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okay, short bio here. the long ones tend to get a bit boring.

I LIKE: hard rock, baggy clothes, drawing, writing, reading, and being an anti-social, dyed-hair (blue, in fact) punk freak.
good GODS, it's great.

I DON'T LIKE: swimsuits, fluffy romance (unless i'm in one of THOSE moods), shrinks, hospitals, or the color of the psychiatric day hospital's rooms. They're HIDEOUS. *shudder* Nor do i like people who giggle insanely over guys with no brains. It grates on my short temper.

All right, now that THAT'S over with, let's get down to business, shall we?

Stories that i'm currently putting most of my work into:

Obsolete (w00t!! i'd like to thank Vel and Satan for working on this story with me!!! ^_^ it's proving to be really cool!)

You Shake The Box And It Says MOO, Idiot. (scene ideas welcome for this story. put them in the review though, since i don't check my email as often as i should)

another thing: if you email me, don't expect a reply within the week. Unfortunately, i'm HORRIBLE at checking my email. *sigh*

Obsolete has been removed and put onto a different account.
You Shake The Box And It Says MOO, Idiot: Feb 7, 03