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I finished Bartender. YAY! my first ever complete fiction. It probably wasn't great, but its deffinatly my baby.

I have a few chapters done of a story, i'm really likin' it and I hope you all do too. Its not what I normally do. But. yeah. If it sucks ass just tell me and I'll take it off.

Some Basics-

Sorry I haven't updated guys. I made the move to it here...its awesome. Hopefully I can get some time to write.. I have toooonnnsss of shit goin through my head. Anyways. I hope to give you guys an update or 4 soon...Peace.


Dare You to Move-


Fave Quotes from my boys:

"As a matter of fact, if you got 10 bucks and bus fair, this can be yours" John Cena on Lita.

"Screw you John." "I don't have 10 bucks" John on Lita again. (LMAO. That was friggen hillarious too. You can see it on Youtube)

"I spent all day in church, cuz I swear I witnessed a miricle"-Randy Orton

"Do you make love to John Cena?" Interviewer from London. "Do I make love to John Ce...No, not Recently." Randy Orton. (LLC!! Thats a hillarious interview)

"Can you take us through the RKO." Interviewer. "Sure Thing. Okay. Here I come in my little tights. I jump up and do a neck breaker. RKO stands for my initilals. Randall Keith Orton. Randy. You can call me Randy of course." Randy Orton.

"If you don't mind me saying so myself. I am devishly handsom" Randy Orton. (Ohhh HELL YEAH, he is.)

"There's a big muthafukkin fight gettin ready to happen" Matt Hardy- The Hardy Show.

"He'll be going home doing nothing in his room, setting up his little video camera. Ohh I love Matt Hardy.. Matt Hardy's God..Matt Hardys my god." Shannon Moore.

"Something you people at home might wanna learn to live by, if you're gonna do something don't half step it, just go full fledge with it. If you're gonna kill somebody, cut the mutherfukker's up" Shannon Moore

"I get beat up by big guys all the time, gettin beat up aint nothin. I mean Brock Lessnar is like 6'7", 5000 pounds, Big Show is a giant, Undertaker. I been beat up by him." Shannon Moore.

"You know what I like to do, I like to go in the woods and get ticks on my balls, thats what I do" Shannon Moore- hardy episode. (i don't remember what one, it was hillarious tho)

"I'm gettin this motherfukker on the old can and string right now" Matt Hardy

"We was doin it in Mother fuckkin 1313 b.c." Jeff Hardy.

"People bitchin. We ain't got this and we ain't got that. You have it all around you, just fuckkin use it" Shannon Moore.

"you gotta sing it real."Matt "I was singin real" Shannon. "Sing it again" Matt "No man, what the fuck am I, retarded" Shannon.

"I'm not above it, If I have to, I will swim in a sea of mustard" Matt Hardy. (Ughhh, I hate mustard too. It gross smelling, looking, and it has this inevitable film that covers your mouth. Barf He was a better person than me on the 'Mustard Man' episode."

"You wanna start on the little gay slide first?" Matt to Shannon "fantasy lake episode."

"We're eatin nacho's, and uhhh, they nacho's, they mine" Shannon again.

"What are you doin?" Matt. "Puttin sugar in my coffee, what's it look like i'm doin?" Shannon

Yeah. I'm so fuckin stuck on him. BTW. Who the fuck is "Julie?" I will break out the straight razors and vaseline for that bitch.

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