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Elder Scrolls - Skyrim Story

Starfallen form


1) Please submit your OC via PM. If a character is submitted via review I will not take them. Also, please make sure everything has been sent in the PM. This is a long forum and your finished OC may go past the character limit of one PM. I understand this is a long forum but I want to understand your OC to a point that I can write them accurately to how you envisioned them.

2) In this story the ability to use magic is incredibly rare. Please keep this in mind when you are creating your OC. Note: this does not mean you can’t submit a character who uses magic. Just keep in mind that they will only use magic and have no real ability in physical combat. You can’t have the best of both worlds.

3) Enchanted stuff is going to be incredibly rare in this story. Please keep this in mind when making your OC.

4) If you character is skilled in combat, they are not going to be skilled in a trade. If they are skilled in a trade, they are not going to be skilled in combat. That being said, having your character specializing in combat does not make them any more likely to be a major character than one who specializes in a trade.

5) Your OC can be associated with other groups like the Companions, the Dark Brotherhood, the College of Winterhold, or the Thieves Guild for example (you can even make up a new group). If they are associated with another group, please explain how they are in their history and a description of the new group..

6) Have fun and be creative!


Owner: (This would be your pen name. If you are a guest, put something down so I can credit the character to you.)

Name: (first and last)



Gender: (Male or Female)

Are they Starfallen: (If yes, how long have they been in the Elder Scrolls world or are the a new arrival)

What group, if any, are they associated with outside of Vanguard: (Dark Brotherhood, Companions, Dawnguard, a Vampire Court, other. Can be more than one or one you make up. If you make one up, please provide details about it.)


Hair(color, length, style, etc.):

Eye Color: (No heterochromia.)

Facial description: (This could be as simple as a single word (EX: beautiful, handsome, average, etc) or in detail (EX: His purple eyes have a serious edge to them, his nose is hawkish, and he has a scar that crosses over his left eye. He has a sharp chin and a constant shadowing of facial hair. Most would consider him good looking.))

Body type: (Lanky, buff, lean, fat, curvy, etc)

Body Description: (Same as the facial description. Simple (EX: Slim with decent curves) or detailed (EX: She has a lean athletic build, long legs, and is not curvy. Instead she has exhibits a beauty that resembles that of a panther stalking its prey, breathtaking but deadly in its grace and confidence.)

Height: (Give me it in feet and inches)

Skin Color: (This is also fur or scale color)

Additional looks: (none, scars, burns, freckles, birthmark, etc)

What does their voice sound like: (A little out of place but meh. Do they have a high or low pitched voice? Is it deep and rumbling or high and musical? Do they have an accent?)


-Clothing for normal wear (Commonly worn in Vanguard or when appropriate.)-

Shirt: (Remember, this clothing would have to be available in Tamriel, so no modern clothing or anything like. Not even Starfallen would walk around in jeans outside of Vanguard, it would bring way too much attention to them.)





Sleepwear: (What they were when the sleep, obviously. Nude is appropriate.)

-Clothing for combat/travel (Commonly worn when out on a job or training.)-

Chest Armor:




Helm: (Optional)

Weapon: (What is it and what is if made of.)

Shield: (Optional)




How do they act towards friends:

How do they act towards comrades (Not friends but people they have to work with):

How do they act towards strangers:

How do they act towards children:

How do they act in crowds:

How do they act while traveling: (Sing, hum, draw, play an instrument, etc.)

How do they act towards other races:

What do they think of slaves:

What do/will they think of the Stormcloaks:

What do they think of the Imperials:

What do they think of the Aldmeri Dominion:

How do they act towards an authority figure:

How do they act in battle, personality wise:

How do they act under pressure:

How would the act is they were forced/placed into a leadership position:

How would they react if a comrade/friend was killed:

How would they act if they were taken prisoner alone? With another person?:

How do they act towards prisoners:

How would they act towards a prisoner who hurt/killed a comrade/friend:

Overall personality:

Describe their personality in one to three words:

Love interest: (Male or Female. Do they prefer a specific race?)

How do they act towards their love interest:

-Personal Information-

Personal History: (please be detailed. This is your character, bring them to life here. Are they of a noble family, where did they grow up, any traumatic events happen in their lives, etc. If they are a Starfallen, what was their life like before appearing in Skyrim?)

Are they Starfallen: (If yes, how long have they been in Tamriel? A few years? A few decades? Just arrived?)

Future Goal(s): (What are they working for? What drives them?)

How long have they been a part of Vanguard: (Put ‘Just arrived’ if they are Starfallen who have only just appeared in Skyrim.)

What was their reason for joining Vanguard:(If Starfallen, put “Starfallen.’)

Family:(As much detail as you want really. I would like name, age, and a brief history or how your character interacts with them but it all comes down to how much you want to put here. Not as much info is needed for Starfallen unless a family member has appeared in Skyrim as well or will appear.)

Hometown: (It is fine to make one up in Skyrim or all of Tamriel but tell me the rough location if you do. Starfallen, where are the from in their world?)

-General Information-

Are they politically savvy: (Do they have a political standing, are they good at negotiations, etc)

Favorite color(s):

Favorite smell(s):

Favorite animal(s):

Favorite food or type of food (spicy, sweet, salty, etc):

Do they drink: (If so, what is their favorite drink and where can they get it. I ask this only because some people are averse to drinking and may want their character to be as well.)

Hobbies: (don’t put anything to deal with fighting here. Playing an instrument, singing, whittle wood, collect things, etc.)

Likes: (don’t put anything to deal with fighting here)

Dislikes: (Can leave blank.)

Habits: (EX: touch people they like on the nose, likes to hum while walking, does a specific thing every day, has a specific war cry, etc. It is fine to leave this blank.)

Fear(s): (Put only a phobia here. It’s alright to leaves this blank, I only want something here that will put your OC into a paralyzing fear or fear frenzied state. It is fine to put none here.)

-Communication (Optional)-

This section is optional but it does help me write your character. This allows me to pick up on their speaking style and the such. Remember, not saying anything is an option.

What is something your character would say when-

They are greeting someone new:

They are greeting a friend:

They are angry at someone:

Entering battle:

Disagreeing with someone:

And write 2-3 sentences as if your character were talking:


Combat type: (close, ranged, mage, healer, etc)

Magic School: (Illusion, Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration, etc. Only if they know magic. If they know magic they do not know how to fight with a weapon.You cannot have the best of both worlds.)

Combat style: (Fast attacks with nimble dodges, laughs as their enemy hammers uselessly at

their armor, strong sweeping attacks, at a distance and always moving, ambush, attacks

directed at killing points, conquers the battlefield with burning magic, etc)

What weapon do they use: (Bow, magic, sword and shield, one handed sword, staff, ect. If they use magic, put magic.)

Were they trained or self taught: (Were they trained by someone famous for their skill, are they a prodigy, etc)

How much battle experience do they have: (keep their age in mind for this)

Do they prefer to work in a group or by themselves, why (If by themselves, can they work with a


Do they tend to over- or underestimate their opponent, or neither:

How cautious are they in a fight:

How difficult is it to sneak up on them: (Hard, normal, easy. If hard, why? If easy, why?)

In a fight, will they use any advantage they can get or do they fight with some form of honor:


What do they specialize in: (merchant, blacksmith, alchemy, construction, lore/history, etc.)

How long have they been involved in their trade:

What level are they: (Novie, Journeyman, Apprentice, Expert, Master)

Have they been self-taught or where they trained: (If trained, was their teacher a famous master of their craft?)


Any other additional information:

If you think I missed something that should be added to the forum, let me know.

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