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2/22/17 UPDATE:

Well, so much for finishing Alone We Die before Andromeda's release. It's been a long time since I've had the chance to sit down and write creatively. I have my Game Design degree now and am currently searching for a job as a developer in the industry, so that has left me with some margin of time to get back to my other (that is, not game development focused) passions, like writing. As a result, I've managed to finish up a couple more chapters that long sat in limbo.

My bio here has been updated as well. Feel free to take a look!

Profile Bio Section

I am TheSev, more commonly known by my usual internet handle 'Severyx'. I am a father of two by nature, an avid gamer by choice, a writer by hobby, and a game developer/designer by trade (with a Bachelors of Science in Game Design). I have a passion for narrative in any media form, but especially in video games. I have never taken any official courses and have no degrees in writing in general; any skill (or ghastly flaws) are the result of my personal enjoyment of and research into writing for its own sake.

That said, I only have to works to show for it. Both reside in the Mass Effect universe, as it was the game series that really prompted me to get into writing of my own and I loved the setting/lore so much that I wanted to craft a different story in the same universe. I have toyed with the idea of writing in other forms (and am even building a narrative setting entirely my own), but the real effort is in these two works.

The first is "Mass Effect: Going Dark", and marks my first ever writing project of any kind. I wrote the entire 300k word fan novel without any beta readers our outside eyes, primarily to force myself to practice editing and proofreading. I also took on the challenge of writing this story without making any assumptions on Shepard's choices/actions so that readers could potentially say "Yeah, that could happen." without conflicting with their personally established narrative built in the Mass Effect games.

I enjoyed writing Going Dark so much that I dared to write a sequel. "Mass Effect: Alone We Die" was more of a spur-of-the-moment kind of creation that took on a life of its own. Unfortunately, the writing process for this book was substantially more challenging, as I started going to University and having kids, both of which required substantial chunks of time and sanity. I am also writing this project without beta readers or second eyes, as I very much need the practice of holding high editing standards.

I hope you all enjoy what I've contributed! Have a grand day, and as always, pleasant reading.

- Anthony (TheSev)

'Back of the book' Section

"Mass Effect: Going Dark"

An original story based in BioWare's Mass Effect universe. Chronologically, this story begins between Lair of the Shadow Broker and Arrival.

Kevin Folner, a hitman for hire, has had his ups and downs working as a mercenary, especially when his target is more than meets the eye. When his salarian friends working as informants learn a mass relay long thought to be dead has been reactivated by the geth, they see credit signs and opportunity all over it. The trip out is expected to be long and quiet, but when the monotony of the deep space trek is broken by an out-of-place quarian emergency distress call, things take a very drastic turn and Kevin suddenly finds his trip isn't as quiet as he'd hoped. What lies beyond that previously inactive relay? Why would the geth activate a relay? Kevin aims to find out and hopefully make enough credits while doing so to be set for life.

However, one can never truly be prepared for the things found in the darkest places of the galaxy.

"Mass Effect: Alone We Die"

An original story based in the Mass Effect universe following the events of "Mass Effect: Going Dark."

Two months after Kevin Folner made his way back to Omega, he finds himself stuck until a surprise visit gives him the means - and the will - to leave the god-forsaken space station. Things seem to be looking up until a long-expected, yet impossible to predict event threatens to end Kevin's life.

The Reaper war has begun, and the first major signs of the impending black tide are engulfing the galaxy in a closing halo of flame and death. Kevin and his new companions get swept up in the wave of carnage and slaughter and are forced to rely on each other like never before. Pasts clash, futures are uncertain, and a remarkably well-timed detour finds old friends facing down the deadliest machines the galaxy has ever known.

And one can never know what the dark of the galaxy has in store for them.

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(Please see my Profile for the full 'back of the book' synopsis) Kevin Folner is staring down the Reaper threat he knows is coming while still battling the lingering, tragic memories of friends and love lost when they took on a Reaper themselves. Unable to avoid the steady and ominous wave, he and his new companions are swept up in the carnage and slaughter.
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(1/4/15 UPDATE: SEE PROFILE) An original Mass Effect story with original characters. See my profile for a full 'back of the book' synopsis. Kevin Folner, human, heads into deep space to investigate a long thought 'dead' mass relay apparently reactivated by the geth.
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