) There will ALWAYS be fans of the opposite fanbase, and sometimes you might be surprised by reading a story that makes the opposite side seem pretty damn good. (Believe me, I've seen some GOOD NaruSaku fanfics, even if I had to force myself through the first chapter.)

The Honest Truth on the "True Naruto Fan" crisis

Something really pissed me off. I actually found someone putting down that if you take away Naruto's orange jumpsuit, his love for ramen, his undying friendship and obsession over Sasuke and pretty much anything that makes the fanfic canon, you're not a true Naruto fan. So let's do it this way...

Nice Version: This falls under someone's personal opinion. Yeah, you could leave Naruto the same old goofy blonde with a heart of gold that can't ever be tainted and re-write the tale like the thousands of others that have already done so. You could find the diamond in the rough that stands out from these stories and actually enjoy it. (Like KingKakashi's story Naruto vs. Sasuke: The Aftermath. It has far strayed from canon now though and continues to be a marvelous beauty.) However, this goes back to saying this is fanfiction. Authors put what they want, and that doesn't determine if they're a 'true fan' or not. 'True fans' are open to change, yet retaining of their own opinions.

Not So Nice Version: Who the f-k are you to say we aren't 'True fans' because we decided to change up the natural bull crap that we could watch on tv, internet, or read in the manga? We are entitled to our opinions, A.K.A THE REASON FOR BEING ON THIS SITE! If you're so convoluted, and delusional enough to think that being blindly dedicated to someone else's work makes you a true fan, then you are not only wasting your time here, but also showing the world how one-dimensional you are, and how far the stick that was up Neji's ass has driven into your slowly decaying and irrational piece of crap you call a brain. So how about you stop going from fic to fic flaming every single last change or OOC with half assed assessments, and find something more constructive to do with your time, like getting off of Kishimoto's d-ck.

But like I said, we're all entitled to our opinions...

Bashing, Alternate Universe, and OC's (Original Characters.)

Bashing: Like I stated above several times, opinions people! What you like, someone else may not. Someone else may downright hate it, and as annoying as it is, we really have to deal with it.

Bashing of characters in certain stories, or my case, Naruto stories, don't happen often, and when they do, they aren't too bad. By bashing, I mean physically. Some people say this is childish and unnecessary, which to some extent, it is unnecessary. However, nothing about it is childish. People have their own reasons for not liking a character and deciding to dish out a punishment of some sort. (Believe me, read Dark Destiny Revised by Violent Werewolf-Dark Prince, and I was a little disturbed by the bashing.) It's understandable that there are people who like bashing and those who don't. My own opinion is punishment and redemption. Everyone has a chance at redemption in my stories unless I say otherwise beforehand. (So in most cases, either Sasuke will get no slack, Danzou will NEVER get any slack, and half of the time, Sakura will be let off the hook.) In some cases I may even pick out the faults of characters that I like, including Naruto himself. As I like Hinata, but still categorize her with Sakura, even she won't always be spared from some sort of punishment redemption.

Alternate Universe (AU): For the record, I will never, EVER, write canon. I don't know what this means to some people, but for the fact that this is fanfiction, every single last fic can be classified as AU. My stories may all be called AU for the fact that I follow the time line of canon in most of my fics, however, all happenings shouldn't be regarded to happen in the show or have happened in the show. If something happens or is said or done that hasn't happened in the manga/anime, then that is simply because I choose to change something. However, everything I do in my fics have a reason. So to those reading HWND, Takigakure being destroyed and turned into Amegakure has a reason.

Original Characters (OC's): This is actually kind of confusing. Most people I know really don't like OC's in stories. I can accept them, but when they try to take the spotlight of the story or end up being overpowered Mary Sue's, then it gets annoying. I try to avoid using OC's by filling in open positions with characters from other anime/manga. In this aspect, I may change those characters personalities as well to fit the story, though I will always make an attempt to keep them true to their own persona. If there is ever a time when I must add an OC, then it will be limited and never overpowering of the story line itself.

