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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter, Code Lyoko, and Prototype.

I write only for enjoyment. It will be spellchecked, but you can expect minor errors in phrasing, as my english is not perfect. Expect long wait times between updates.

Writing tip Number one: Unless the character in question is meant to be ineffective or flakey, when a character strong of will or power makes a threat, IE leaving if one more bad event happens, have them carry it through instead of saying they'll quit and then hanging about and failing to do so.

Current plot ideas:

Harry potter raised happily at the Dursleys, chooses not to attend hogwarts. (Obstructive ministry law supporting his decision, based on the fact he's Ancient, Most Noble?)

-Alt: Connection to scar two way in theory, harry absorbs knowledge of Voldemort over years, learns everything voldemort knew about magic eventually, decides when he's eleven he doesn't want to go to hogwarts, only going into the wizarding world to secure his finances and retrieve a wand, as he knows all the magic he cares for. (He is eleven, which probably means magic enough to fend off the dursleys and have him never need for anything ever again. Gamps law against transfiguring food does not apply to conjuration.)

Harry Potter befriends old man at young age, continues friendship in secret as he grows older (Man revealed to be Grindlewald, otherwise 'held' in Nermengard, or so it is believed. Bit foolish to keep a mastermind dark lord in a prison of his own design.)

Dumbledore cursed when young, reminded of Adrianna whenever he's reminded of The Greater Good, the philosophy of his own dark lord and former friend, and it's cost. He never removes this curse, by choice.

Dumbledore forgets a ward, and Harry grows up besieged nigh constantly by post owls.

The magic of men has little effect on the Deadly Hollows. A ring is found in a garden in Surrey, and the curse on it broken as a young boy picks it up, due to a yet unknown connection to a powerful Cloak, remaining in the family's power since, it's theft meaning little to elder magic.

A magical mad scientist wanders about at night, searching for an orphan nobody needed for an experiment, and discovers someone was kind enough to leave one on a doorstep for him! (Note: /mad/ scientist. Various implants and changes likely to be involved would be distinctly off-putting to any 'normal' witch or wizard)

-Harry discovers the chamber of secrets in his first year, and with the help of a certain house elf and the house elves around hogwarts, manage to restore it to a home within hogwarts, a place to escape from the harsher times of the events in his life

Harry realizes various magical schools are actually much like his various chores, quickly becomes potions and herbology genius, much to the frustration of snape, who is unable to distract him enough to stop his years of day in and day out experience cooking.

James transfiguration prodigy, manages to transfigure entire family into hidden inanimate objects, only revived years later?

-Danger of animate to inanimate transfiguration inability to change back?

A wizard manages to send Harry mail (Muggleborn? Doesn't use a post owl?), and Harry grows up with a wizarding portrait of his parents, and thus, fully informed. (Portrait brought up to date before sending? Made post-mortem?)

Potter gains access to his family vault at eleven on his first visit. This could go quite a few ways.

-Wanders into wardrobe, vanishes for years to wizarding world at large, Goblins refuse to allow anyone but a potter into the vault

-Ministry cannot force them, risk restarting goblin wars? Cowardice of population in general prevents this

-Attempt to use Sirius to get into his godson's vault?

Harry mutters out loud one day while doing chores at dursleys about getting help, flooded with starving house elves?

-Starving magically, needing symbiotic owner-elf bond

Prophecy in actuality "Neither can die while the other survives"? They sure seem to avoid dying while the other is alive just fine.

-Harry potter, First year, sends a letter to Voldemort, with all the lack of guile of a child, and offers a truce. Voldemort accepts it, being the schemer he is, and plans to use then double cross him, as expected. And so, a pen-pal relationship begins...

"Muggle technology does not work at hogwarts"

Why? This is never actually demonstrated, as far as I remember. Perhaps its an ancient misunderstanding from the time when muggles declared war on wizards [witch hunts and such] and they had actually mean 'ancient muggle weapons are ineffective on magic users' and general prejudice changed the spirit to make themselves seem superior to muggles.

Dobby, as a free elf, becomes a ninja; ends the war himself. Because, really, sometimes taking a crack idea seriously is great fun. Every comedy needs a straight man.

Now, I generally abhor romance fics unless they're extremely well done [which is to say, the romance doesn't occur until ninty percent in, and they don't fall in love immediately., but it'd be interesting to see what could actually happen if you use the obvious plot devices. Rape potions [Well, they CALL them Love Potions, but we all know what happened with Tom Riddle Sr.] could be outlawed, if they were used on the right person who kicked up enough of a fuss. [Really, why they're legal at all is a large question]. Magical bonds, one way or no, can be denied instead of ineviably accepted (Because Harry may grow up, but he still does not want to sleep with Draco, even if they aren't enemies anymore)

Really, all I want to see is a fic where the romance inducing plot device is denied until the person dosed by it, likely the main character, finally dies. Because just because magic compells you doesn't mean it has to control you.

Actually, here's an unrelated idea I really like: Harry and Ron do not reach Hermione in time to defeat the troll. Instead, Emergency wards trip when she is mortally injured, and the room is stormed by the suits of armor. Inspired, Hermione goes on to secretly start building her own armor-golem, and she gets carried away with magical inventing. So basically, a Harry Potter/Iron Man crossover with magic instead of technology, and it's Hermione instead of Harry who goes off with studies of Golemancy, Runes, Warding, and all sorts of things, because really, she's the one who studies more. By third year, well, it's amazing what you can do with a time turner.

Prototype/Harry Potter crossover, because seriously, why not? If you throw around enough words like "Magic" and "Unspeakables", I'm sure you could make it make sense.

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