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Heya minna-san! ^_^ *waves*
Well, yea... Authourism... Right, so! Here's the deal peeps...
Hai...I DO write...it just takes a loooong time... So, if your patient enough with me you'll get stuff to read! -_-... Ya... So, what else? What else?! Hmm... Well, When I actually get around to FINISHING something I'll post it A.S.A.P.! And *hopefully* it won't be THAT horrible... -_-...

Yea... ok on to the important stuff...

I haven't established what kind of writer (strictly yaoi, pwp, lemon or other) I am yet so please bear with me. ^_^ When I get something *finished, and put it up though, could ya please please PLEASE review it? Also, be brutal! I can take it! ^_^

So, that's pretty much it. Oh, if anyone would like to request me to write a fic, I'd be *more* than gratefull for ideas/inspiration! :p Though you may have to wait for a while, I would try and finish it A.S.A.P.. But, since I *am* still in school, I'll always be working around my hours and endless hours of homework (-_-x...*shakes fist angrily* STUPID SCHOOL!!!), so please, be kind!
~Kai Fumetsu~ ^_^

Hey! This is to any of you out there who are kind enough to ACTUALLY check if I've written anything yet: I have something done that I wanna put up...*blushes slightly* the problem is that... *turns scarlet and sweatdrops* I can't figure out how to upload a document! *crys at own hoplessness* If anybody out there would be so kind as to e-mail me some very simple (cuz Kai ain't that good with computers) instructions telling how to upload stuff...it would be GREATLY apreciated!!! *bows tons of times* I would be eternally greatful to anyone who does! THANK YOU!!! That's all for now! ^_^

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Various pairings. The boys are reunited and ready to win another world tournament. Step 1: Go to Iceland. Step 2. Expand Beyblade education. Step 3: Meet old and new friends. Step 4: Hate, like, ditch, kiss the girl. Step 5: Never give up. [Hiatus]
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I'm cautious. Yugi & Co. are on the road. Shounen-ai? Yeah. An attempt at humor, & Kaiba strips *grins* ~Kaiba: NANASHI!~ heh, Pairings: Yami/Yugi, Tristan/Bakura, and... Kaiba/Joey, there! Hah! *COMPLETED, despite the Slump O.o*
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