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The Road to Champion

My new gem. The narrative that will go as far as and I can take it. At this moment in time, I am planning to write about the Johto region, though I am considering expanding the storyline into other regions, depending on response and my own ability to commit time to expansion. Again, I have to say that The Straight Elf is the best Pokémon story writer on, with his "Traveler" being the diamond amongst gems. He inspired me to write Ethan's story, and I am glad that he's been able to help me as much as he has even with everything on his plate. Anyways, I'm going to put some info about Ethan's pokemon here.

Espy (Kadabra):

Ability: Magic Guard

Stock moves: Teleport, Confusion, Barrier, Disable, Double Team, Psybeam, Future Sight, Shadow Ball, Psychic

Original: Flash Clone

Loki (Gengar):

Ability: Levitate

Stock moves: Lick, Astonish, Poison Gas, Night Shade, Double Team, Shadow Ball, Shadow Sneak, Sucker Punch, Shadow Claw, Will-O-Wisp, Ominous Wind

Original: Shadow Ring, Power Ball

Dancer (Clefable):

Ability: Magic Guard

Stock moves: Disarming Voice, Pound, Misty Terrain, Dazzling Gleam, Protect, Double Team, Metronome, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Gravity, Moonblast

Original: Gleam Tracker

Agni (Arcanine):

Ability: Flash Fire

Stock moves: Flame Wheel, Take Down, Ember, Smokescreen, Flame Burst, Odor Sleuth, Iron Tail, Flamethrower, Extreme Speed

Original: Smoke and Flame

Tsunami (Feebas):

Ability: Swift Swim

Stock moves: Tackle, Water Gun, Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam

I'm going to leave this diary thing here at the bottom. If you ever want to see my thought processes when I was in high school, have a look:

10/24/11: *Steps back from computer* Wow, that was intense for me; about one thousand words in a couple of hours. I have always been interested in a Slice of Life story, so this was a good break from Sifting Through Chaos. I have every intention of finishing that story, regardless of my long update periods. Mass Effect: Stims though, is a different story.

12/13/11: I got to say it. I'm disappointed in myself. I never liked people with long update times, and I haven't updated my stories for weeks until a few days ago. With Christmas on the way, though, you guys can definitely expect new chapters. Sifting Through Chaos and The 99 Percent take turns; I write a chapter for one, and the next chapter is for the other story. Please review, guys, I know my stories aren't perfect like Mass Effect: Interregnum or something like that.

12/20/11: It's about time that I finished a chapter from Sifting Through Chaos. The beginnings of an arc are always tough for me to write, but they always finish well. But, it's time for the 99 percent to take the stand, so that will have to wait.

12/22/11: Finally managed to finish that chapter. Words literally exploded from my head when I was writing this chapter. By far, I think this is the best chapter I've ever written. Guaranteed that there will be more like this. Oh, and the next chapter will be from the 99 percent. Read and Review!

01/06/12: Yay. Happy New Year and stuff. This update isn't a chapter update, though. I am formally declaring Sifting Through Chaos on hold until I stop writing for the 99 Percent or an idea for Sifting Through Chaos hits me. For all intents and purposes, however, the 99 Percent will be my main focus.

02/03/12: Phew. That took a bit. Sorry about the sporadic updates, you know, going from updating within a week to around a month. School has been taking a lot out of me this semester. I tried to make this last chapter a big one, since my updates are really slow for some reason. I'll try to update more often.

02/23/12: Nearly three weeks, and this chapter is only 2500 words long. It's not even my best work. My chapters are slowing down to a crawl now, and my school projects and exams are catching up to me. On the bright side, I've decided that I will remake Sifting Through Chaos under its new title, "Homefront". I'll post the update in the chapter soon enough in case there aren't any people who read my bio. See you in either the next chapter of "the 99 Percent" or "Sifting Through Chaos"!

04/02/12: It's been nearly two months. I've done some thinking, and I realize that all my stories (grand total of two) have gone off track from what I was thinking of before I started writing them. That's why I've decided to do a rewrite of The 99 Percent and Sifting Through Chaos (which I am currently doing, the name is The Homefront). The 99 Percent will completely be a Slice of Life story, and The Homefront will have characters and a plot that actually feels real. The 99 Percent will be down soon. I'm taking down the chapters and replacing the first chapter soon. Sorry for the long waits, and I hope you keep on reading and reviewing!

04/17/12: Two weeks. Unfortunately, this chapter wasn't long either. Fortunately, I finally succeeded in starting a Slice of Life story (or something close to one) without breaking into action immediately. But with exams coming up, chapter updates are going to be even slower than usual. I'm not even sure if people check my profile updates. Thanks to all of you who do, by the way. Please review my chapters, most of the time it's just me and a few of my friends giving me some helpful hints about how to improve my writing. Thanks!

05/26/12: The Homefront is finally up. I posted this update in the Sifting Through Chaos story in case you don't read these updates on my profile.

08/01/12: Oh yeah, by the way guys, I'm not dead. I just take a ridiculously long amount of time to update The Homefront. I'm kind of mad at myself for not sticking to a stricter update schedule. Seriously, I wrote a thousand words this month and that was all the second chapter of The Homefront needed in order to be finished. Seriously, that's not a good thing. Good thing is, I'm already starting to work on the next chapter and it's already over a thousand words. Don't worry; this one shouldn't take freaking forever. Thank you guys for putting up with me!

08/25/12: I usually update my profile on chapter updates, but I forgot last time so I'm making up for it now (No, this is not an actual chapter update; it's just a profile update). As of now I am currently busy at work, not only with my school work but with the work you guys actually care about: The Homefront. Most of the content I write in this current chapter is written in periodic large bursts of words. I haven't written in that fanfic in about two weeks, and I've just churned around a thousand words, with more on the way. Besides writing what I like to write, my second biggest concern is you guys, who deserves quality writing and a lot of it. Don't worry; this time I won't just give your a 3000 word filler blurb that I produced in a few hours. But I will say, this chapter won't break the record (my record's around 7700 words). Thanks guys!

08/28/12: That was kind of dark. It's not the only time it'll happen though. It's kind of like me updating my story. It'll happen, but you won't know when. By the way, I BEAT ME3 MULTIPLAYER PLATINUM DIFFICULTY! WOO-HOO! Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. It took a lot of effort and close calls to make that happen. Anyways, thank you guys for putting up with me and please keep reading! And reviewing, because advice will help make my stories better and reading them more enjoyable!

10/02/12: I can't believe that I waited like half a month to finish writing this chapter. And it's like 3500 words. That is very bad, very bad. I'll try to do better, but considering it's the beginning of a new arc, it's bound to be a bit slow at first. Keep reviewing, your support really helps me! Seriously!

10/17/12: New update, guys! I am...looking for a beta reader! That's right; I need help. I want to write good content and produce good content for everyone out there, and I feel that I need someone to help me do just that. So if you're interested or you know someone who might be interested, don't hesitate to PM me or tell him/her to PM me. Thanks!

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