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So this is the part where I tell you who I am and what I'm all about.


This is the internet, so my name will remain so very, very anonymous, but I do live in Montana, up in the mountains, in this place called Missoula. I live in a dorm called Aber, which, sadly, is probably the tallest building for miles around. I can see downtown from my window, and the rooftop of the highest structure is about eye-level. I'm an English major, obviously, because my one... two... three... okay. Some of my greatest passions are writing, pen-drawing, Japanese, and GIANT ROBOTS. As a matter of fact, if I weren't so lazy, I'd be over in MIT designing myself a GUNDAAAAAMMMMM.

Or a Zaku, so I can paint it red and call myself Char.

Unfortunately, my prime "gundam pilot" years are coming to a close, because next September I will no longer be an angsty teenager. I will be an angsty twenty-something lone wolf with a leaky apartment and a cat named Evie.

So. Since I love giant robots so very, very much, you might see me lurking in the Gundam Wing and 00Gundam sections of this site, because Heero introduced me to anime and politics and is prolly the reason why I'm in college, and Graham Aker is a Virgo, so we can both be sen-sen-sentimental together.

So what do I ship?

I like to think of myself as a practical shipper. I don’t find two characters and fixate on them because their relationship is intriguing. I find two characters and fixate on them because their relationship could be intriguing if it was there. Non-cannon romantic fanfiction is all about forging that relationship, about making it work based on the two characters involved, not about “finding it” in the anime, because in all likelihood, it isn’t there.

That’s what cannon is for.

That said, I have a very small pool of pairings I actually love enough to fawn over. These are Graham x Setsuna, Heero x Duo, Zechs x Heero (oh come on, they're effing perfect for each other), Renji x Ichigo (tee hee), and, of course, Lelouch x Suzaku.

Speaking of which, I've been careening through the vast cosmos of Code Geass fanfiction lately, and I've noticed a distinct disturbance in the force. Namely, an imbalance between the ever-popular Suzalulu fanfiction and its Luluzaku counterpart (I, for one, have been in love with that pairing, in that order, ever since the damsel-in-distress footage of a condemned Suzaku being whisked away by Zorr-I mean Zero). Apparently, everyone views the Phenomenal Cosmic Strategist and God-Emperor-Who-Is-Composed-Of-Nothing-But-Pure-Amazing as a fragile, blushing sissy with a loli-plex and a penchant for cross-dressing. In the fandom’s defense, however, Lelouch is just too damn pretty and it is definitely not as easy to fit someone as headstrong and imposing as Suzaku into the role of a giggling pansy.

So why a giggling pansy?

Let us suppose, for the lulz, that femininity versus masculinity is a pointless argument when it comes to yaoi, as both characters are undeniably masculine, being men of a sort, and furthermore, that physical strength doesn't really matter in a relationship of this flavor. After all, Lelouch is an intelligent, manipulative bastard and Suzaku wears his heart on both sleeves all of the time.

You see? I really enjoy screwing with this pairing, because Suzaku is just so amazingly adorable and Lelouch lives. Lelouch LIVES, fangirls. R2 was not the end.

But I digress.

I may broaden my horizons in the future, but I'm currently focused on purging my brain of all its Lelouch x Suzaku ramblings (pairing obsession lolwut noo...). Don't expect an outpouring of stuff, though, because I disappear from time to time, and I'm in college. College has a way of eating time.

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read my profile! Keep on being awesome.



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