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Author has written 7 stories for Advance Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog, Elder Scroll series, Fable, and Earthbound.

If you read my stories, be warned that most of them are in-progress, and that I have the infuriating tendency to work very slowly on them all at once (some people confuse me with George R.R. Martin). I'm pretty busy these days, so a lot of my focus tends to go elsewhere. I also like lengthy stuff, which adds on to the time it takes me to write up something, so... don't wait around for anything of mine. I also have the tendency to add new stories, say they suck a month later, and get rid of them. That's what happens when you get overly critical of yourself, I guess. But if people enjoy them, hey, let me know.

Current Stories:

The Fighters - The first halfway decent piece of fanfiction I ever wrote. I wrote stuff before this, but you don't want to see it. I think it was the second Advance Wars fic to be written--I think. My lack of writing experience is apparent in it (I was still young, give me a break), especially given the awful ending I gave it, which was born from "I feel like ending this now and not later" syndrome, but it's there, and it has its moments, I guess.

The Fighters: Part II - A continuation of the above story's main character. Was a fun story to write, but it needs an overhaul, and when I re-read it sometimes I wonder where the hell the spell checker had run off to. Not that I'll ever likely get around to fixing this.

Storming Skies - Another continuation of the Fighters. This and Bounty Hunter have proven somewhat popular with people, so I owe it to them to get around to finishing them. Leaving work unfinished when I know it could turn out to be a good piece of work that people enjoy drives me bonkers, and sporadic updates probably drives readers nuts too, but that's the way it is with me (and a lot of other writers out there, from my understanding). This story draws inspiration from rocking piles of awesomeness like Ace Combat and Top Gun, as one might have guessed from the blatant rip of the Ace Combat 04 title. A little too overdramatic in certain parts, which I should consider toning down, but you learn through doing, huh?

Bounty Hunter - I always liked Fang the Sniper and wanted to write something about him, and I had a lot of free space in doing so because SEGA apparently hates him and wants nothing to do with him, so that serves me well. I wasn't interested in writing a story that contained a lot of traditional Sonic Universe funkiness (characters running four billion miles per hour in fights, Chaos Control, etcetera), but Fang's character allows for a more human level where the universe is concerned (based on what we know about him, which is next to nothing--thanks, SEGA), so I've incorporated an old west feel into it, as that's one of my favorite genres, and Louis L'amour is one of my favorite authors out there. Give him a look. Yes, I know this story is classified as "adventure/western." It's not necessarily a romp through the old west, but parts of the story are very heavily western-inspired, and it's not a total drama as it was previously, so give me a break.

Confessions of a Gray Fox - An experiment more than anything. The Thieves Guild quests in Oblivion were my favorite out of anything else in the game, so I thought I'd expand on that interest with this story. Here's hoping people find it interesting, though I personally find it rather boring myself at the moment. Figures. Oh well. I guess we'll see how it turns out in the future.

ACKL: The Albion Chicken Kickin' League - Don't even ask what kind of drugs or black magic I must have been on when I did this. It all wrote itself out one night when I was on a Fable II kick. We'll leave it at that. Peter Molyneux would be ashamed at how quickly I managed to pump it out.

Ride Along - I suspect some people won't like this one. Why? It's about cops, and that's a subject that ALWAYS strikes a foul chord with many people, no matter the content. This one is about mediocre cops, mostly, who don't appear to do a very job good to the public. They share all kinds of similarities with cops in our own world, in that regard. This kind of wrote itself out over two or three days, and although I don't necessarily like to shoehorn drama into what is mostly a humorous story, I wanted to demonstrate that even bad cops have their moments, and that enforcing the law can be SERIOUS BIZNESS even in a video game world as dimwitted as EarthBound's.

Anyway, that's it. I don't want to blabber about my own work too much because it makes me feel like I'm kissing my own ass. I hope you enjoy the stuff though, and sorry there isn't more here. I've tried writing other things before, but they didn't work out when their flaws weighed down too heavily on their qualities. Thanks for reading.

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