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I'm a laid back guy who writes for fun. Meh.

3/23/2015 - To all those reading We Are Shinobi. I apologize for the lack of updates. I am currently suffering from some kind of lung issues that can make breathing very difficult at times. In will be seeing a specialist soon to find out just what is going on and to, hopefully, get it fixed.

-We Are Shinobi-


I would like to thank you for your interest in making an OC for my story.I will give you a heads up that if you do ask for the forum, be ready for it to be rather lengthy.

Now, I do have to make it known that I will not only be very picky on the OCs that I accept but I will also only be accepting 3 OCs. I mention this in the first chapter of We Are Shinobi but I find it important enough to reiterate. I also cannot promise how much your OC, if accepted, will appear in the story. This story does focus on Yuri Karasu and Naruto Uzumaki so your OC may only appear very rarely. If you are still interested, contact me in a PM and simply let me know that you are interested in creating/submitting an OC. I will send you the forum to be filled out at your convenience.

As far as I have planned, OCs will not appear until about the 4th or 5th chapter so you do have time to work on these. Do not, under any circumstances, ask me if your OC has been accepted. I am afraid that I will not answer. You will have to wait and see in the chapter that they appear if your OC has been accepted or not. If, however, you would like me to give my thoughts or let you know if I would like something changed, you may ask about that and I will get back to you as fast as I can.

I do have three very simple rules that I would like you to read and follow as any violation of any one of these rules will make it so that I do not consider your OC.

1: No jinchuriki.

2: No clan based OC. (I want civilian shinobi. They can have parents that are shinobi. I just do not want them to be from clans.)

3: No Kekkai Genkai.

If you have any questions, shoot me a PM or ask in the message you send about your interest to make an OC.


Unbiased Abyss

PS: To those of you using mobile phones, I apologize and feel for you. To those of you in class, for shame.

PSS: This may need to be submitted in two parts. If this is the case, please put your pen name and character name at the top of the second submission so I know who they are.

I decided to add the forum to my profile. Please submit it as a PM when you are done.


Name: (First Last)

Age: 12

Gender: (Male or Female)


Hair(color, length, etc.):

Eye color:

Body type: (Lanky, buff, lean, fat, etc)

Height(at 12): (Give me in feet and inches.)

Height(at 13): (Give me in feet and inches.)

Height(at 16): (Give me in feet and inches.)

Skin tone: (pale, fair, black, tan, etc)

Additional looks: (None, scars, burns, freckles, birthmark, etc)


NOTE: If your OC’s cloths change after the 3 year time skip, I will contact you when I get to that point. For now, just the clothes that they will be wearing at 12 and 13.

Hitai-ate(Forehead Protector): (band color and where it is located)

Kunai Pouch: (color and which thigh is it on, keep their dominant hand in mind for this. They can have two.)






-Clothing(sleeping at home)-





How do they act towards friends:

How do they act towards strangers:

How do they act toward younger children:

How do they act toward peers:

How do they act toward civilians:

How do they act toward Shinobi/Kunoichi they don’t know:

How do they act towards people of authority (village leader, higher ranking shinobi, etc):

How do they act towards prisoners:

How would they act if they were prisoners:

How would they react if a friend/ally was killed:

How would they react if they didn't agree with a leader's orders:

How would they act in a battle, personality wise:

How would they react if they were put into a position of authority:

How well do they handle pressure:

How do they act when they are talking with friends:

How do they act in a spar:

How would they act toward Shinobi from another Nation:

How do people earn their respect: (Is is easy to earn?)

How do people earn their trust: (Is it easy to earn?)

How do they act toward a love interest:

Using one word, what best describes their personality: (lazy, heroic, evil, uncaring, kind, etc)

Overall personality:

-General Information-

Personal History:

Family:(Names, ages, does your character like them or not, how do they act... Pretty much as much as you want to put down.)

Favorite Color(s):

Favorite scent(s):

Favorite animal(s):

Favorite food(s):

Favorite past-times: (hanging with friends, training, meditating, etc)




Fear(s): (Only put a phobia here, something that will make them freeze with fear. It is fine to leave this blank.)

Strengths:(This is Non-Fighting as well. This is for stuff like: very loyal, good sense of smell, etc)

-Combat (low, average, high)-

For the following, please put either low, average, or high. This is in comparison to their peers in their class. Note: These are the level they are at at the beginning of the year. They are subject to increase over the course of the story. If High, I would appreciate an explanation, but it is not necessary.


Agility: (How nimble are they? Moving quickly and precisely.)



Reflex Speed:

Chakra Control:

Amount of Chakra:

Intelligence: (how much do they know)

Planning Ability/Tactics:

Perception: (their ability to notice things like small details and the such)



Cautiousness:(how careful they are in general)

Processing Speed: (The speed at which they acquire knowledge)

Willpower: (their ability to persevere)

Emotional Control/Mental Tolerance:


Killing Intent Generation: (How much can they generate)

Killing Intent Tolerance:

-Combat (General)-

Element Type: (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, or Lightning)

Do they know a taijutsu other than the Academy style: (If yes, please tell me the name and explain the style)

Do they know any Genjutsu:

Do they know and Ninjutsu: (do remember that they are academy students and civilian academy students at that.)

Do they use a weapon: (what is it)


How would you like to see this character develop: (Basicly, what type of character development do you want to see in this character. I will develop the character as I see fit but I am interested in what direction you would like the character to go.)

How would you like to see this character fighting in the future: (Ninjutsu heavy, Taijutsu, Close combat, fast, etc)

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