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Okay, hey everyone, I'm Josh and I am classified as a demon cross with vampire cross with human.
I know, add mix and I hear you! my brain is killing me from the war those things wage on inside me.

Then there's this gang, Air Demons, getting me to be their leader.
Their 2nd in command is cool, Jayden, but the other two, Hallen and Ethan *waves finger around ear and then runs away from them*
there is this wacko named Hibiki (a vampire cross siren...shudder) and he is constantly following me, calling me Taicho and saying "My Taicho!".
Ugh..oh well, he's cool.

So many gang fights etc going on and then of course, and i just found this out, my ex-best friend is an assassin trying to kill me...
lovely life i have. but i wouldnt swap it for anything, it is interesting.

I'm an average kind of person in a wierd way. I have black hair that has white streaks on one side only and it is always tousled, no matter what i do. Bright blue eyes that change depending if i'm in vampire or demon control over that. Um, I'm well tanned and I have an althetic body...or so people keep telling me. And also, as Habiki keeps saying everyday while he trys to glomp m;, I'm adorable and cute...grr, annoying man! Vampire siren, not a good mix. Let's see, Not overly tall, around 5 foot 5 and a whacked up defective personality to top it off, plus a split personality! go me!

Okay, enough about me.

Okay, I think everyone should have a shot at writing, even if you think it is shit because what is a persons trash is another treasure as the saying goes.
Everyone has a different style and, personally, i ignore what others say. if it is good, then listen. Flame, sorry cant hear you. they serve one purpose that can be read multiple ways. You can see it as someone shooting you down and give up...but criticism is a writers best weapon. Criticism shows us where our weakpoints are which enables us to improve on them! Making our writing better than ever! That's how I improved!

Just don't let them make you give up. Acknowledge and improve!

Best idea is to thank the one who flamed you. Reasons for this are simple.
One is annoys them and two, it means you can continue and get good reviews. There aren't many flamers out there but some are plain nasty and just look for bad things. Ignore those people and let them complain all they want.

Bitch about them, curse their very souls (cant curse mine, dont have one...kidding!) and just tell them to get screwed.
*ps: no offence to any really bad flamers but get a life, seriously. Stop downing others just coz they can do what they like and you cant. Falme all you like but point out a least one good thing...bit of hope in there is always nice! Hehe*

So yeah, umm...i cant think of anything else right now...ummm...hmmm...lalalalala...

I think thats it.

Oh and I love to edit, I'm not harsh so if u want something looked at before posting, give me a pm. Besides, i can fix and if u dont like what i did, then i dont give a shit in the world. Geez, if I cared whenever someone said they hated me, didn't like my work, thought I kept rambling (which I do), think I'm a loser etc then I would hate myself, drown in my own sorrows and kill myself. That's what people don't seem to get! Words hurt and if someone gets enough pain mentally, they might up and kill themselves. Had to it happen to a girl in my year before...she got teased for one thing she did in year 8 and then you find out she committed suicide. No laughing matter
! Beware what you say to others!

Ja ne!


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