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Author has written 4 stories for Ice Age, and Kung Fu Panda.

Discussion of the Unprejudiced series:

I have done an almost complete revision of Life Unprejudiced. Most of the changed content was in between the story so the overall beginning and ending of the story hasn't changed. But the delivery should be a lot better and definitely won't be like reading the same thing again. Afterwards, I'll move towards doing Love Unprejudiced if I still have time. As my classes progress, I might continually run out of enough time, but so long as I do and with this being my current interest, I'll pursue it.

Some of you have probably wandered off to my profile after reading Life Unprejudiced for the first time, or perhaps a second or nth time to see it has updated. If its the latter and you're wondering why, here's the answer. Life Unprejudiced was one of my biggest springs of inspiration that I immediately poured out from my cerebral soup in a week's time (literally, it was originally written within just one week with a chapter released every day). After it's sequel and a few other stories, I revisited it only to see how much it, to put it quite bluntly, sucked. My writing had improved much since it was first written, so to make it more awesome I opted to remove some typos and gave it better detailing and writing. A few more months then, and I went back to it gave it a full blown remake, which is the complete revision you see now.

The gay writer who wrote it back then was different to the gay writer I am today. So, in order to give more depth, drama, and maturity to it, I revised to address different issues with homosexuality rather than simple love affairs and prejudice. Since I view the world much broader than I did before in my youth, I decided to broaden the story and impact of it overall. That being said, the rewrite for Love Unprejudice will be far much greater. I really wanted to focus on Dylan's background in the story, but I also want to include Diego's hardships as he comes forward as a new gay man, which I'm sure is a much interesting thing.

I have no qualms with Diego being given a (female) love interest in the fourth movie. I really think that little humbug needs a lover :3 male or female, preferably the former though :P However I'd like to point out Shira's slight lack of character and introduction. Might've been better if they'd extended the movie by 30 minutes or so but we've never really seen a two hour animated movie in like... ever. Still, I'm hopeful to see something develop in either a fifth movie in the franchise, though I have some mixed feelings with that.

Discussion of All in the Hands of Fate:

I haven't updated AitHoF to lack of time and interest. It's not that I no longer want to continue it. In fact, I really want to see Yut's story to the end. But I don't want to force myself to write when I have other interests or priorities. The quality wanes out if I force it too much, and sometimes inspiration brings out a richer story.

Here are my current (spoiler-free as possible) plans for AitHof:

Two acts. Act One revolves around Yut and Tai Lung meeting together and eventually heading off into romance, which is what I've written so far has gone. No need to explain much about that.

Act Two will head deeper into the storyline over the gay theme. In Act One we see mostly Tai Lung struggling to fit his past into his present, whereas by contrast we see more of Yut's backstory in Act Two. Many of the movie's original characters will be making some appearances - even playing a significant role. I am actually more interested in writing down Act Two than Act One, but slightly challenged by the fact I've never tried writing much about action scenes.

As for the "eroticism", I'll try to keep it just to enhance the storyline rather than make the story all about it. But of course, I'll still make it as enjoyable as possible.

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