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Author has written 2 stories for Soul Eater.

I will be honest, I like to read more than I write sometimes. However, I like to work with Original Characters, so if there's an OC story you'd like to do you can come to me to talk about it. I like the concepts and am even willing to write for and beta that kind of work. Also, some stories with the original characters I enjoy greatly, so I hope that you'll be willing to tolerate my tendency to read most of this stuff but not really write for it.

If you want to use one of my OCs, just let me know and I'll send you information as well and try to help out as best as I can. I even take requests to draw OCs, you can find me on DeviantArt if you message me. Just PM me, I don't bite that hard unless you wag your fingers in front of my face. That's on you then.

I will be creating a RWBY SYOC story, so here is the profile that I will have people fill out. I plan on having more than just one team,

Name (Try to be flexible with this and also stick to the color-based naming system established in RWBY. If I want to put them to a team and possibly make them a leader but can't make the name make sense, please forgive if I ask you to change the name to make it fit better.):

Age (Must be at least 17, though I would prefer ; Ruby was an exception in RWBY, but most of these teams need some more experience behind them if they want to work, especially because they're not in-training anymore.):


Sexuality (If you want to pair them off with other characters, we can PM.):

Race (Human, Faunus, cyborg, etc. Robots are not allowed since Penny is another exception.):

Country/Continent of Origin (Where do they come from? Mistral, Vale, Vacuo, Atlas, Patch, Menagerie, etc.):




Fighting style/Role in team (Are they a melee fighter? A brawler? More stealthy/roguish? Support-class? You can include their fighting style/styles, though try to limit it so that they don't have a Frankenstein way of fighting unless it is actually supposed to be detrimental to them.):

Weapon (Only give them 5 forms at most, and have it make sense to their fighting style. Also, they can have either guns or dust, don't give them both.):


Strengths (Try not to give them too many, they still need to have some sort of challenge during fights and a reason to need teams to cover for them.):

Weaknesses (Must have at least 3, try to keep them balanced with their strengths enough.):


Once you fill this out, I will try to put them in a team and see where they would fit best. Do not make over 2 characters, and try to make them both leaders. Just make a character, and I will put them to a team and figure out their roles.

Insert snark here:

The Cynical One- Higeki No Tsubasa.

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discontinued until further notice
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