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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter.

Short Bio(I hope):

Name: Kate

Age: 27

Bday: May 6th

Sex: Female

Little about myself: Look down and read if you want

I am one half of Two Chicks and Some Fics. Though you will probably not see many stories by me since I am actually not that confident in my own writing but I do write for fun. I will probably just write some one shots for a while until I get something that I actually want to continue on or something that actually seems like it could go some place. I have written now a few stories that I actually like I just have been really busy lately and if you have any ideas that you think I could pull off in a story please let me know.

I like the pairing of the Phantom (Eirk) and Christine. I also enjoy the pairing or Harry and Hermione. I have never tried to write something about Erik or Christine but I see possible stories that I could write. So without further rambling I will wait and see what will come out of my head hopefully the stories that I will write will be well received.

Also I would like to say I have begun to become interested in role playing, it is a fun pastime and has helped me feel a little better in my writing but still not overly confident. I also have begun work on my own story and honestly it scares me to think that I have started that but it seems to have my friends enjoying it.

Also as an added note I seem to feed off of music whether it be vocal or soundtracks mostly I listen to movie soundtracks so in some cases I actually have time where I am writing and even if I am not listening to the music I can hear it in my head and that is what I see as the music for the scene.

If you have any questions, comments, complaints please feel free to email me at hockey.gal.sport12@gmail.com or hockey_gal_sport12@hotmail.com.

The Movies I like are: Harry Potter Series, Star Wars Series, LOTR Trilogy. Phantom of the Opera, The Chronicles of Narnia

The Books: Harry Potter Series, Chronicles of Narnia (First few books I actually enjoyed reading) Many Many More.

Music: Well I have a varying music interest generally I buy soundtracks if I love a movie but I have a few other artists so you never know I may like something you like message or email me to find out.


Favorite Pairings:

Erik/Christine: Phantom of the Opera

Will/Elizabeth: Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy

Harry/Hermione: Harry Potter Series

Ron/Luna or Lavander: Harry Potter Series

Cedric/Cho: Harry Potter Series

Draco/Ginny: Harry Potter Series

Blaine/Luccienne: Flyboys

More to come.

Favorite Characters:

Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Draco, Belatrix, Cho, Cedric, Luna and Nevile: Harry Potter (Not in order)

Blaine and Luccienne: Flyboys

Possible story pairings and Categorys I would like to try and write:

Pirates of the Caribbean: after any of the movies with the pairing of Will and Elizabeth I would have Jack in there but I would really need to study the movies to get his attitude to write it.

I would like to try and write a Flyboys story with Blaine and Luccienne but since there is no category for it I might merge it with either Harry Potter or Even Pirates don't know yet

Phantom of the Opera - Erik/Christine I am planning on a story with them I am just not sure where it will lead right now

Stories Pulled:

Arrival of New Friends

A New World Awaits

Stories In Progress: None

Completed Stories thus far:

A Found Love - Harry Potter fic with the pairing Harry/Hermione

Forever and For All Time - Harry Potter fic also Harry/Hermione

Saying Goodbye - Harry Potter fic also Harry/Hermione

My Hero for All Time - Harry Potter fic also Harry/Hermione

You Raise Me Up - Harry Potter fic also Harry/Hermione

The Final Scene - Phantom of the Opera with Christine and Erik (the phantom)

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