Two Is Better Than One Contest
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Welcome the Two Minds are Better than One contest!

About a year ago, Dannie and I teamed up to write our first collab, Mergers and Acquisitions one shot for the SBS contest. M&A has gone to become a full length story, and we have collab’d on two other projects since then. There is something special about working with someone that shares your love of boy on boy, can read your mind before you even type out your thoughts and can talk you off the ledge when you get too close to jumping.

This contest is just for those pairs! We want you to team up with your BFF, beta, ficwife or soulmate to write some slash! Any pairing, any genre, as long as it’s slash and contains some loving of some kind!

Hosted by: Touchstone67 & Domward's Mistress


Public voting winner is: Never Who You Think You Are by SweetMoi Banner

Prize: All 3 TFR .pdf books

Judge's Choice first place is: Too Much by tiffaninichole and Kitty Cullen-03 Banner

Prize: All 3 TFR .pdf books
Judge's Quote: "I loved the concept of this story and the way it started off with Edward in utter confusion. This would make a great multichapter fic - explaining why Edward got married in the first place, and what happens next between Edward and Jasper."

Judge's Choice Honorable Mention: Whenever I'm Alone with You by Tilly Whitlock and sweetT129 Banner

Prize: The Perfect Tree .pdf book
Judge's Quote: "I'm always up for a good spanking, especially of sweet Jasper."

Judge's Choice Honorable Mention: Thump by greeneyedgirly and hidingfromsomeone Banner

Prize: The Perfect Tree .pdf book
Judge's Quote: "Edward and Jasper are usually my prefered pairing, but this story was absolutely believable. Again, I have to wonder what's going to happen with Alice and Maria."

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