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Ok... I really don't have anything to say. It's not as if anyone were going to read this, since I'm not going to upload anything, at least for the time being. Therefore, I don't think anyone will be checking my profile anytime soon. But let's give it a try:

My name is Santiago (Quiroz is my surname). I'm 18, I'm from Colombia, I'm majoring in modern languages (you know that song "what do you do with a BA in english" from Avenue Q? that's me, more or less) and after a long time of using this website to find fun (and sometimes even good) literature, I decided to open an account. I don't know why I'm only doing it now... maybe I was just too lazy. But now, I can review, have favorites and alerts, etc. So good for me.

As for why I like reading fanfiction, there are several reasons. The first is that it helps me practice my English. You can never practice a language too much, let me tell you. I still have trouble with inversions, subjunctive, and even the most simple of sentences can make me doubt sometimes. This is why it is good to find fun ways to practice a language. (By reading fanfiction, for example).

The second reason is, well, it's fun. Sure, they can't all be good, but every now and then you stumble into a piece of actual good literature. And sometimes they don't even need to be that good. (You know it as well as I do, sometimes you just find crap). They just need to be fun or well written. Or both, preferably. Still, you can alwas find some real talent among the fanfiction writers. That's the great thing about fanfiction. If you don't have anything to write about, you can write about something that already exists, be it your favorite TV show or an old book you read once. And the result can sometimes be a real work of art. I love it when people practice writing by doing fanfics. Writing is a talent, true, but it can also be practiced. Practice makes the master, they say. (Though I'm not sure that idiom is valid in English).

Finally, fanfiction gives us the opportunity to change the worlds of fiction that we already know. It lets us play with characters that already exist, but that don't act as we would want them to, or that are too lost in the background for us to know what they do. It gives us the power to change what we would want, to explore different possibilities, altern realities and worlds that will never exist. Basically, writing gives us the power to be god, to control our characters, our world. So please, write whatever you want. You're free to do it.

As for what I like reading, I have some very varied tastes. I can read comedy, drama action, and anything else as long as it is well written. I will say that I am currently into Glee's pairing Brittana. (What can I say? Two popular though unimportant characters with an undeniable friendship with implied benefits. It's perfect fanfiction material).

I don't think that I will be writing anything myself anytime soon. I think I'm a decent writer, my teacher and friends like my short stories, essays and all that, but currently I am not working on anything even ressembling a fanfiction. If I get inspired, though, I just might write something. Time will tell.

Also, I have some personal standards for reviews. If a story just doesn't deserve a review, then it won't get one. Period. If it's really nothing special, but it made me feel something, t might get a simple "thumbs up", or something. If it's good, I mean really good, I try to gve it an annoyingly long review. The better, the longer and the more annoying. The longest so far was for the best Fanfiction I have ever read, "Bubble wrap" by designated. I consider it the best Brittana ever written (closely followed by Influence, by Sappho's ghost). So there.

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