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Hejsa! I'm a Danish/German female, living in the little old country of Denmark. (-->Scandinavia-->Europe)

I'm more of a reader than a writer, though I have plenty of plot bunnies skipping about in my head. I truly envy those lucky authors, who write the excellent fics I read every day, their talent is much appreciated by me.

The thing is, my mind keeps coming up with all sorts of delightful mental images, but I just can't seem to be able to write them down. So until someone invents a machine that can change mental pictures into words, I'll just have to keep my wonderful daydream plot bunnies to myself.

I'm a huge shounen-ai/yaoi-fan. It's my ambrosia, what the heck did I do with my time before I fell into that part of the fan-realm?

My fave anime :

Weiß Kreuz (Nagi, Omi, Schuldig, Yohji, Ken, Aya...if only all assassins were that hot and angsty. Love the plot.)
Gundam Wing (They are the ultimate fanfic fodder, I have yet to tire of reading about them and thinking up new plots.)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (The guys are just darling and have a fluffy quality to them. Especially Ryou and Yugi.)
DBZ/DBGT (Seems to soothe my fighting side. DBZ was my first true anime obsession, I think of it with fond memories.)
Digimon, Adventure02Tamers (What? We all have an inner child, right? I feel giddy everytime I watch it.)
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (Chiaki...Sinbad...Noin...the art style of this anime is a dream come true.)
The Vision Of Escaflowne (Van and Allen are too divine, plus the whole mecha thing has always appealed to me.)
SailorMoon (Yes, my inner child needs attention real bad. Not to mention, Starlights and the baddies are gorgeous.)

Fullmetal Alchemist (Supernatural happenings, ubercute bishounen, angsty/fluffy brother relations. Awesomeness.)

Naruto (Sasuke. Need I say more? Well, okay...Ninja stuff, supernatural powers, fighting still my heart.)

DN Angel (Satoshi & Daisuke are so damn cute, sprinkled with plenty of angstyness. Love badass Krad & Dark.)

Fruits Basket (Amazingly funny. My favorite Sohma family member : Yuki. Definitely Yuki.)

Fushigi Yuugi (A bit too sappy at times, but otherwise an amazing story that tugs at your heart strings.)
Inuyasha (Too drawn out, but somehow very catchy. Also, I'm a sucker for human/animal hybrids.)

Yami No Matsuei (One of the best drawn anime series I've ever come across. The plot is decent too.)

My fave pairings :

Weiß Kreuz

NagixOmi (One of my absolute fave pairings. Nagi is my favorit WK character. Omi comes in 2nd.)
NagixYohji (It's actually a very interesting pairing.)
OmixNagi (I'm having trouble picturing Omi as a seme with anyone but Nagi. He looks too damn innocent!)
SchuldigxNagi, SchuldigxOmi, SchuldigxYohji, SchuldigxAya, SchuldigxCrawford (Who doesn't love that devious telepath?)
KenxNagi, KenxOmi (Ken is very sweet, and I loathe how some authors make him out to be a brainless jock.)
YohjixNagi, YohjixOmi, YohjixAya, YohjixKen, YohjixSchuldig (Yohji's just...charismatic.)
AyaxNagi, AyaxOmi, AyaxYohji, AyaxKen (Aya needs to defrost! Maybe his team members can help.)
CrawfordxNagi, Crawford/Ken, CrawfordxSchuldig, CrawfordxAya (Crawford is a cool, calm and collected badass.)

Threesomes : SchuldigxOmixNagi, YohjixSchuldigxAya, SchuldigxYohjixOmi, CrawfordxSchuldigxAya
Foursome : SchuldigxYohjixOmixNagi

Gundam Wing :
HeeroxDuo (I prefer 1x2, but occasionally I'll spring for a good 2x1.)
HeeroxQuatre, HeeroxWufei (A good author can make these pairings work.)
DuoxHeero, DuoxQuatre, DuoxWufei (Duo can be a good seme, but not when he's written as highly sadistic. Too creepy.)
QuatrexTrowa (3x4 is my second fave GW pairing.)
QuatrexDuo, QuatrexHeero (Well, I -am- a member of SDQB = Society in Defence of Quatres Balls.)
WufeixDuo, WufeixMeiran
TreizexWufei, TreizexZechs (Um...even baddies need fuzzy feelings of love?)
Threesomes : HeeroxWufeixDuo, TrowaxQuatrexWufei, TrowaxDuoxQuatre, WufeixDuoxQuatre, HeeroxDuoxQuatre, HeeroxDuoxZechs, TreizexZechsxWufei, HeeroxTrowaxDuo, WufeixDuoxMeiran

Yu-Gi-Oh :
RyouxYugi, RyouxBakura
YugixRyou, YugixMokuba

BakuraxRyou,BakuraxYugi, BakuraxMarik, BakuraxMalik,BakuraxSeto

MalikxRyou, MalikxYugi, MalikxBakura

SetoxYugi, SetoxRyou, SetoxJou, SetoxOtogi, SetoxYami

YamixYugi, YamixRyou, YamixBakura, YamixSeto

HondaxRyou, HondaxSeto, HondaxJou,

JouxRyou, JouxYugi, JouxSeto, JouxOtogi

Threesomes :
SetoxYugixRyou, SetoxYamixYugi, BakuraxJouxRyou, RyouxMalikxYugi, SetoxOtogixJou, MarikxMalikxRyou, YamixYugixRyou

PanxTrunks,PanxGoten,Panx17,PanxVegeta,PanxKaioshin,PanxUbuu/Uub,PanxPiccolo,PanxBra,PanxMarron, Panxalmostanyone?

GotenxTrunks, GotenxBra

GohanxPiccolo, GohanxTrunks, GohanxVidel

VegetaxGoku,VegetaxPan,VegetaxGohan, VegetaxBulma

BraxGoten, BraxUbuu/Uub, BraxGohan
MarronxUbuu/Uub, MarronxGoten

Digimon :
KenxDaisuke, KenxTakeru, KenxRyou, KenxYamato

KaizerxDaisuke, KaizerxTakeru, KaizerxYamato


RyoxKen, RyoxAlice McCoy

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne :
SinbadxJeanne, ChiakixMarron, AccessxFin, Miyako/Yamato

The Vision Of Escaflowne :
VanxHitomi, VanxAllen

AllenxHitomi, AllenxVan, AllenxFolken

SailorMoon :
SailorMoonxTuxedo Mask, SailorMoonxStarFighter
UsagixMamoru, UsagixSeiya



DN Angel :

SatoshixDaisuke, DarkxSatoshi, DarkxDaisuke

Fruits Basket :


Yami No Matsuei :

TsuzukixHisoka, TatsumixWatari, TsuzukixHijiri

Female characters that I like (And there aren't many because the females tend to get on my nerves.) :

DBGT, Pan. (-Finally- a female Saiyan. Well, one quarter Saiyan and three quarter Human.)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga, Amane Bakura. (She doesn't really have a role seeing as she's dead, but Ryou is seen writing her letters. She was his younger sister, and I know this because he referred to himself as 'Onichan' in one of the letters.)
Gundam Wing, Gundam Wing. (She was only in Wufei's Episode Zero, but I really admire her strong spirit.)
SailorMoon, Haruka and Hotaru. (Haruka kicks major ass and Hotaru is so young, yet so powerful and mysterious.)

Digimon Tamers, Alice McCoy. (Mysterious character, not much info, makes for a great chance to use her in a plot.)

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