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-Kruss Files: Shizukesa Hot Springs


1) Please submit OC via PM. If it is submitted in a review it will be ignored.

2) Please do not ask me if your OC has been selected to be in the story. I will not answer.

3) Please fill out the entire forum. It is a long one and you may have to send it to me in two PMs.

4) Have fun and be creative!


Owner: (This would be your pen name)

Name: (first and last)


Gender: (Male or Female)

What are they: (Paranormal Investigator, Exorcist, Medium, Sensitive, etc)


Hair(color, length, etc.):

Eye Color:

Body type: (Lanky, buff, lean, fat, etc)

Body Description: (This is an in depth description of your character. So, if you said they are buff, how buff. If you said they are curvy, how curvy. Are they handsome? Ugly? Childish? etc?)

Height: (Give me it in feet and inches)

Skin Color: (This is also fur or scale color)

Additional looks: (none, scars, burns, freckles, birthmark, etc)







Other: (If they have a weapon of some kind, where is it located. This would be more akin to a hidden dagger or something of the sort. Not a large weapon.)


Do they they wear something specific while performing an exorcism/cleansing/other: (if yes, what do they wear)


How do they act towards friends:

How do they act towards strangers:

How do they act towards children:

How do they act in crowds:

How do they act when traveling: (Sing, hum, draw, play an instrument, ect):

How do they act towards an authority figure:

How do they during an exorcism, personality wise:

How do they act under pressure:

How would the act is they were forced/placed into a leadership position:

How would they react if a comrade/friend was killed:

Overall personality:

Love interest: (Male or Female)

How do they act towards their love interest:

Describe their personality in one word:

-General Information-

Personal History: (please be detailed, where did they grow up, any traumatic events happen in their lives, etc)

Future Goal(s): (What are they working for? What drives them?)

Family:(As much detail as you want really.)


Favorite color(s):

Favorite scent(s):

Favorite animal(s):

Favorite food or type of food(spicy, sweet, salty, etc):

Do they drink: (If so then what is their favorite drink. I ask this only because some people are adverse to drinking and may want their character to be as well.)

Hobbies: ( Playing an instrument, singing, whittle wood, collect things, other.)



Habits: (EX: touch people they like on the nose, likes to hum while walking, does a specific thing every day, etc)

Fear(s): (Put only a phobia here. It’s alright to leave this blank, I only want something here that will put your OC into a paralyzing fear or fear frenzied state. It is fine to put none here.)


How much experience do they have in their field:

Do they have PK abilities: (If so, what and how much control do they have.)


Any other additional information:

If you think I missed something that should be added to the forum, let me know.

The Art of Murder by MistahWompah reviews
Uzumaki Naruto, son of the Yondaime Hokage and the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero. Kidnap and assassination attempts were inevitable in his circumstances. After a kidnapping gone wrong, he finds himself lost without his memories but he is taken in by an eccentric samurai and masters the art of killing intent. Samurai Naruto, Older Naruto, Strong Naruto, Naruto is not a jinchuuriki.
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Kruss Files: Shizukesa Hot Springs
Mark Kruss, an assistant to the famous Dr. Bartholomew Abrams, is invited to a resort to investigate the violent actions that both guests and staff have done on the grounds. With limited information and a strange symbol that keeps coming back up, will Mark and the friends he makes there be able to discover the truth to this ancient mystery. Accepting OC, see profile.
Ghost Hunt - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,590 - Published: 18h ago - OC
A Testament of Things that Never Will reviews
How will the world change when a battle hardened Naruto from the future comes to the past? With a change of name and appearance this old Naruto will help the Naruto of this new Konoha become the shinobi he was destined to be all the while trying to fit into this new world where those he knew as dead are alive and well. Time travel fic.
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Up for adoption.
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