The Line

I really couldn't think of a better title for this section. There are somethings that many people find taboo, and/or just completely wrong, even morally. There are things I am willing to do and things I am not going to do. When it comes down to ages of consent for 'sexual contact' in my Naruto stories, I am open minded. Though I draw my line at the ages of Hanabi and Konohamaru before shippudden. So I will NEVER write a Naruto/Hanabi fanfic, and that's not just because of the ages, nor will I have Konohamaru at the age of 8 trying to feel up Moegi. Same for Naruto in his childhood days. Now during the last year and after the academy is open season for all ages.

I will not write or support NejiHina personally. People say they are allowed because it is within the clan, however, that's a lie. Mating within the clan is allowed for members, however, Neji and Hinata are first cousins by blood. Neji's father is Hinata's direct uncle and vice-versa. However, oddly enough, that does not reflect my opinion. That was just a little fun fact. As one of my readers said, they could not stand to see Temari with anyone other than Naruto. Well, as petty as it may seem, I really can't stand to see Hinata with anyone other than Naruto either. On a rare occasion I can support KibaHina, but even that gets me a bit upset.

Fem Haku and Fem Kyubi

In many, MANY, Japanese mythologies, the Kyubi no Kitsune, or predominantly the Kitsune no Oni, is a FEMALE. What many people don't know is the story of Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru is an age old mythology in itself too, but I digress. In my stories, the Kyubi will always and only be MALE, because of the fact that it's easier to give the Kyubi its canon personality while modifying it to your story. (I can't stand stories that make Kyubi a woman just for the hell of it. I would prefer there be a reason other than pairing it with Naruto.) However, when people constantly argue about the Kyubi being a male, then that's only Naruto canon. Kyubi in mythology is a woman, and nothing is going to change that.

I apologize before hand right now. Haku will usually be male in my stories. And at the request of a fan (and the loss of a bet -_-), I am still going to write a NaruHaku story. So, begrudgingly, I will be attempting my first yaoi ever...

As far as Haku in a heterosexual light, there will be some and minor questions on his sexuality and in some cases, I may still pair him with Naruto if it fits the story. After being around some of my homosexual friends this summer, I'm more open minded to relationships in my stories, though I'll stay hetero. I love women too much.


A term used to indicate if a story may have people switch pairings or not. For instance, if a story may have a character with feelings for one person, they date, and then in the end it doesn't work out. Then said character enters a relationship with another character, most probably noted in the summary of the story. (For a better example, if TenTen ends up crushing on Naruto a bit, and then they date. But then she ends up having stronger feelings for Neji and they break it off so TenTen could be with Neji, then that is a pairingswitch.)

The most common, moral pairingswitch would be when Naruto and Sakura date, have feelings for Hinata and Sasuke respectively, then end up leaving each other for the two.

I am a fan of all anime, but the only one I'm doing at the moment is Naruto. There's just too much going on to not do it.

Fav. Animes/Manga:

Naruto (Manga only)


Full Metal Alchemist/Brotherhood

Psycho Busters

Dead Man's Wonderland

Full Metal Panic

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Higurashi No Naku Kori Ni (Full Series)

Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou



Furi Kuri

Gurren Lagann

Dance in the Vampire Bund

Toaru Majutsu No Index

And I'm not going to name anymore...seriously, if we did that then we'd have a full fic on the bios page.

Fav. Pairings:





















Full Metal Alchemist/Brotherhood:


...Well, we're not going to continue this one either.



Sakura: Please, don't spray bull crap about her not being as bad in Shippudden! READ THE MANGA! STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR HER!! She almost proved herself worthy when she ALMOST killed Sasuke, but she just couldnt' do it!! THE BASTARD HAD ALREADY TRIED TO KILL HER TWICE!!!!

