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I am a Black-Librarian. I do my job because I have to, not because I enjoy it. I comb the gulfs of the warp and the cold vacuum of the void for dark tales. Tales that depict the rise and fall of civilizations, the corruption of noble heroes, the death of innocence. Only the foolish think good triumphs in the end. Alien gods, daemon corrupted mutants, undead madmen, and an ever growing horde of unspeakable beings tell and write my tales. Through madness I find new light, insight into the truth of the universe. Spooky spooky stuff T_T.

Seriously though my name is Matthew Pedersen, I'm a 17 year old writer... well thats not my current official occupation... but... I WILL NOT BE A CASHIER ALL MY LIFE. "HUFF". Anywhoozle I figured I might as well get a fanfic account since most of what I do would probably be considered fan fiction. I write alot of original stuff but I always find I can make a great story out of stuff loosely based off something else :P. I'm in to Warhammer 40,000, Transformers, Cthulu Mythos, and alot of other stuff I cant think of right now. Pretty much like to write dark fiction, some times funny-dark fiction. I prefer telling stories from the point of view of the bad guy since they're always so much more awesome then the good guy. Plus honestly... alot of the time the good guys are dicks T_T. Just hoping to put out some good stories and hopefully get some good reviews.

I appreciate feedback on how to make my stories better, so long as its constructive. I also take suggestions :), so long as it sticks to my skills. At the moment I'm mostly just uploading warhammer stories up here, I may do a cthulhu mythos story one of these days but Im trying to get the ones of those I make published so's I can gets some monies :D! I prefer chaos space marines/chaos worshipper stories but I'm really willing to write about anything within the warhammer 40k universe, so don't be afraid to ask for something.

February 13 update

Ok, I'm very happy with the reception I've gotten because of my recent posts. I've gotten a lot of feedback from some wonderful people. Special thanks to exterminatus1, PubLicEneMyNumBah1, and Warpwind for adding me to their favorite authors list. I've got alot of projects in the works, both fanfics and original work, and I've decided to get my fans opinions on what ideas they would like to see made into full stories first. So heres the list of what I'm working on and have planned.
p.s. the reason I dated this update above is because I'm a bit paranoid, if anyone tries to steal my ideas i want to atleast have some evidence that they were originally mine.

1. Angron vs. Mortarion: Sci-Fi/Action: A grouping of World Eater warbands, led by Daemon-Primarch Angron, battle against the Death Guard Legion, personally commanded by Daemon-Primarch Mortarion, for supremacy of a daemon world as Magnus and Lorgar watch from a distance.
2. Tutelage: Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Primarch Magnus instructs a group of fresh initiates to the Thousand Sons Legion on the use of psychic powers during the Great Crusade.
3. Family Memories: Sci-Fi/Humor: While the Dark Chaos are watching TV at Tzeentch's place Slaanesh asks Tzeentch to tell the story of when s/he was born.
4. The Redemptionists: Sci-Fi/Action: A former Black Legion captain leads a newly founded legion, The Redemptionists, on a crusade to make amends for betraying the Imperium. The Redemptionists is comprised of Chaos Marines from many different legions and renegade chapters all using the mutations and curses they recieved during their time with Chaos against the enemies of Mankind.
5. The Lost Sons: Sci-Fi/Humor: The Emperor recalls the moments in history he discovered each of his sons, remembering how things didn't always play out how he wished.
6. Home World: Sci-Fi/Horror: This story follows Mortarion during his time on Barbarus as he is raised by his adoptive father and goes out to join humanity. -IN PRODUCTION
7: Dinner with the Emperor: Sci-Fi/Humor: The Primarchs gather on Terra to eat dinner with their father, rivalries are escelated and the Emperor's biting criticism leaves wounds on many a Primarchs' pride.

1. Necromorph: Sci-Fi/Humor: A man awakes on The Sprawl space station after becoming a necromorph, he immediately sets out on an adventure to discover what happened to him and what is happening in the station around him. Along the way he meets many interesting characters, both survivor and necromorph.

If you like any of these stories, or hate them... well if you have any kind of opinion just send me a message. I would definately like to know what ideas people want to see made into stories sooner then others.

March 6th update

Okay I know I haven't uploaded anything in a while, but I've been working very hard on an original piece that I'm hoping to have published. Once thats finished with I'll will be working on and uploading Celestial Office Party Chapter 3 and Corruption Chapter 2, COP I'll upload first since that seems to be my most popular piece of fanfiction.

June 27th update

Ok, my tenure as a professional writer has hit kind of a snag, so I've decided to start uploading both my fanfiction and original work online. I'll be writing lots of fanfiction, time permitting, and if you're interested go to my FictionPress profile, High Lord General Skirath, to check em out. As always feedback and reviews are welcome, I'm always looking to improve. Hope my absence hasn't upset anyone.

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