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Name: I refuse to tell my name. YOU, however, may call me Katerina Katterpillar, or just Rina for short.

Age: Fourteen.

Sex: Female.

Likes: anime, cartoons, books and generally anything that allows me escape from reality. I am, however, dissapointed in a lot of today's media. If I wanted to drop thirty IQ points, I'd slam my head into a wall, not watch Jersey Shore. I also adore being able to express myself, painting, Emily Dickinson and Living Dead Dolls. (my big cousin turned me on to them)

Dislikes: People who bash anime dubs (no offense, but I grew up with it, and I can decide what I like without you jamming things down my throat), war, the Teaparty of America, people who hate all Liberals and those who hate all Conservatives, plus Justin Bieber. Do not say ANYTHING about JB, lest I blow up in your face.

Helpful Knowhow: I won't bother you. You will not bother me. I don't respond to bullying, flamers, threats or arguements. I'd rather eat a bug than eat a bowl of cheesy rice. I have no secrets except the ones you don't know about and my middle name may or may not be Ingrid. It isn't.

Planned Fanfictions:

These Tears: A Yugioh! GX and Gunslinger Girl crossover. Syrus is so easy to cry when Claes cannot. Could they find a happy medium in each other?

Thy Name Is Irony: Triela and Henrietta have a long discussion about mortality and man's fragile nature. Soon after, Henrietta doesn't come back from a dangerous mission.

A Yellow Butterfly Tale: My cousin lent me her permission and her OCs for this one. A very sad Ducktales story, Gyro Gearloose and a girl named Sarah have an innocent five-year-old named Emily. One day, Sarah takes her to the river, and one of them doesn't come back alive. *refference*

A Drowned Maiden's Hair Redux (Another Story): Yet again, belonging to my cousin. (She's just too lazy to post lol. ^^) A PnF crossover with a book. Maude Mary Flynn was plain, clever and BAD. But the boys want to know, who is Maude Flynn, and why is she a family secret? Good thing there's a time machine!

Favorite pairings:

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