Sasuke: I did not hate the guy until he tried to put a hole in Naruto. Avenger my azz! There's no justifying betraying those you call your best friends. He was selfish and on the road to self destruction anyway, so let him do that! Stop trying to make it seem like he had a good reason or was forced into leaving!

Kabuto: Really? Give me one reason NOT to hate the guy!

Envy and Lust(Full Metal Alchemist): Come on! They killed colonel Hughes!! T.T

Haruhi (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya): Hate to say it, but I don't exactly hate her, more than I think she's a complete and utter b-tch in the first season. I can see she's a good person...somewhat, but still? Leave Mikuru alone already!

Shion Sonozaki (Higurashi): I never thought I'd hate anyone as bad as I hate Sakura, but she proved me wrong. She went completely off the deep end and is the only one who actually killed all of her friends. But what did it was the way she tortured Satoko and then planned on killing Keiichi, who did nothing but try to help her. So, congrats Shion, you've earned title of BIGGEST B-TCH IN HISTORY!!

Projects For the Future!!!

Break Me Down (NaruIno): Takes place in shippudden. Ino undergoes a series of harsh breakups, one after another. After a while, she plans on doing the only thing her mind could process; Running away from the village. Almost successful, her path is blocked by Naruto, who doesn't give her an option of leaving. Dragging her back to the village, he forces her to stay with him to prevent her from trying to leave again. Things start to change, however, as a run in with Sakura forces Naruto to do the same thing; Runaway.

Picking Up The Pieces (NaruHina): Shippudden. All her life, she had wanted him. She wanted to be with him, to walk with him. But now, after bringing Sasuke back, the only other person he sees is Sakura. They were happy, and that made her happy right? No. But the happiness of one pathetic Hinata Hyuga wasn't important. Her soul shattered, she swore that there would be no one there to pick up her pieces.

I Dare You... *Or Kings Game*(NaruIno): AU. Near End of First half. After a long mission, Team 7 gets invited to TenTen's house for a party. During, a storm whips up, leaving all guest stranded. To kill the boredom, the female ninja decide to play with the boys. "Kings Game!" (Gonna use Kings Game and Truth or Dare)

Sola and Luna (NaruHina): Semi Dark. Her hair was the night sky. His hair was the morning sun. Her eyes were the shining moon. His eyes were the unending skies. Both so totally different, but bound together for a common goal. Get back at all who hurt them.

Beyond The Horizon (NaruIno): He was a shell. A fragile, brittle outward appearance of what used to be Uzumaki Naruto. There was no sadness. There was no anger. There was no happiness. Just the glare that made her heart ache, and the silence that enveloped the world, far beyond the horizon.

Onegai (NaruShizu): He was still killing himself, each and everyday. Taking everyone's burdens onto himself. But she would stop him, and take the burdens with him, even if he didn't know it.

Dance In the Wolf's Hollow (NaruAnko): (Right after Wave) Naruto's new found addiction to learning and perfecting just about EVERYTHING has finally gotten on someone's nerves. However, when Naruto shows just what perfection means, not even the wolves will be able to help them. (Super powered Naruto)

Shallows of the Heart (HinaNaruShizu): Shizune's death was not forgotten by everyone. Naruto still remembers, and the pain of knowing she was gone, even if just for moments, ate at his soul. (An utterly romantic romance story. FIRST TIME.)

Red Wave Saint (NaruHina): During the battle with Mizuki, Naruto is injured gravely and the seal breaks. The Nine Tailed Fox gets loose, however a second seal kicks in. With the Kyubi completely absorbed into Naruto, how can the village cope when a god walks among them? (Super powered Naruto, though not as broken as he may seem. MUCH smarter, but personality changes occur later in story.)

Your Eyes Lie (O.M.G...InoNaruSaku): What was the pain she felt? Seeing him walk away with her? Knowing that everything she said was true? Why did Naruto not look at her the way he used to? He never smiled for her anymore. Was he telling the truth? Had she done such terrible things through her life? Looking in the mirror, she said no. But her eyes were full of lies. (Sakura bashing and redemption. I can't bring myself to write a fic with just NaruSaku alone.)

