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Author has written 10 stories for Kingdom Hearts, Samurai Warriors, Pokémon, Trauma Center, Fate/stay night, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Tales of Xillia, and Final Fantasy XIII-2.

NOTE: Hey there. Been a few months, eh?

I've been kinda...burnt out. I'm slowly making it back to writing fanfic-related stuff, but all this homework, tests, etc. have been beating me senseless. Remind me to stab whoever said senior year is the easiest year in highschool.

Moving along, I did get some work done on Blessings of Aesculapius and Zig the Marginal Duelist, so I might get a chapter or two for one/both of those within the next month. Sadly I can't make any promises, but I'll do my best. Sorry if I'm been a pain to you all. 8C

Until next time, see ya. Itonami Shiro

Hello everyone! C:

My name's Kikaromi, or in full Itonami Kikaromi Shiro (try saying that ten times fast!)

You might know me as marginalfighter from Tumblr (or not), but either way I hope to entertain at least someone out there with my weird writings!

While I'm (in theory) well-known for my Samurai Warriors fics, my interest lie within Fate/Extra, FFXIII-2, and the Japan-only released PSP title Last Ranker. I still have a love for Samurai Warriors in my heart, it's certainly buried far away.

Share some of your fandoms!

I'm not much of a fandom person, but I have a few. XIII-2, Samurai Warriors (kinda), and Last Ranker are basically my one and onlys. I even have mini-prompts to share my thoughts on them. C:

Samurai Warriors:

Favorite character: Well, I've got quite a few! There's Magoichi, and my love for him goes back to when I was like 8, Masamune cause he's cute and love once again stemmed at my young age, Hideyoshi (he really shapes up in SW2!), Gracia, Mitsunari, Sakon, and I GUESS I like Motochika. XD LY out there bro.
Least favorite character: My inner Mago has a deep hatred for Mitsuhide, but he's like one of my most used characters. Such logic. Anyway, this dude gais. He was a jerk and a half, and you guys know it. >:T
Character with the best hair: Magoichi and his ponytail ribbon of manly. I swear, I would marry this man's hair if that was legally possible.
Character with the best eyes: I'd have to say Gracia cause she's so adorable with those pearly eyes of hers. ; A; Loving you, Gracia!
Character I'd most want to kiss: Masamune, though he'd probably beat/slice/shoot/insert other torture here me if I tried. He's adorable in my case, and game-wise, he's around my age, so legalness for the WIN.
Character I'd most likely screw: More like who'd screw me. LOL Hinthint.
Character I'd make lunch for: I'd have a nice lunch with Mitsunari and Sakon! Mitsunari gets the tea while Sakon helps me pick the food so Mitsunari doesn't explode on me. Perfect plan if I dare say so myself.
Character I'd go singing in the rain with: Gracia, Motochika, and Magoichi. Gracia would be able to sweet-talk Mago I'm sure, and Moto's like..himself and needs some wet singing to cheer him up.
Character I'd go shopping with: Gracia. Gracia. And more Gracia. Dude, you don't know how much I LOVE her outfits. So much. I'm even getting my hair cut like hers cause I love her style. ; A; Why must you be so cute, Gracia?! WHY?!
Character I'd go dancing with: Hideyoshi for funsies! He'd probably help me get better and be all funny about it, though hopefully Nene wouldn't get jealous and whack Hideyoshi and stab be for "taking her husband."
Character I'd take over the world with: Nobunaga. You kidding gais? He screwed Japan over by himself, so why not try the entire world? WE GOT DIS.
Character I'd most want to cosplay as: Either Magoichi or Gracia. I'm a big fan of Magocihi and a fan of coats. Also, Gracia's so cute and I wish I looked like her.

What are some of your Favorite Pairings for your Fandoms?

I've decided to make this a section just in case my list gets huge and so people notice it better and cause I'm weird. LOL Now onto business.

Samurai Warriors: MasaMago, MagoxGracia, NagamasaxOichi

FFXIII-2: Noerah and my beautiful crackship no one'll like, Zoel (Noel and Zig from Last Ranker)

Any things you'd like to share about yourself?

Well, as you know I'm a Senior in Highschool who can't seem to get a break from her required classes. I plan to assassinate my teachers one of these days, but that's obviously not panned out yet.

I've been labeled a good writer, though I'm my own self-critic and tend to write something, then delete it all. But I still try hard to satisfy my friends, possible fans (if I ever get any), and family. I think I'm getting better at accepting my work, as I've been writing some one-shots that probably won't be on here since nobody knows (or cares for) Last Ranker.

I've got 4 sisters and no brothers. (Couldn't ask for better o3ob) I have one cat as my sister kidnapped our kitten. Our resident Moonpaw's still kicking and warming my feet, so she'll be around. I also have two fish named BEADGCF (band thing) and Hubby and a dog named Sheba. My pet-naming is fantastic; be jealous.

What fanfictions are you planning to write?

Coming back, I admit I haven't been writing much. Why? I've been roleplaying and my senior year's been rather unforgiving. I've taken a step into college hood and am taking college courses! I'll do my best to write though.

I'll update this probably when I get work done or see I won't get something done and want to inform people so they don't wait for eons.

Here's a list of what's on my "work on and whatever else":

Fate/Extra AUs - Derek/Caster; Noel/Saber

Zig the Marginal Duelist - CH5: Ghosts

Tales of the Warlords - Gracia/Oichi Chapter Hiatus

Hiatus - Having a hard time writing. Probably won't be updated for a while

On Hold - The story's doing just fine, but I'm working on something else first.

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