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TheMegaWaffle Number1(me) is a Waffle person and is Number1[random out of nowhere sentence](all of my friends are whore's except Anthony in a past life he was a child whore for nuns...)

here are my alter ego's and OC's

here thet are...these are brothers and sister

Casateer Besaita=(male)..child like, speedy(like all), sassy at times, loves to blow shit up, and crazy as hell...wife=Louise, Zero No Tsukaima

Hyo Besaita=(male), sassy at times, crazy at times, serious at times, LTBSU(same as Casa)...wife=Dokuro chan, club to death angel...

Senoua Besaita=(male)..Insane, joker, prankster, LTBSU, serious at times, personality of plywood...wife=Kokoa, Rosario+Vampire

Maska Besaita=(female)..sweet, care full, like a bear touch her cubs(others)you die,their sister, loves to hit her drunk brothers...husband=none

Kentamru Besaita=(male)..scary at times, protective of siblings, strong willed, LTBSU, random(like all brothers)...wife=Maaka, Karin

Wako Besaita=(male)..Insane, joker, prankster, LTBSU, serious at times, angry easaly, protective of nice people...wife=Alice, Pandora Hearts

here are the cousins...

Lieta Centora=(male)..scary, prankster, LTBSU, serious at times, protective of nice people, kind hearted...wife=Tsubaki, Soul Eater

Lieto Centora=(male)..scary, prankster, LTBSU, serious at times, protective of nice people, kind hearted...wife=Maka, Soul Eater

Lionhart Centora=(male)..scary as hell, 15ft sythe, doesn't care about rules, random, loves money and pie...wife=Mizore, Rosario + Vampire

Isack IQ Henchman=(male)...scary as hell, controlles time, dosen't care about rules, must have everything perfect, identical twin of Light...wife=Liz, Soul Eater

Light Henchman= (male)...random as hell, loves shocking people, dosen't care about rules, likes perfection..but doesn't care, identical twin of Isack=Patty, Soul Eater

Sienna Centora= (male)...random as hell, loves punching and kicking people randomly, threatends to whore people or sell them for cigeretts and booze=Seika, Princess Lover

so those people will all be in my stories,not at the same time as much though but all might be in a few, so enjoy my stories and hav fun with them when i make them -^.^- and i will make a story on how they all met there wife's enjoy -^.^-

and here are their attributes

Casateer=fire, wind, water/ice, darkness, light, nature(all nature related substances), lightning ...Dark Casateer= all the same

Hyo=water/ice, wind, fire,...Dark Hyo= all the same and darkness

Senoua=darkness, wind, water/ice, fire, lightning...Dark Senoua= all the same and nature

Maska=water/ice, fire, wind, lightning...Dark Maska=all the same, darkness, nature, and light

Kentamru=water/ice, darkness, nature, light...Dark Kentamru=all the same,wind, fire

Lionhart=darkness, light, wind, fire, lightning...Dark Lionhart= all but light, water/ice

Lieto=wind, light, fire, water/ice...Dark Lieto=all but light

Lieta=wind, light, fire, water/ice...Dark Lieta=all but water/ice

Wako=wind, darkness, nature, lightning, light, water/ice, fire...Dark Wako=all the same

Isack=time, darkness, light, water/ice, fire...Dark Isack= all but Water/ice, fire, and light, and gains death..he's the son of death..same as Light

Light=lightning, light, fire, darkness, nature...Dark Light= all powers and can transform into Death Sythe

Sienna=fire, darkness, light, wind, nature...Dark Sienna= all powers

their main attributes

Wako Besaita= Nature(earth)

Casateer Besaita= Wind

Kentamru Besaita= Darkness

Hyo Besaita= Water/Ice

Senoua Besaita= Fire

Maska Besaita= Light

Lionhart Centora= Lightning

Lieta Centora= Wind

Lieto Centora= Light

Isack IQ Henchman= Time

Light Henchman= Lightning, Light

Sienna Centora=fire

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