Hope Will Never Die (NaruHarem) Harem: Hinata, Ino, Shizune, Hana Inuzuka, Nii Yugito, Fuu, Kin, Tayuya, and Anko. Absolutely will not include: Movie characters, Filler Arc characters, Ayame, Temari, Hanabi, Kurenai, or Tsunade. Acceptable: Karin. Pairingswitching: Sakura, Ten-Ten, and Yugito. (Begins at beginning of chunin exams, ends three to four years later): Before entering the chunin exams, Naruto learns of his heritage from the Kyuubi. Finding the drive that he wasn't supposed to have until three years later, he gives up his childish act, opting instead to become the ninja that his father could only even dream of being. (Slight bashing and redemption for both Sakura and Sasuke.) (Pairingswitching for some characters. Read pairingswitching at the top of my profile to understand what that is if you haven't.)

I have more, but those are the ones I'm doing first!!!

Stories in progress, current standings (Due to serious life changes and heavy writers block, all stories in this category will be going on hiatus, as if they weren't already. I apologize for the inconvenience and hope to continue posting at the best possible time.)

Beyond The Horizon: Final chapters are in process. Currently trying to tie together all pieces of the puzzle, so may take a bit. (Warning: Chapter 9 had mild bashing of Sakura, so if anyone is offended by this and wish to stop reading, I respect your decision.)

Break Me Down: Will be continued when Beyond The Horizon is complete.

Hope Will Never Die: Hoping to finish the first half of the chunin exam arc within the next two or three chapters. (Next to be updated) -(To those commenting on Fuu about being from Takigakure, I think I stated in ch. 4 that Taki was destroyed many years prior, and rebuilt as Amegakure. This is completely AU, if you will, and so will many aspects in future chapters be. If this concerns you, please either pm me, or if you are a flamer, read my profile and shut up.)

One Shot/Short Story Corner

I have decided that due to time constraints and heavy writers block, I will be attempting several one shots and short stories. I posted the first one already, (Survival of the Fittest) and hopefully it will help me get back to writing all together. I plan on doing at least two or three short stories and three or four one shots. They all won't be Naruto related, but for the most part and early on they will be. I'm hoping to continue with my main projects before the end of August, but if not late September.

Many of the one shots will usually be romance oriented and I made them so that once I start on the main projects again, they could lead to some major projects as well, but that all depends on what the readers think. For now, I'll try to keep a regular posting time with the one shots depending on how much internet access I get. Any and all encouragement is welcome and I'll have a list of the one shots and short stories in progress soon.

I hereby state, that whatever I feel like putting in my fanfics, I will put. I thoroughly dissaprove of the way Kishimoto is portraying Naruto currently. (Though it's his anime, he can do whatever he wants with it.) I state that I now, one hundred percent seperate my Naruto fanfics from canon. All events that happen differently from canon are because I felt that I wanted to make something else happen. For anyone who would complain about this, get off this site, order dish, switch to the Disney Channel and watch Naruto. This is Fanfiction . net, so you will get FANFICTION!!! Copy and paste this if you want, doesn't matter to me.

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Naruto vs Sasuke: The Aftermath by Kingkakashi reviews
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Day By Day by violent werewolf-Dark Prince reviews
When the Kyubi tries to save Naruto from near death, he accidentally grants him a complete look into the future. With the knowledge of what's to come, Naruto will try to change the course of history, one day at a time. InoNaruHinaSaku, KakaKure, JirTsu, TayuShikaTema, KibAya, ChoKin, IruAnko, NejiTen.
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,055 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 24 - Published: 8/9/2014 - [Hinata H., Naruto U.] [Ayame, OC]
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words: 21,533 - Reviews: 104 - Favs: 127 - Follows: 143 - Updated: 12/5/2010 - Published: 5/26/2010 - Ino Y., Naruto U.
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