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Random author.

My current obssesion is Soul Eater and Vocaloid.

I love writing; it's one of my favorite hobbies. Well, other than drawing that is.

I enjoy reading too; and sometimes, I could even lose track of time.

Hmm...what else?

Real name: -unknown-

Age: -unknown-





-Playing outside

Favorite colors: White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red and Green

Least Favorite colors: Light, blinding pink.


-Maka x Soul--> from the anime: Soul Eater

-Rin x Len--> from: Vocaloid

-Minako (She's the FeMC in P3P, and I refer to her as that) x Sanada Akihiko--> from: Persona 3 Portable

-Minako (She's the FeMC in P3P, and I refer to her as that) x Aragaki Shinjiro> from: Persona 3 Portable

Now that I look at it again, I'm pretty picky with 'pairings'. So, it's rare that I actually even support a pairing.


-Maka Albarn--> from the anime: Soul Eater

-Soul Eater--> from the anime: Soul Eater

-Death the Kid--> from the anime: Soul Eater

-Black Star--> from the anime: Soul Eater

-Crona--> from the anime: Soul Eater (hey, hey, did you know? The author of Soul Eater never gave Crona a permanent, decided gender. It's up to the readers/audience to decide whether Crona is a girl or a boy ;])

-Kagamine Rin--> from: Vocaloid

-Kagamine Len--> from: Vocaloid

(lots of people say that Rin and Len are twins or mirror reflections, but to me, they could be either. In some song vids, they could be twins, and in others: lovers. And actually, I don't mind both.)

-Megurine Luka--> from: Vocaloid

-Igarashi Ganta--> from the anime: Deadman Wonderland (super epic. Highly recommended.)

-Shiro--> from the anime: Deadman Wonderland

-Minako (She's the FeMC in P3P, and I refer to her as that)--> from: Persona 3 Portable

-Sanada Akihiko--> from: P3P

-Aragaki Shinjiro--> from: P3P

-Mochizuki Ryoji--> from: P3P/P3FES

-Arisato Minato (MC)--> from: P3FES

Sorry, was it too much?

Oh well, I felt on writing so I just couldn't stop myself.

Yeah, from the lists mentioned above, it's quite obvious that I'm currently obsessed with: the anime, Soul Eater. (Watch it for those who haven't. You seriously won't regret it.)

By the way, you guys should also listen to Pierrot- Senka Cover. It was originally sung by Hatsune Miku, but I thought Senka's--a Japanese singer--voice suits the song much better. You really won't regret it as well, because the art work is amazing. Not to mention the meaning of the song;_;

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