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4/15/16 UPDATE:

As many of you have noticed, my activity here has been greatly diminished. This is because my university degree program is nearing the end of its long haul and the assignments take up more time than I have available for my own life, let alone to write as I'd like.

That said, I still do NOT intend to abandon ME: Alone We Die. There are still things to finish up and stuff to make happen. I guess, in the end, the good news is that by the time I'm done writing this story, it'll be almost time for Mass Effect: Andromeda to release! That's... That's good, right?

Anyhow, I still get some work on the story done when I'm not mentally annihilated, so updates (as you'll have seen today) are still coming. A huge thanks to any and all readers who are still with me, as I know these absurdly long delays can be frustrating. Enjoy, and pleasant reading.

1/4/15 UPDATE: One night after I'd finished proofing a chapter for Alone We Die, I ended up going back and rereading several my earlier Going Dark chapters. To say that I was unsatisfied would be an understatement. Truth be told, chapters 1-6 were written before I had any intention of putting this out in front of any eyes, and quite frankly, it shows. Randomly - and when time allows - I'll go back and completely rewrite these first few chapters to more suit my growth in writing ability. The overarching content will not change, but it might be worth rereading to see how I've reimagined the details. Overall, it should be a better read from start to finish. If anyone has gone back to read the chapters (I'll list them at the bottom of the Going Dark synopsis), I'd appreciate feedback on the changes from what you remember, or simply on how the chapter reads as it is now. Thank you all for your continued interest!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled profile bio.

So. I am TheSev, or more commonly known as 'Severyx' in most other places. With my first finished work, "Mass Effect: Going Dark" completed, I've taken a bit of a hiatus as writer in favor of school, family, and gaming gaming gaming.

I hope you all enjoyed Going Dark, as it was a lot of fun to see though to the end (though not always, as a lot of you determined writers can attest). I take great pride in readers that keep coming back for more, and I love hearing from you guys and gals. If you have something you want to say, don't be bashful!

Several years after starting that story, I've finally gotten the muse to start writing again, and thus "Mass Effect: Alone We Die" came alive. I'm hoping to showcase a more refined writing style as I continue to learn about this form of art, and I hope people find it worthy of telling their friends. Please note, I do NOT have a beta reader - I need the refining/editing practice, though I do have sources I can call on if new eyes are needed.

I'd like to say in advance a big thank you to all the readers out there. It's your enjoyment of our stories that make writing all the more fun!

I hope you all enjoy it. Looking forward to the feedback. :)

Enjoy, and pleasant reading.

- TheSev

Better Descriptions (Because the story description field is too short)

"Mass Effect: Going Dark"

An original story based in BioWare's Mass Effect universe. Chronologically, this story begins between Lair of the Shadow Broker and Arrival.

Kevin Folner, a hitman for hire, has had his ups and downs working as a merc. When he learns of a long thought 'dead' mass relay in deep space that has been reactivated by the geth, he and his salarian friends in the information business see credit signs all over it. The trip out will be long, but when the monotony of the deep space trek is broken by an out of place quarian emergency distress call, things take a very interesting turn. What lies beyond that previously inactive relay? Why have the geth taken to it so readily? Kevin aims to find out, and hopefully make enough credits while doing so to be set for life.

However, one can never truly be prepared for the things found in the darkest places of the galaxy.

(Chapters planned for rewrite:

Chapter 1 - DONE & POSTED

Chapter 2 - Not started

Chapter 3 - Not started

Chapter 4 - Not started

Chapter 5 - Not started

Chapter 6 - Not started)

"Mass Effect: Alone We Die"

An original Mass Effect story based in the Mass Effect universe. Sequel to "Mass Effect: Going Dark"

Two months after Kevin Folner made his way back to Omega, he finds himself stuck until a surprise visit gives him the means - and the will - to leave the god-forsaken space station. Things seem to be looking up until a long-expected, yet impossible to predict event threatens to end Kevin's life.

The Reaper war has begun, and the first major signs of the impending black tide are engulfing the galaxy in a closing halo of flame and death. Kevin and his new companions get swept up in the wave of carnage and slaughter and are forced to rely on each other like never before. Pasts clash, futures; uncertain, and a remarkably well-timed detour finds old friends and the deadliest machines the galaxy has ever known.

And one can never know what the dark of the galaxy has in store for them.

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Mass Effect: Alone We Die reviews
(Please see my Profile for the full 'back of the book' synopsis) Kevin Folner is staring down the Reaper threat he knows is coming while still battling the lingering, tragic memories of friends and love lost when they took on a Reaper themselves. Unable to avoid the steady and ominous wave, he and his new companions are swept up in the carnage and slaughter.
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(1/4/15 UPDATE: SEE PROFILE) An original Mass Effect story with original characters. See my profile for a full 'back of the book' synopsis. Kevin Folner, human, heads into deep space to investigate a long thought 'dead' mass relay apparently reactivated by the geth.
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