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My Favourite Elements
(have these in a story and I'm almost guaranteed to fall hard for it)

1) Alternate Universes

2) Magic

3) Memory loss

4) Time Travel

Ouran Birthdates

In the Ouran canon, the specific year of birth of all the characters are never stated, only their birth days and months. In this vacuum, I have worked out the most plausible and fitting timeline based on the Japanese education system.

In Japan, children start elementary school the April after their sixth birthday. The first day of the new school year is always in April. This means that within a year level, there will be students of two ages co-existing, and it is possible to be a 'senpai' to someone else despite being born in the same year.

These are the most sensible and canon-accurate years of birth for the Ouran characters, in descending order of age:

# Mori: 5 May 1991

# Honey: 29 February 1992*

# Tamaki: 8 April 1992

# Kyouya: 22 November 1992

# Hikaru: 9 June 1993

# Kaoru: 9 June 1993

# Haruhi: 4 February 1994

* 1992 is a leap year.

All of them are very clear in which cohort they will belong in, save Tamaki because Tamaki's birthday falls in April. Depending on the date of the first day of school - if the first day of the new academic year is before April 8, then Tamaki will fall into Kyouya's cohort. If the first day of that particular academic year is after April 8, then Tamaki will have enrolled into Mori and Honey's cohort as he would have attained six years of age. Only the first option follows canon, which makes Tamaki one of the oldest students in his year level.

This information is posted here and not in the individual fic notes because it is the working timeline for more than one fic.

Gift Fanart for my stories

My dear friend Iseki has been kind enough to create fanart for my stories. I am so in awe and so humbled to have been able to inspire someone in their own creative pursuits. Truly, to a fanfic writer, nothing equals the sheer joy of receiving fanart.

For 'To Become One Seventh': The OT7

For the ending scene in Chapter 4B of 'To Become One Seventh': All squashed up in a bed

For 'In Medias Res': Kaoru and his engagement ring

Other lovely sketches of Ouran characters: The Glasses Wearer, A Birthday Tribute, and the Birthday Tribute Animated

Ouran characters dressed in the clothes of Final Fantasy X characters: Kaoru and Hikaru, Kyouya, Honey, Mori, Haruhi, Tamaki

Semi-casual Kaoru: Post-Ouran

Please be sure to check out the rest of her art as well!

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